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Avocados From Mexico


Recently, the avocado has become synonymous with millennials thanks to its appearance on toast, and social media memes in reference to its extra cost when added to certain Mexican-style dishes. But Avocados From Mexico wanted to show people that uses for the beloved green fruit (yes, it is a fruit!) go well beyond the traditional, especially for breakfast.

RMNG stepped in to cultivate East Coast and West Coast tours with 36 activation sites in 24 markets, focusing on college campuses and Latin-owned local retail spots.

The saying should go “An avocado a day keeps the doctor away,” because the avocado contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, is cholesterol-free, and a good source of fiber and folate. Those nutritious stats are why AFM’s marketing team wanted to share their luscious avocados with as many people as possible during the experiential marketing tour.

To do that, RMNG procured and custom-wrapped four different vehicles: a food truck, a sprinter van, a motorized scooter bike, and a tuk-tuk rickshaw, which allowed them to reach the maximum number of people going about their day – from a dad grabbing groceries for the family to a student running to class. To draw in even more avocado lovers, event managers roamed the campus on branded scooters to spread the word about the activation.

RMNG’s culinary team whipped up a menu that featured avocado toast with Tabasco sauce, parfaits, and smoothies using Dannon’s Oikos yogurt and seven varieties of Tabasco hot sauces. Over 60% of event participants first opted for the avocado toast, but soon fell in love with the parfaits and smoothies, which equated to over 20,000 meals served during the pop up marketing event.

Using #AvoActiveTour participants generated over 3,000 social media posts featuring the dishes, the branded vehicles, and the lively spirit of the experiential marketing event.

Together, RMNG and Avocados From Mexico proved that avocado is more than just a topping, with the right recipe, it can be the centerpiece of the meal. Olé!