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Never Too Old for Recess

Getting older often means setting aside some of the things that we most loved doing as kids. In our teenage years, most of us become “too cool for school” and begin to lose interest - or at least, pretend to lose interest - in some of the things that were our favorite hobbies or pastimes out of fear that they may take away some of our vaunted cool points. Every once in a while, however, every one of us decides to “dance like nobody is watching,” throw care to the wind and do something fun that is just for us, without a worry about who may see it. Batiste and RMNG knew that college kids, still fresh in that transition from childhood to adulthood, could all use an opportunity to have some fun and let their hair down every once in a while. With no better way to let that hair down than by delivering high-quality hair products and delicious snacks, RMNG and Batiste visited 15 college campuses in 5 different markets over roughly 2 weeks to bring an homage of childhood fun to students preparing to move into the oft-feared pre-holiday final exam. The games included cornhole and Connect 4, the swag included 5,000 Batiste-branded bags filled with Dry Shampoo and Hair Mask, 4,450 hair masks & hair clips, and the scrumptious snacks delivered were Lesser Evil popcorn and Poppi soda. These mobile activations brought a welcomed break to the college campuses, brand awareness for Batiste in select markets & demographics, and reminiscences of childhood fun to everyone!