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Liquid N2 Ice Cream

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Catering Menu

Catering Quote Option 1: Ice Cream Gallon: $35.00 per gallon (30 single serving per gallon) PLUS TAX Option 2: Ice cream onsite: 1 flavor at $4.00 per person/serving OR 2 flavor at $6.00 per person/serving PLUS Nitrogen Fee: $200.00 PLUS TAX Option 3: Food Truck: $4.50 per person/serving 1 Scoop with 1 topping Snow Cone 12oz Float (1 scoop with coke or root beer) Dragon’s Breath (Fruity or Chocolate Cereal) OR $6.00 per person/serving 1 scoop with 1 topping Snow cone 12 oz Float (1 scoop with coke or root beer) Dragon’s Breath (Fruity or Chocolate Cereal) Mud Pie (2 scoops of coffee ice cream rolled in oreos topped with caramel and chocolate sauce) Fried Ice Cream (2 scoop rolled in frosted flakes topped with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and whip cream) PLUS TAX Dragon’s Breath On-Site Add-on: $2.00 per person/serving OR $2.00 per serving (minimum 50 servings) plus tax Topping Package On-Site Add-on: $75.00 plus tax Package includes: crushed oreos, rainbow sprinkles, nuts, chocolate sauce, and caramel sauce Setup Fee: $150.00 plus tax (waived due to party over 100)

Catering A-La-Carte Menu

Ice Cream Cup $4.00 (1 scoop and 1 topping) Ice Cream Cup $6.00 (2 scoops and 1 topping) Shaved Ice (Snow Cones) $4.00 (Red Cherry, Blue Raspberry, or Mix) Floats $5.00 (Root Beer or Coke with 1 scoop) Dragon’s Breath $5.00 (9oz cup of fruity cereal or chocolate puff cereal) Fried Ice Cream $8.00 (2 scoops rolled in frosted flakes topped with whip and caramel/chocolate sauce) Mud Pie $7.00 (2 scoops of coffee ice cream rolled in oreos topped with caramel/chocolate sauce) Fried Oreos $5.00 (4 deep fried oreos topped with powdered sugar, chocolate sauce and whip) Fried Oreos Sundae $8.00 (4 deep fried oreos with 1 scoop topped with powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, and whip) Water $1.00 Sodas $2.00 Extra Toppings $.50 (Oreos, rainbow sprinkles, nuts, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whip cream)

About Liquid N2 Ice Cream

Rest assured, you’ll never find sticky, crystalized ice cream at Liquid N2 Ice Cream. These sweet treats are made fresh every day with the help of a little liquid nitrogen, which makes the cream base go from liquid to solid in a matter of minutes. This and the all-natural ingredients translate to an unmatched saccharine flavor dessert connoisseurs would be remiss to miss. Sweet tooth calling? Hit up this trailer.

You can get a scoop of this velvety ice cream solo. With flavors like cookie butter and cinnamon toast crunch, the sugary sweet taste will be more than enough to delight. However, the menu also sports loads of sundaes and floats if you want a little something extra. Oh, and did we mention all things deep-fried? You can enjoy a dose of decadence with some fried Oreos or fried ice cream. Really though, nothing will disappoint, so don’t pass up the chance to grab a treat here. Or, do ‘em one better and book Liquid N2 Ice Cream for your next event. Trust us, this will be a dessert table guests won't soon forget.


Fried Oreo Sundae — An epic choice featuring a bed of battered, deep-fried Oreos topped off with ice cream, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and drizzled with chocolate.

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