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Strawberry Lemonade

Puréed Clancy Strawberries infused with Meyer Lemons sweetened with granulated sugars


Maraschino Cherries and mojito mints mixed with fresh squeezed lemon pulp with granulated sugars. *customer favorite* **best seller** All natural flavors on a perfect summer day

About Cuties Lemonade & More

You know the saying "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? Sure, you've probably used it to encourage your friends to make the best of a situation, but others have taken it at face value and decided to make a business of it. Cuties Lemonade & More is a positive influence on the food truck scene in Phoenix, serving up a bevy of fresh beverages all centered around the bitter lemon, turning it into a sweet treat for your tastebuds. At Cuties Lemonade & More, they don't just have lemonade. The more is what we're here for, because they've crafted a big menu full of refreshing drinks for every palate. Using real fresh fruit, they've got a wide selection of infused waters, candy lemonades, and even lemon cocktails for your enjoyment. Each starts with alkaline antioxidant water with a pH balance that perfectly complements the lemon and makes it a wholly refreshing experience from first sip to last drop. But that's not all. They've also got a selection of specialty coffee beverages, and munchies to curb your hunger. So why wait? Track down Cuties Lemonade & More to get a hold on your thirst and hunger in one fell swoop. Trust us. It's well worth hitting the pavement for. MUST TRY
  • Blue Raspberry Gummy Bear Lemonade - starting with their blue raspberry lemonade base, they're loading up this specialty drink with cherries, gummy bears, and granulated sugar to treat your sweet tooth sweetly
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