Roaming Hunger

Notion San Francisco


Notion + Coffee + Doughnuts = The Future of Work

To build the biggest buzz and deliver the most education about the company possible, Notion knew that they would need some professional event expertise. They partnered with RMNG to build an event that could deliver an experience of food, fun, and educational marketing to drive awareness of their new brand. Knowing the precise demographic the platform wanted to target, the team at RMNG secured The Proxy Theatre in San Francisco for two days and partnered up with local culinary partners to create delicious Iced Macha, Cold Brew, and doughnuts. Over the course of a Friday and Saturday, the activation teams set up at The Proxy Theatre and found long lines of eager guests from the start. By the end of the activation, RMNG handed out 1,250 doughnuts, over 1,500 drinks, and educational marketing collateral to more than 1,500 Silicon Valley attendees who now know that there is a better way to keep teams on the same page.