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San Antonio, TX
5+ Years in business

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“Where Mexico meets California and brings both to Texas serving authentic Mexican food” #BienDicho (#WellSaid)

Elizabeth Pulido of La Consentida



Street Corn

The classic Mexican street food of sweet corn slathered in a creamy chili and lime-spiked sauce with cheese and mayo secret sauce

Papucho Fried Steak & Cheese Burritos

A favorite! Share or don't share we won't tell. (wink) An extra large flour tortilla filled with choice of steak (asada), chicken, Al Pastor (Pork) or as a vegetarian option filled with spinach and mushrooms. Served with side of Pico de Gallo & a popular jalapeno dip


12" Burrito (Better be hungry)

12" Flour tortilla filled with your choice of Asada (Steak), Chicken, Pastor, Barbacoa, Mexican cheese, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, Mexican cream (like sour cream but not too sour)

Street Mini Tacos

4 - Asada (Steak), Chicken, Pastor, Pastor Hawaiano or Barbacoa mini tacos topped with cilantro, onion and lime


10" Flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of Asada (Steak), Chicken, Pastor, Al Pastor Hawaiano, Chicken Hawaiano and Mexican cheese and a side of pico de gallo, sour cream


Better known as a Mexican sandwich! A sandwich experience like no other! A large ovalish French bread flavor toasted and filled with refried beans, Mexican cheese, nam your choice of Asada (Steak), Chicken, Pastor, Pastor Hawaiano, Chicken Hawaiano, lettuce, tomato, avocado & Mexican cream served with a jalapeno

Asada Fries

Seasoned steak fries topped with your choice of meat, melted cheese, grilled onions & jalapeños and crema Mexicana.


Corn tortilla chips, topped with refried beans, creamy white or yellow cheese, choice of Asada (steak), grilled chicken, pastor, pastor hawaiano or chicken hawaiano, sour cream & pico de gallo

Breakfast Tacos

Bacon & Egg, Ham & Egg, Barbacoa (add $1), Potato & Egg, Chorizo & Egg, Sausage & Egg, Steak & Egg (Add $1), Kiolbasa & Egg, Bean & Cheese, Chorizo & Bean, Chorizo & Potato, Bacon & Potato

Breakfast Torta

A golden buttery French toast type Mexican hot sandwich filled with refried beans, Mexican cheese, choice of: -Bacon & egg -Ham & egg -Chorizo & egg -Steak & egg (add $1) -Barbacoa & egg (add $1) and topped with tomato & avocado

Migas Plate

Crispy tortilla chips, mixed with scrambled egg, pico de gallo and your choice of bacon, chorizo, ham, country sausage, kiolbasa sausage with a side of refried beans

Pancake Plate

2 large pancakes, 2 eggs & 2 bacons. These are amazing pancakes!

Breakfast Plate

2 eggs, bacon, & toast


Scrambled egg, cheese and choice of bacon, country sausage, Kiolbasa (linked sausage), ham, chorizo. --additional items extra -- Bacon, Country Sausage, Kiolbasa Sausage (Linked), Ham, Chorizo, Potato, Bean, Cheese, Avocado, Make it a veggie (Mushrooms & Spinach) (Add $1), Steak (Add $1), Barbacoa (Add $1)Pastor (Add $1)

Breakfast Burrito

12" Flour tortilla filled with refried beans and cheese and any choice below: Bacon & Egg, Ham & Egg, Barbacoa (add $1), Potato & Egg, Chorizo & Egg, Sausage & Egg, Steak & Egg (Add $1), Kiolbasa & Egg, Bean & Cheese, Chorizo & Bean, Chorizo & Potato, Bacon & Potato

Street Tacos (1.50 each)

These mini corn tacos are the ring leaders of all tacos! Its a delicious mini corn tortillas filled (double tortilla) with your choice of protein & topped with fresh chopped onion & cilantro with a side of limes.


A golden toasted flour tortilla filled with Mexican white cheese and choice of protein with a side of pico de gallo and sour cream.


Golden toasted flour tortilla filled with refried beans, Mexican white cheese, choice of meat, lettuce, tomato. Burritos are drizzled with crema (like sour cream just a bit sweeter)

King California

This king Cali is double the size of the original. It’s filled with meat choice of Asada (steak), Chicken, Al Pastor, Al Pastor Hawaiano, Chicken hawaiano, grilled onion, white cheese, grilled jalapeño, avocado, pico, queso fresco, fries and cream. Make it wet by adding any of our 3 salsas. Served with a side of chips.

California Burrito

12” flour tortilla heated until golden filled with choice of Asada (steak), Al Pastor, Al Pastor Hawaiano, Chicken or Chicken Hawaiano, white cheese, and fries. Make it wet with choice of salsa. Served with side of chips.


Charro Beans

It’s a Mexican style bean soup. Whole pinto beans, cooked with onion, tomato, cilantro, jalapeno (enough for a kick) and bacon.

Chips and Salsa

Fresh chips and homemade salsa

Street Corn

It’s a Mexican style creamy corn in a cup. Super sweet corn mixed with butter, a bit of mayo to create that cream, cotija cheese & a bit of the chili lime sauce for a bit of the tangy kick.

Meet Elizabeth Pulido
What is the story behind your business' name?

La Consentida is a term of endearment. It means: My love, my other half, the one whom I spoil. The name came from my uncles meat market in Mexico City. I was told my uncle welcomed his customers by saying, "Que desea mi consentida hoy?" meaning what does my consentida need today? Currently, several cousins own their own La Consentida Taquerias around Mexico

About La Consentida

La Consentida brings authenticity to the streets of San Antonio, right at the corner where quality meets convenience. This is a special food trailer run by a family with over 75 years of culinary experience, crafting beloved family recipes that represent Michoacán to Mexico City. Their tacos are flavorful, their burritos are packed, and there are enough assorted specialties to keep you tied up for days. Hospitality is the secret weapon here, and it shows - not just face to face, but in every ingredient that goes into the food, fresh, natural and locally sourced. This is authentic Mexican with heart, soul and a whole lotta great flavor. They may be the new kid on the block, but with hits like these, they're bound to rule the block real soon. They’ve served all the biggest festivals and events in town, cooking everything fresh on site each time. They’ve mastered all types of catering, from buffet-style to formal arrangements. You’ll want to hit them up for your own event before it’s too late. Word has spread quickly that La Consentida is quite fantastic and now their services are in constant high demand. Eat here soon to see what you've been missing, or more importantly - what you now never need to miss again. MUST TRY * Al Pastor - An instant San Antonio favorite- delicious in street tacos, quesadillas, burritos, tortas and on nachos. Marinated pork with guajillo chiles and achiote (non-spicy) and a zesty blend of spices, a 75+ year old family recipe that will leave you hungry for more. * Papuchos - Golden, fried flour tortillas filled with steak & Mexican cheese and served with a spicy jalapeño cream dip & pico de gallo.

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