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Jay Pounder

1/2 lb Beef Brisket topped all Beef Hot Link layered with Creamy Mac & Cheese & another All Beef Hot Link then topped with home made Honey Slaw w/ house made BBQ sauce all on toasted bun 2.5 lbs of Deliciousness ( this can only be made an option if beef links, Mac & Cheese & brisket is selected as meat & side options in package. Or I can make a la CARTE for each $$20 per one this is a whopper if sandwich that’s actually a meal in itself.

Sloppy Link

Toasted bun with All Beef Hot Link topped with Creamy Mac & Cheese then another All Beef Hot Link topped with Honey Slaw & house made BBQ Sauce & topped off with toasted bun ( this can only be made if beef hot links & Mac & cheese are part of selection)

Hot Wings

Jumbo Wings in a variety of “FLAVORS” hit, honey bbq, honey hot, our specialty “flavors”: Orange Chicken & Cranberry Jalapeño & Raspberry Chipotle ( 2 flavors only please per option)

All Beef Hot Links on White Bread or Buns

All Beef Hit Links, gluten free & NO BY PRODUCTS( meaning beef hearts/parts etc) all beef & just enough Heat & savory spices this Link is amazingly juice, great snap when you bite into it & always sells out fast!!

Beef Brisket Sandwich

Tender juicy “flavorful” brisket slow cooked 24hrs encased in flavorful crusted outer layer that has trapped all the savory spices so each bite is as delish as the 1st. This sandwich is piled high over 1/2 lb then topped with our famous Honey Slaw & BBQ sauce

Pork Ribs

Delish fall off the bone tender juice savory rubs with a crusted coating you can’t resist to lick yo fingers!!

Creamy Chicken Alfredo

Best Chicken Alfredo hands down “flavor” UP so many spices in rich creamy home made sauce with lots of marinated chicken breast chunks this rich creamy sauce is the BOSS! Topped on your choice of noodles, veggie, gluten free, spaghetti squash or regular

Green Chili Beef Burritos

Home made green chili burritos from fresh grilled Chile & jalapeños, added to rich creamy sauce filled with chunks of Beef Stew Meat & just the right amount of spice & flavor to drive your taste buds wild! There’s nothing like this in all of Az you won’t look for another burrito after this!

Birria Beef Tacos

Slow cooked 18hrs in spices & red chili garlic & onion creating a broth that’s undeniable delicious. Layered between crisp corn shell with toasted quest & asadero cheese then topped with onion & cilantro served with spicy Chipotle sauce & our famous red chili salsa & a side of Consume for dipping

Chicken taquitos

Organic Chicken Breast meat slow cooked in succulent spices to bring out the best flavored chicken you’ve ever had…rolled in corn shell with Mexican three cheese blend & fried to crispy perfection then served with salsa or spicy crema salsa for delicious dipping

Chicken Enchiladas

Organic Breast boiled & seasoned mixed into green chili & jalapeños covered in amazing home made sauce & topped with cheese baked until golden brown

Red chili Beef Enchiladas

93 Lean organic ground beef cooked to perfection in spices & sauce then layered in corn tortillas & topped with cheese baked to golden brown perfection

Chicken Eggrolls

Organic Chivken breast seasoned & boiled then shredded to mix into veggie mix & rolled into Vegan eggroll wraps deep fried to golden perfection served with home made Teriyaki sauce &/or on bed of our white seasoned rice

Vegan egg rolls

Seasoned vegetables sautéed to perfection in spices & rolled in our vegan eggroll wraps fried to golden perfection (we have baked options well) placed on bed of seasoned white rice (or fried rice) served with home made Teriyaki sauce


Thick cut meaty bones not your average tails.. cooked in rich seasons & added potatoes & onions cooked until brown & sticky if you know oxtails you know why I mean😂 then smothered in gravy or not! Served with potatoes & onions or side of rice

Spaghetti with or without meat sauce & meatballs

Slow cooked for hours organic tomatoes & spices with diced & sautéed onions & garlic all mesh together to bring you succulent savory sauce then we add lean grass fed ground beef or meatballs seasoned to perfection to add the perfect flare to this dish it’s a real Momma Mia moment the minute you taste it!

Organic Turkey Breast

Tender & Succulent pre marinated for hours then seasoned to perfection & slow cooked til golden brown & juicy. Whole breast only can do while Turkey or smoked teriyaki legs for additional cost

Beef Lasagna

Organic grass fed Beef seasoned & slow cooked into succulent sauce then layered with 4 cheeses & pasta 4” piled high & baked to perfection

Vegetarian Lasagna

Organic vegetables seasoned & added to homemade slow cooked sautéed then layered 4” high between pasta & 4 cheeses baked to perfection.

Chicken Strips

Lightly breaded & seasoned with savory spices cooked to a perfect crispy golden brown served with our home made ranch

Ground Beef Tacos

Perfectly Seasoned tasty & savory 85/90% lean organic grass fed Beef slow cooked until flavors come together with spices & ingredients it’s sure to please & definitely not your ordinary boring taco or plain taste. Toppings include: lettuce, diced tomatoes, diced onions, blended cheeses. ( can add sour cream, salsa or guacamole for additional cost)


Mac & Cheese

Not your average chessy boring Mac this Mac is four cheese deep with layered spices & sauces that melt all together to melt in your mouth then topped with cheesy browned topping it’s thick rich & flavorful with every bite there’s NOTHING IN ALL OF AZ LIKE IT!


