Roaming Hunger

John Deere West Coast

John Deere

RMNG brought food & appreciation to those who help feed America

When most people think of crops grown in the United States, they think of the corn that fills much of the midwest. What isn’t well known is that the west coast is actually considered the “breadbasket of America,” with ⅓ of the nation’s vegetables and ¾ of the fruit & nuts being grown there. There is one brand whose color and name have become synonymous with the machinery that helps farmers and agricultural workers harvest all of that vital food from the west coast: John Deere. For each activation location, RMNG delivered more than just an epicurean delight, building a food truck-based footprint that included astroturf, branded high boy tables, and a branded tent so the retail partners could enjoy the environment as well as the menu. Visiting 7 locations over roughly a week, the activation teams served tacos (Asada, chicken, or veggie) with a side of chips, salsa, and rice & beans to 860 attendees. The guests came hungry, as each event sold out of servings before the activation was over!