Roaming Hunger

Mobile Pop-Up Experience


Visible - an affordable cell phone service utilizing Verizon's network - brilliantly decided to paint Denver blue as a marketing technique to sign up new users and direct traffic to their website. Visible wrapped various modes of public transportation in blue, launched an in-store experience, and placed ads across town in newspapers and on billboards. The Visible team understood the most impactful way to reach consumers was to simultaneously launch a mobile experience. Visible challenged RMNG to launch a 2-month mobile pop-up activation with an extended branded footprint all within two weeks.

Challenge accepted.

Our team knew we had to move fast and effectively, so we immediately partnered with our Denver field team to produce an unforgettable experience.

First, we had to cultivate our activation pieces that would bring this program to life. Our pop-up experience included a branded food truck with a custom menu, an extended footprint with key Visible branded elements, and permissions and permits at some of Denver's hottest fall events. We worked diligently with our partners to secure approvals at targeted locations, including Denver's Oktoberfest, Denver's Great American Beer Festival, the Rockie's Coors Field, the Bronco's Mile High Stadium, Civic Center Eats, and 13th Floor Haunted House.

Our culinary team created exclusive menus, catering specific food items to the demographic of each event, achieving our goal to appeal directly to each event's consumer. This provided us the opportunity for higher foot traffic and more redemptions. We served fried Oreos at Oktoberfest, nachos at the Denver Broncos Game, beef skewers at Great American Beer Fest, mini corn dogs at Denver's Haunted House, and more.

Additional to the culinary experience, we designed and fabricated the Visible lounge. We embellished the immersive space with Visible branded cocktail tables and Visible branded picnic tables - all equipped with charging capabilities. These elements provided the opportunity for consumers to engage with the Visible promotional team while also being able to juice up their phones. We added interactive features such as branded Jenga and branded corn hole to encourage consumers to extend their visit with us.

Our team strategically placed brand ambassadors within the footprint to maximize our in-person conversations among each consumer touchpoint including giving away redemption cards to increase our lead capture. Additionally, consumers were gifted event-specific branded giveaways utilizing the Visible promotional team to give our Bronco's fans Visible stadium bags, our Oktoberfest friends Visible hats, the brave Haunted House visitors Visible light up slap bracelets, and our beer connoisseur's Visible koozies. The RMNG team managed all shipping, logistics, operations, and inventory for the extended footprint and giveaways throughout the program.

Over two months, the Visible and RMNG team distributed 11,000+ servings and 6,000+ giveaways to the Denver community using our lead capture and reregistration data. This mobile pop-up experience was the perfect shade of blue for the Denver community to officially transition to the Visible network.

Welcome to the future of phone service.