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Find more than 128 mobile sandwich caterers in Phoenix near you today. Start friends and coworkers off with a simple grilled cheese, or stuff as much as you can between two pieces of bread. Roaming Hunger will help you rent or hire the best sandwich trucks and trailers around.


Treat yourself to more than 69 unique taco trucks and carts in Phoenix near you. Roaming Hunger helps you hire the best taco caterers around to get the spicy salsa, crispy chips, and fresh, meat and veggie-filled tacos flowing. Rent a truck for your next event today!


From Impossible Burgers and mushroom burgers, to bison and elk burgers, you can find any kind of burger from the 61 burger caterers in Phoenix near you. Hire a truck or trailer for your next party or corporate event. They’ll bring the condiments—you bring the company.


Discover more than 80 mobile beverage caterers in Phoenix near you today. From local beers and brews, to specialty cocktails, lemonades, juices, smoothies, and more, Roaming Hunger will connect with incredible beverage trucks and carts near you.


If you’re looking for some spicy, sweet, and saucy meats, then we’ve got over 48 BBQ trailers, trucks, and carts for you to choose from in Phoenix today. Rent a BBQ caterer to throw your favorite meats on the grill and watch as your party guests guzzle down some mind-blowing BBQ.

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Phoenix is hot these days. And in more ways than just the obvious one. Currently reigning as one of the US' fastest-growing cities, Phoenix's population boom has reshaped every facet of life here in the last few years. From housing to entertainment, Phoenix is a city that's getting reshaped quicker than anyone can measure. And that includes the culinary scene.

This city's always been a hotbed for some of the Southwest's finest steak houses and tastiest Mexican, but a recent rush of international influence has changed the game, seemingly overnight. Entrepreneurs from neighboring Scottsdale have also brought fresh ideas to the table, mixing trends with tradition to craft something altogether new, delicious, and yes - very, very hot.

The Best Food Trucks in Phoenix

Rock a Belly fuses Mexican flavor with American comfort, and comes away with a whole new breed of crave-worthy tacos. Describing itself as East Coast diner meets West Coast taco shop, it's a perfect food truck to encapsulate the new melting pot Phoenix has become.

The menu's wide breadth encompasses both vegetarian (The Willy Nelson - truck made falafel topped with tzatziki, avocado and garlic creme) and meaty (The Big Bopper - Rock a Belly's signature burger taco, featuring ground sirloin and Tilamook cheddar) options. Check out Rock a Belly to get a taste of a city on the merge, linking talent with tradition, and bellies with bliss.

Scottsdale Rush

Located only half an hour from downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale's quickly become a lightning rod of commerce, nightlife and culture, with a fitting restaurant scene to match. It should come as no surprise then that some of the Phoenix area's best food trucks are technically Scottsdale food trucks. They come loaded with innovative concepts, bold new flavors and classics redefined. Not to mention a focus on the freshest ingredients possible.

  1. Que Sazon - A rarity amongst Scottsdale food trucks, as it's technically an import. Family-owned and operated, it's a truck with roots in St. Louis but with brand new life in the Valley. Que Sazon brings South American specialties up to Arizona, and delivers them in startlingly authentic fashion. Arepas, rice bowls and specialty tacos are all onboard to merge continents, and merge one-of-a-kind flavors.
  2. Circle R Farm - This Scottsdale food truck's gourmet sliders aren't just the best you've ever tasted, but the freshest too. All ingredients are sourced locally - from the produce to the grass-fed beef, feeding back Scottsdale the very best of Scottsdale.
  3. Pho King Foodtruck - This wildly popular truck (which has since spawned a brick-and-mortar) feeds Scottsdale a taste of something just a bit further - in fact, two different tastes in one. Vietnamese flavor is melted into classic American comfort, from buffalo chicken dumplings to banh mi notched up by mozzarella and garlic-sriracha-braised chicken. It's the best of both worlds, delivered straight to yours.
  4. Mustache Pretzels - A Scottsdale food truck that gives you one solution to multiple issues - your hunger and your lack of stache. Original, garlic/parm and cinnamon/sugar all make for equally appealing choices, but it's the Nutstache that steals the show: drizzled in caramel and topped with crushed peanuts, walnuts, almonds and filberts. It's sweet, salty, and all-around a stache you'll wanna call a permanent facial feature.
  5. Electric Sliders - Keeping it simple but formidable, Electric Sliders hits Scottsdale with sliders like the Bang Bang Chicken by day and late night munchies like Super Nachos and Bang Bang Fries by night.

For more great trucks go to our Best Food Trucks In Phoenix/Scottsdale page


Passed down from generation to generation of Navajo, frybread (or fry bread, depending on who you talk to) is a staple of Arizona culture that carries taste and tradition with every bite. It can be dressed up in countless directions - from savory to sweet, and it's perfect for a meal or an in-between. Not coincidentally, several food trucks in Phoenix specialize in frybread, and elevate the staple to a whole new level.

