Roaming Hunger

Experiential Marketing Tour for Television Show

The Conners Season 2 Premiere

When ABC began planning the release of Season 2 of The Conners, they had the vision to create excitement around the show’s new season. MKG and RMNG collaborated in the ideation phase to create a mobile pop-up, bringing The Conners’ Lanford Lunch Box diner directly to consumers.

Together, MKG and RMNG produced a 360 consumer experience, which included a curated culinary menu and an extended lounge footprint.

We embellished our culinary experiential vehicle with custom vinyl, curtains, and signage. The ambrosial aroma of our personal pies and stews steamed out of the windows to create a fully immersive atmosphere.

The RMNG culinary team exclusively designed each menu item for The Conners Experience with the consumer in mind. We prepared 3,900+ vegan and non-vegan meals and presented each in personal pie boxes and soup bowls paired with a cold Bartz Root Beer.

MKG built an extended lounge which allowed consumers to dine at the Lanford Lunch Box diner. Guests were able to hang out with the MKG and RMNG promotional team to receive fun giveaways and digitally interact with the pop-up experience.

MKG and RMNG brought The Conners Experience to ABC’s local media partners generating industry buzz in anticipation for the Season 2 release date. Additionally, the pop-up traveled Southern California’s most show-stopping locations, including LA Live, Downtown Disney and Third Street Promenade. Each experiential location was selected to drive foot traffic and attract impressions and engagement.

MKG and RMNG produced The Conners Experience turning ABC’s initials dreams into an immersive experiential pop-up. The only difference between the show and the experience was that no element was “hangin’ by a thread”.

*Photo Credits: Attractions Magazine