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Denver has been celebrated for its various riches since its foundation in 1858, when settlers on the quest for gold discovered this gorgeous land near the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Lush with natural beauty, surrounded by bountiful farmlands, and abuzz with culture, sports mania and nightlife, it’s no surprise that the Mile High City of today also boasts an unparalleled food truck scene.

Best Food Trucks in Denver

This Wild West town is home to an impressive number of breweries, as well as America’s most fit and active citizens. Since beer is basically street food’s best friend and since you’ve really gotta sustain yourself when you’re burning all those calories, the demand here is high for fresh, hearty and healthy gourmet eats made with local ingredients. Well, guess what’s on the menu at many of Denver’s best food trucks.

Farm to Truck exclusively uses sustainable, locally grown and raised vegetables and meats, including chicken from Boulder Natural Meats and Ralston Valley Beef, to craft their selection of comfort food specialties like BLTs with thick-cut Tender Belly bacon, pesto, arugula, Colorado tomatoes and garlic aioli, Lamb Burgers with Long’s Peak lamb, fried onions, goat cheese and mint aioli, Evergreen Hempseed Burgers, and several other mouthwatering cravings that pair perfectly with any cold brew.

Many outdoorsy Denverites appreciate a switch-up in the routine, which makes J Street Food Truck such a favorite. This food truck specializes in variety, offering a new selection of international recipes each month. They send your taste buds on a trip around the world, one menu at a time. Travel to Germany with rich, buttery spaetzle and sizzling grilled currywurst and bratwurst, then on to the Mediterranean and beyond. All the while, you’ll be grateful that your feet are planted by this this Queen City classic.

If you could go for something light and delectable, Yatai Food Cart is worth a visit for its customizable selection of sushi hand rolls with fresh seafood and premium ingredients.

Pizza Trucks

This classic Italian dish is a beloved prize everywhere you go. In Denver, where toppings are often sourced from the finest local farms and purveyors, the passion for pizza is especially robust.

Infinitus Mouthwatering Mobile puts the “personalized” in personal pizzas, known here as “iPies”. They offer limitless possibilities for customization, with a vast variety of crusts, cheeses, meats, and sauces to choose from. Keeping with the theme of infinite potential and overall goodness, every iPie sold helps to fund scholarships and charitable donations to better serve the local community.

Stokd Pizza is a unique food truck in that it manages to contain a massive Italian-style wood fired oven. The crust’s open flame-taste transports you to a peaceful evening beside a crackling bonfire in the scenic Colorado outdoors. The gourmet toppings range from classic to creative, with options like prosciutto and fig, giving you an all the more unforgettable meal.

The blazing Wheels on Fire truck also specializes in that perfect bubbling cheese and flame-kissed Neapolitan-style pizza. To ensure that everyone gets fed the best, they offer plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options. Yet another reason that when it comes to pizza in Denver, the bar has been raised so Rocky Mountain-high.

Taco Trucks

As a city of the southwest, Denver’s Mexican food is extremely popular, authentic and tasty. You never have to worry about tacos or burritos being out of reach because there are so many amazing taco trucks equipped and ready to satisfy your daily hankerings.

The Spicy Kitchen Mexican Grill uses heirloom family recipes that have been passed down for generations to feed their customers. From tacos to burgers, this family-owned business is perfect for any occasion.

Along with a particularly scrumptious take on street tacos, nachos, burritos, etc... The Road Runner’s menu features Indian Fried Tacos: a true Southwestern delicacy with warm golden fry bread topped with your choice of meat or grilled veggies, pinto beans, green chili, queso Oaxaca, pico de gallo, radishes & lettuce, and crema. As you can imagine, this signature dish is quite sublime.

The Colorado Pig Rig is treasured by Denver, having been featured in several local publications and news segments, as well as winning the People’s Choice Award at Westword’s 2016 Denver Bacon & Beer Classic. With Mojo pork tacos with avocado-lime crema and fire-roasted green chilli-braised chicken tacos on the menu, it’s no wonder this pork-centric truck is the talk of the town.

BBQ Trucks

The South has been hogging all the BBQ glory for far too long. Surrounded by the finest farms and ranches, Denver BBQ trucks source premium meats and ingredients to not only craft authentic Southern-style recipes, but to introduce Colorado-style ‘Que to the world too.

The family-run Still Smokin’ Fusion BBQ is a proud member of Denver’s food truck community, serving alongside the city’s best at public events all over town, always attracting crowds with their craveable BBQ specialties. Their signature best-seller is The Ultimate Porker Sandwich with pulled pork, smoked sausage and bacon, served with fried pickles, sweet potato bourbon-glazed fries and peach mint slaw.

Lena B Bar-B-Que serves homestyle smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken, beef brisket, hot links and much more. You’ll be thankful their home is Colorado, because these flavors are like none other.

Ice Cream & Shaved Ice Trucks

With an average of 300 days of sunshine every year, Denver gets to experience bright blue skies the majority of the time. With weather like this, of course comes the cravings for shaved ice and ice cream. During the warm summer season, the best frozen treats you can find are served from trucks and trailers near you.

Happy Cones CO serves an excitingly innovative ice cream concept from New Zealand: premium vanilla bean ice cream blended with your choice of fresh fruit and served on your choice of cone. Nothing’s better than a nutritious sweet treat.

Em’s Ice Cream will win you over with certified organic, hand-crafted, small batch churned ice cream. Every ingredient from the cream, to the eggs, to the sugar is 100% organic. And everything, including the chocolate chips, is made from scratch with wholesome ingredients. You won’t find any stabilizers, GMOs, or food coloring here, only pure creamy splendidness.

High Point Creamery specializes in handcrafted artisan ice cream scoops, shakes, and sundaes. With flavors like Earl Grey with shortbread cookies, brown butter pecan, chocolate coconut and many more, each lick will be the high point of your day.

Food Trucks Near You

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