  1. Yellowman Fry Bread - A family affair, this truck launched out of Mesa and slowly built its local empire, carried on the back of expertly-tailored family recipes. Homemade chili beans and ground beef anchor the truck's signature flavors, but flatbread creations hue sweet as well as savory, giving you a full spectrum of tastes to choose from. It's a family affair that'll have you feeling the love long after the last bite.
  2. White Eyes Fresh Fry Bread - Started by an entrepreneur and her husband while living on a Navajo reservation, White Eyes can lay claim to the only frozen raw dough fry bread in the US, created in tandem with a gourmet dough maker and a nationally-recognized chef. White Eyes pops up at events all over the greater Phoenix area, and far beyond. Taste for your self what makes their dough stand out in the crowd.
  3. Grandma's Navajo Frybread - Finally, this truck keeps it traditional and small-batched, with classic frybread paired with the likes of Navajo tacos and burgers on its perfectly-portioned menu.
For more great frybread trucks go to our Best Native American Food Trucks In Phoenix page

Other Notable Food Trucks in Phoenix

  1. What's Fresh - A truck that lives up to its name, helmed by an Art Institute Honors culinary grad, who's quickly accrued a diverse range of experience, and sharpened his skillset accordingly. Nowadays, What's Fresh is on call to make the biggest event or the smallest soiree feel equally focused and equally epic. A home-brined pork sandwich finished with dijionaise and homemade pickles anchors the regular food truck menu, with daily specials keeping things lively.
  2. Burgers Amore - A gourmet burger truck serving up super-sized satisfaction wherever it drives. From mac-and-cheese/bacon-topped concoctions to classic disco fries, the menu's got powerful heft and flavor in equal balance.
  3. Aioli Gourmet Burgers- Not to be outdone, this truck's established itself as one of the most dominant forces in Phoenix comfort food. Starting with one truck, their burgers (including twisted specialties like White Truffle Swiss and a veggie Falafel Burger) quickly grew a cult fanbase, propelling them all the way to brick-and-mortar status. But catching the truck's still the most special way to enjoy their wares - especially when you catch it for your next private party.
For more great trucks, visit our Recently Tweeted Food Trucks In Phoenix page.

Where To Find Food Trucks in Phoenix

As always, check out the live Phoenix food truck map above or on the Roaming Hunger app to find the most accurate, up-to-the-minute location info for all trucks listed, alongside countless more options.

With the maze of rules and regulations finally dissolved, Phoenix has become fertile ground for food trucks near and wide. Several consistent food truck gatherings can be found monthly and even weekly, letting you grab all your favorites in a single span. Open Air Market at the Phoenix Public Mart brings food trucks together Thursday night and Saturday afternoon, while Ahwatukee Eats pops off on Saturday evenings, once a month at the Horizon Community Learning Center. Running a bit later on Saturday nights is the Food Truck Caravan in Old Town Scottsdale, while Farm Stand & Food Trucks at Agritopia brings Gilbert the best of the best on Wednesday nights.

Of course, if you wanna simplify the search process, cut to the chase and click HERE to grab any food truck listed here for your own private party. Roaming Hunger makes the whole process easier than sweating in a desert, so you can relax & focus on making your party a whole lot cooler. Phoenix is a city on the rise - in degrees, in population, and in national relevance - so if you live here, make sure you're eating food that's already tops. And obviously - very hot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best food trucks in Phoenix?

Phoenix has some amazing food trucks. Choosing the “best” depends on what you’re looking for (a great lunch truck or a great food truck to cater your wedding). You can explore the top food trucks by going to our Phoenix List page. 

If you’re looking for food trucks that are great for catering, here are the top 5 most booked food trucks on Roaming Hunger:

  1. Aioli Gourmet Burgers
  2. Burgers Amore!
  3. Queso Good
  4. Modern Tortilla
  5. Hummus Xpress Mediterranean Kitchen

What are the most popular food truck cuisines in Phoenix?

Based on the food trucks in our system, here are the cuisines that are most popular with food trucks in Phoenix:

  1. Sandwiches
  2. Tacos
  3. Burgers
  4. Beverages
  5. BBQ

How many food trucks are in Phoenix?

There are currently 427 food trucks, trailers, carts, and pop-ups on Roaming Hunger in the Phoenix area. Keep in mind this is not a complete list because food trucks manually join Roaming Hunger. Our system may also include food trucks that are no longer operating because we rely on the food trucks themselves to let us know when they are closed.

Are food trucks popular in Phoenix?

Based on the fact that there are 427 food trucks, trailers, and carts in the area, it’s clear that the mobile food culture is thriving in the Phoenix area.

Where can I find food trucks in Phoenix?

You can use the Roaming Hunger map above to see food trucks in the area.

How can I rent a food truck in Phoenix?

If you’re looking for catering, simply go to our Phoenix food truck catering page and fill out a request form.

If you’re looking to rent a food truck for your business, start at our food truck lease page.

If you’re a brand or marketing agency looking to rent a food truck for an activation or promotion, go to our agency page.

How do I book a food truck for my event?

Use Roaming Hunger to book a food truck for any event in Phoenix. Simply go to our Phoenix food truck catering page to get started.

After you fill out your event information, local food trucks will apply based on your event date and budget with a catering package. From there you’ll be able to choose the best package for your event.

If it’s a public event where the food truck is selling to the public, you’ll fill out your event information and local food trucks will apply to learn more about your event. You can choose which food trucks to connect with from there.