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INandi's Ireations Menu

Nibbles/Finger Foods

Plaintains (GF)

It’s not a banana… It’s firmer and more versatile with a unique flavor and prepared based on the stage of ripeness. (Ripe)Fried in Seasoned Oils, (1/2 ripe or green) boiled in coconut milk

Johnny Cakes, Bakes Aka Fried Dumplings (GF)

Crispy, Fluffy, Fried Buttery bread balls

Cassava Balls

Crushed cassava root blended with seasonings, shaped and fried Too a crisp while remaining fluffy inside


Juicy Bite sized pieces of seasoned breaded meat-kind with sauce of your choice

Patties/Empanadas (Gluten Free upon Request)

Flaky crust stuffed with out special fillings


Seasoned too perfection, meat kind burjahs of your choice, On toasted buttered bun of your choice, with our special dry seasoning blend


Crispy Bite sized pieces of seasoned batter meat-kind with sauce of your choice

Peas Balls

Crushed peas blended with seasonings, shaped and fried Too a crisp


Homemade Gluten or Vege Chunks cooked until tender in a RICH sauce base with onions and fresh spices


Wrap skin of your choice stuffed with your choice of salad blend & meat- kind (GF upon request)

ChickNun Sandwich

Crispy pieces of seasoned breaded meat-kind with sauce of your choice


2 Hard or Soft Taco Shells overflowing with Juicy Bite sized pieces of seasoned meat-kind, Veg & salad with our special sauce of your choice

Caribe Philly CheeStake Hoagie

Slices of your meatkiind grilled with onions, peppers & fresh spices topped with our Chee Sauce

Caribe Philly CheeStake Sandwich

Slices of your meatkiind grilled with onions, peppers & fresh spices topped with our Chee Sauce



Turn Cornmeal is the name it’s like polenta but okra water is used to produce a smooth creamy cornmeal mush, rolled into a ball and served with a saucy side

Bulgar Wheat and Peas/Beans


Rich Coconut Milk based stew with assorted ground provisions like yams, potatoes and or vegetables and no added salt

V.I. Potato Stuffing (GF)

Potatoes mashed and seasoned with a special tomato base and fresh seasoning blend combined and baked

Cassava Rundown

Cassava Roots boiled down in Coconut Milk and Fresh Spices

Mac & Chee (GF)

Gluten free Macaroni cooked down in our HOMEMADE Coconut Cheese Sauce

QuRice and Peas or Beans (GF)

A twist on the Classic Caribbean Rice and Peas or Beans steamed down in coconut milk and fresh spices recreated with Quinoa


Mock Saltfish

A Veg twist on the Caribbean classic Saltfish/Salt Cod/Baccola replaced with cabbage and onions , sauteed with tomatoes, fresh spices and seasonings and seaweed for flavor and added nourishment

Stewed Protein (Brown or Red)

Stewed is a Style common in the USVI. Fried then simmered down into a RICH gravy base with onions and fresh spices

Stew Peas or Beans (GF)

Pease or Beans Cooked down in Coconut milk, fresh seasonings, spices with a tasty gravy

Jerk (GF)

A combination of a spices simmered in a mildly spiced JERK Sauté with the meat kind of your choice…. Heat level is adjustable

Coleslaw (GF)

This Caribbean Classic with Spin & Twist Thinly sliced green and red Cabbage marinated in out homemade mayo mock dressing

GREENS in the RAW (GF)

Assorted Greens Dressed in House made Dressing

Ackee Medley (Specialty)

The meaty bright yellow reminiscent of of scrambled eggs with a unique, lightly sweet flavorful fruit pulp lightly sautéed with a colorful medley of Sweet Pepper, Onion, thyme, tomato, garlic and spices and occasionally coconut milk



Patsy crust filled with stewed fruit : Guava, Coconut, Pineapple


Made to order Assorted Flavors and Types


Passion Fruit Juice

Passion Fruit Pulp blended with Spring, Distilled or Filtered Water and Agave sweetened or unsweetened

Tamarind Juice

Picked with sweet and sour goodness!!!! Pods soaked and strained, blended with water, spices and agave

Soursop Drink

Sweet and soup Soursop pulp blended with water and sweetner

Guava Lime

Juice Pulp blended with fruit pulp, Lime Juice, water and sweetener


Fresh squeezed Key LIME juice blende with water, agave and bitters

Sorrell Punch

This blood building traditionalChristmas delight is soaked and blended with spices, citrus peels, agave, ginger and love

Ginger Beer

Fresh ginger roots blended with spices agave and love to perfection with some heat

About INandi's Ireations

Monroeville, PA, INandi's Ireations is your one-stop destination for vibrant veggie victuals and authentic Caribbean charm. Born from the sunny island of Antigua and Barbuda, their food trailer brings a taste of the tropics to you.

Start your culinary journey with jubilant johnny cakes, perfectly warm patties, or their mind-blowing mac & cheese. Get your veggie vibes on with their Vege Medley, relish the rustic goodness of rice & beans, or savor the sublime stew peas. If tofu takes your fancy, they've got it, along with brilliant BBQ mushrooms, and voracious Vege burgers featuring tofu, falafel, and peas. Don't forget to try their fantastic fried plantain kebabs and radically raw dressed kale slaw. To wash it all down, take a sip of the sensational sea moss punch or their exotic fruit beverages. From magical mango to passionate passion fruit, glorious guava/lime, super soursop, or classic coconut water, they've got a flavor to tickle every palate.

INandi's Ireations brings a piece of paradise to your plate. So, whether you're planning a tropical office event, beachy wedding, or island-vibe birthday party, book INandi's Ireations for your next soiree and let them cater to your cravings. After all, every occasion deserves a touch of paradise.

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