Roaming Hunger

National Experiential Marketing Tour


Caulipower was ready to embark on their second annual summer tour to give America free pizza. RMNG joined forces with Caulipower to execute a tour that was just as revolutionary as their pizza.

Together, we created a national marketing tour allowing us to engage with every type of American consumer. The goal was to hit both the West Coast and the East Coast simultaneously to maximize impact and create an experience that the entire country could share together.

For this to be significant and successful, RMNG executed 128 activations in 8 markets utilizing three vehicles. Through extensive collaboration, Caulipower and RMNG fabricated each experiential vehicle with culinary equipment to properly prepare the pizza. RMNG outfitted each vehicle with branded vinyl and fabricated marquee letters with Caulipower’s messaging of “Free Pizza”.

Caulipower and RMNG launched three iconic experiential vehicles ready to travel the country and serve Caulipower’s Margherita Pizza, Three Cheese Pizza, and Veggie Pizza at 128 activations nationwide.

We took our pizza on wheels and distributed over 187,000 pizza samples to America through an assortment of high impact and hyperlocal activations, appearing at a variety of events from Chicago’s Pokemon Go to local farmer’s markets. Who was our target audience? The people of America, and we successfully reached all demographics by broadening our location strategy and securing events on a rolling basis. Additionally, our in-market expertise allowed us to operate in various locations successfully. We teamed up with our local partners to ensure compliance with various municipality codes and secure multiple permits and permissions.

We also brought together our highest performing, in-market partners to maximize the program’s success. Our field team traveled with the vehicles to create an unforgettable environment for Americans to engage with the Caulipower brand organically.

Our tasty collab made a splash across the country and won Americans’ hearts through each slice of pizza.