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Pittsburgh is a city that gets things done. Efficiently. Whether it's forging steel, winning championships, or MOST importantly - eating. Steel city provides its hard-working masses with meals to fit their appetites, and lately, it's been doing it in increasingly delicious, creative ways. When it comes to food trucks Pittsburgh is innovating tastes daily, and constructing edible legends nightly.

The influx of Pittsburgh food trucks has been rapidly growing in recent years, but a handful of standouts have risen to the top and proved their staying power. No matter what your preference, there's a roster of food trucks Pittsburgh has on hand, just waiting for you to plow through and settle your steel-grade appetite. The food trucks Pittsburgh has on hand are forged from something special.

A List of Food Trucks in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  1. LA Taco
  2. Mission.Mahi
  3. Vagabond Taco
  4. The Yard A Mobile Eatery
  5. Las Chicas
  6. Brassero Grill
  7. Blowfish BBQ
  8. Pittsburgh Smokehouse
  9. Nicky's Mobile BBQ
  10. Black Box Bistro
  11. Rogue BBQ
  12. The Waffler
  13. Nakama
  14. Miss Meatball
  15. Mac & Gold Truck
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Where To Find Food Trucks in Pittsburgh

On top of farmer's markets and regular roaming service, Pittsburgh is grabbing a brand new, permanent option that'll make grabbing your favorite truck easier than ever. Lang Restaurant Group, helmed by three brothers with a big appetite for food innovation, is launching Pittsburgh Food Truck Park along Allegheny River in Millvale’s Riverfront Park. Live music, outdoor games and a beer garden highlighting local brews are all on the agenda, ensuring more than a destination - it's out to be your new home away from home. Monthly food truck meet-ups and gatherings also spring up weekly.

As always, check out the live Baltimore food truck map above or on the Roaming Hunger app to find the most accurate, up-to-the-minute location info for all trucks listed, alongside countless more options.

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