Garlic Noodles We Can’t Get Enough Of

Most food trucks start off with the vision of eventually opening a brick-and-mortar, but An the Go is the golden child of two historic restaurants that together have garnered over 40 years of service – Thanh Long and Crustacean. With their outstanding reputation in the Bay Area, the An family wanted to take some of their famed dishes on the road, so they came up with a food truck concept and menu based on the restaurant’s popular garlic noodles.

An the Go Food Truck

An the Go -Beef Skewer & Garlic Noodle
An the Go -Beef Skewer & Garlic Noodle

These buttery gems are prepared in a “Secret Kitchen,” an enclosed, private area in both Crustacean and Thanh Long, to which only specific family members are given access. Behind this closed-off area, coveted menu items are prepared fresh daily and distributed to the food truck. Don’t even try requesting a tour of the Secret Kitchen, because even Oprah was denied.

An the Go - Garlic Noodles
An the Go – Garlic Noodles

The An family is now set to premier their second truck in March, where you will be able to find them in two different locations daily, for both lunch and dinner services.

-Bay Area Contributor, Brian Chan

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