Life Changing Gourmet Mexican Food

For the last 20 years Homeboy industries has striven to create a “…nurturing and healing space for individuals to tap into their strengths, so that they can re-identify with the truth of who they really are.” Their main mission is to reduce the rates of recidivism and serve high-risk, former gang-involved men and women, by providing them with legal counseling, therapy, tattoo removal, job assistance, education, and mentorship. Today, Homeboy industries is one of the largest, most comprehensive, and most successful gang intervention rehabilitation and re-entry programs in the country.

Homeboy Food Truck

In collaboration with their job training and assistance program, the organization has launched 6 different social enterprises, including Homegirl Cafe and Catering, Homeboy Bakery, farmers market pop-ups, product placement in grocery stores, merchandise shop, a diner, and most recently a food truck!


The Homeboy Food Truck has been serving up gourmet Mexican food since its launch in September of last year. It is managed and headed by Chef Stephen Barkulis, a classically-trained fine dining chef with years of experience, who is adding a gourmet touch to the Mexican street food dishes. By his side, helping to serve from the truck, are grads from the Homegirl Cafe’s 18-month training program.

Homeboy Food Truck - Carnitaquiles
Homeboy Truck – Carnitaquiles

Inspired by Homegirl Cafe, Homeboy Food Truck is known for its Chilaquiles, which consists of  fresh crispy corn tortillas tossed in warm morita salsa or tomatillo salsa with creme fresco, queso cotija, sliced red onion, and cilantro. The Homeboy Food Truck offers 6 different versions of the dish including the original, carnitaquiles, pollo verdequiles, tingaquilas (skirt steak), molequiles, and veggiequiles.

Homeboy Food Truck - Tacos
Homeboy Food Truck – Tacos

In addition to the chilaquiles, the truck offers a host of other options, including a full breakfast menu made up of breakfast burritos and sandwiches, as well as pastries from Homeboy Bakery and coffee from Homegirl Cafe. For lunch, they also dish out great tacos packed with flavorful meat and the freshest lettuce and cheese.

If you’re hungry and looking for awesome food that also backs a great cause, the Homeboy Food Truck can be found roaming around Los Angeles county. They’ve also frequented Eat, See, Hear events; artwalks; schools; festivals; and hospitals.

All proceeds made from the truck’s sales go back into the organization, ensuring that Homeboy Industries continues to do great and positive things!

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