The name says it but the Beans have it all made with 4 beans slow cooked overnight with 10 spices & veggies you can’t taste but see bc they have marinated & became one with beans then to find slices pieces of the all beef links us a win win!! This 4 bean side is actually a meal in itself

Collard Greens w/ Smoked Turkey

Slow cooked overnight Collard Greens with smoked Turkey so tender it melts in your mouth, these greens are cooked overnight to absorb all the spices & added ingredients that you barely see but definitely taste…so tender & delish! Definitely our Top Seller

Street Corn (Elote)

Perfectly Toasted Corn with sautéed chili, onions jalapeños & spices & slow cooked then topped with seasons & cotija cheese & cilantro (if requested)

Potatoe Salad

Organic potatoes mashed & chunked seasoned to perfection with all the right diced vegetables with or without eggs atop or blended in.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Creamy organic mashed potatoes seasoned lightly but sure to Please bc the gravy sauce is the BOSS for this dish & it’s savory & seasoned perfectly loaded with “FLAVOR” & sure to please

Cornbread Dressing

Home made Cornbread Dressing no boxes here! Seasoned to perfection with added sautéed celery & onions in a special sauce & cooked golden brown it will definitely take you back south.

Candied Yams

Organic thick cut Yams boiled & seasoned to perfection glazed in all the right places & slow cooked in spices til tender & browned.


Organic avocados mashed & seasoned with added spices & fresh ingredients to its our best seller & can be spices from mild guacamole to spicy just state your heat level,

Salsa (Red or Green)

Rich & chunky or smooth Red or Green chili home made Salsa from fresh jalapeños, Chili’s & spices season to any heat level just state yours. Can be added as free side if ordered with Chicken Taquitos, Birria Tacos or Nachos

Home made Cornbread

Succulent Honey based Home made Cornbread banked to golden perfection glazed with warm unsalted butter. (can be added to package if Collard Greens were one of sides selected for a additional cost per pan)

Home made Ranch

Home made Ranch seasoned with secret ingredients & spices to bring you the most savory rich creamy dressing ever. ( it’s a side only if ordered without chicken strips or wings) it’s included with wings or a Chicken strips


German Chocolate Cake

Home made German Chocolate Cake so moist & deep dish baked with rich chocolate flavor & topped with home made coconut pecan frosting it’s so DELISH

Lemon Pound Cake

Home made Bundt Style Lemon Pound Cake just like the old Mother’s in Church made, lightly sweetened so the glaze does all the work smothering the cake in lemony sweet jaw clenching “FLAVOR” with burst of lemon zest! This is a winner & always sold out first…

Sweet Potato Pie

Home made sweet potatoes (YAMS) boiled & baked to perfection seasoned with right touch of cinnamon & nutmeg baked in deep dish pie shell to golden perfection & sweetness (8 slices per pie or one single jumbo slice )

Pecan pIe

Home made pie with just the right amount of pecans…seasoned just right & sweet enough to fix any sweet tooth! Deep dis & lots of good filling ( served by the slice or whole pie)

Red Velvet Cake

Not your AVERAGE CAKE like church folks make lol…this is REAL Ted Velvet “FLAVOR” like Grandma used to make! Moist rich goodness topped with home made cream cheese frosting topped with cake crumbles & chopped pecans..double layered I might add

Peach Cobbler

Home Made Southern just sweet enough creamy smooth texture with just the “RUGHT PEACH TO DOUGH RATIO”(by Big Sam) hints of nutmeg & cinnamon on point topped with that flakey crust hand made dipped in spices to draw all the exquisite flavors in!!



Cold Brew, French Press or Hot we have over 30 coffee flavors & mix in combinations, as well as over ice, blended , hot or cold. Topped with your choice of home made sugar free, vegan or sugar made whip cream in 5 delicious flavors .

Soda Pop

Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Orange, Grape, Pepsi & more in 16 & 20 ox bottles

Italian Sodas

Flavored Italian Sodas made with rich quality soda & flavors: we have over 30 flavors & mix combinations with orange without fruit inclusions!


Fresh squeezed home made Lemonade made sugar free, with Stevia, Monk Fruit or with raw sugar . We serve it with or without natural flavors (no high fructose syrup)Over 30 flavors & combination available.

About Flavor: Addictive Comfort Food

Flavor: Addictive Comfort Food really sums up what this Phoenix-based food truck is about. Drawing from comfort roots in Oklahoma and Texas, Flavor draws from the made-from-scratch recipes of Grandma Minnie to recalibrate your tastebuds back to real, authentic, Southern soul food. Fill up right with BBQ brisket sandwiches, hot links, wings, and all the sides and fixin’s, or test your might with the Jay Pounder Challenge. The Jay Pounder is a pulled beef brisket sandwich topped with a jumbo beef hot link and mac & cheese, and you have 8 minutes to finish it off to claim a prize. It’s nothing but food and fun at Flavor, so get this addictive food to your next event today!

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