Roaming Hunger

Set Active NYC Mobile Cart Activation

Set Active

Taking an online-only clothing brand to meet customers on the NYC streets

The company wanted to run the guerilla merchandise shops using its own team but desired trendy wrapped carts to help elevate the experience. With more experience in creating branded, wrapped pop-ups and vehicles than anyone, RMNG brought Charisma on board to wrap carts commandeered from Big D’s Grub that were just the right size for the amount of merchandise, staff, and location. With only 10 days of turnaround from receipt of the project to Set Active selling their gear in SoHo and Uptown NYC, the team was able to procure the carts, have them wrapped to perfection, and delivered them to the appropriate locations with time to spare. The trendy wrapping had lines forming immediately, and this online-only clothing brand was able to interact with and sell tons of merchandise to new customers.