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Alexi of Little Greek Coffee House



Greek Cheese Bread (organic)

A delicious handmade Greek style bread topped with sesame seeds and baked with savory cheese in the middle. 'Tiropita Kourou' as it is known in Greece is a staple.


Spanakopita (organic)

A classic savory pastry baked with spinach, feta and a blend of other organic ingredients. Spanakopita is a global hit and the Little Greek has some of the best in world.

Mushroom pie (organic)

A classic Greek mushroom pie baked in puff pastry and/or filo dough. This is an excellent vegan option that is delicious and hearty.

Custom Pastries (organic)

The Little Greek can have custom made Greek pastries, both sweet and savory, made for each event. Olive Pie, Cheese pie, Mbogatsa, Kataifi and more.

Greek Meat Pie (organic)

A delicious Greek classic made with hand rolled pastry dough and filled with a special blend of meat, vegetables and spices made specially for the Little Greek Coffee House.


Frappe Bowl

Iced Frappe turned into a creamy and thick foam that you eat with a spoon. It comes with an organic cookie, is topped with caramel, and is finished off with a shot of dark chocolate or vanilla almond milk. This is a Little Greek Original creation.

Baklava (organic)

The Mediterranean classic dessert for all seasons and palettes. The Little Greek offers patrons the Cyprus version of the legendary dessert. Made with vegan ingredients.

MANIS Greek Wild Blossom Honey

MANIS makes this wonderful Wild Blossom honey. Imported directly from Greece and sold in 500 gram glass jars.

Honey Walnut Cookies (organic)

'Melomakarouno' is a classic Greek cookie. It is made into a firm cookie that crumbles in your mouth. Made with honey, walnuts and other choice nuts, the Honey Walnut cookie is truly special and an excellent accoutrement to coffee and teas.


Iced Frappé (organic ingredients)

Greek frappe is the original iced coffee. Each cup is custom made to taste with organic ingredients only. The coffee is frapped into a thick foam and finished with a choice of 10 milks and iced water.

Hot Greek Coffee

Spicy Hot Greek Coffee

W/black cardamom, cinnamon, clove and cayenne

Hot Sideritis Mountain Tea (organically grown)

Sideritis Cypria is an amazing super tea. It is an anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and gastro protectant flower shipped exclusively for the Little Greek Coffee House from Korfi mountain in Cyprus. It is a delicious blond tea that pairs very well with honey & lemon or as a base for Chai. Caffeine and stimulant free

Hot Chocolate (organic ingredients)

Imported dark chocolate cocoa mix blended with a choice of dark chocolate almond, vanilla almond, or chocolate banana almond milks. It is a creamy, foamy, rich and delicious hot chocolate. All milks are organic. Customers can also choose from Oat, Oat Vanilla, Cashew, Coconut, Almond, Whole & w/o milk.

Tuvunú Iced Sideritis Tea

Iced Sideritis Mountain Tea from Greece. Infused with honey & lemon & served chilled in a glass bottle. This is a super tea like no other & can be consumed hot or cold.

Loux Sparkling Juice

Zagori Still Water

Zagori Sparkling Water


A classic cappuccino made with Greek coffee and a choice of 10+ organic milks including oat, almond, and coconut.

Greek Latte

A classic latte coffee made with Greek coffee and served with a choice of 10+ organic milks including oat & almond.

Meet Alexi
What is the story behind your business' name?

I had a son. My nickname’s The Greek. He’s the Little Greek. I built this thing for him so he would have something that represented hard work.

About Little Greek Coffee House

Adorable, hand-built coffee shop vibes are in the air at Little Greek Coffee House in Los Angeles, CA. Owner Alexi Stavrou hails from Greece, so Mediterranean energy is the name of the game here. Having learned the art of coffee making from his father, a man who demanded perfection, you’ll taste the years of training.

Greek coffee is known for its strong flavor, and these robust brews do not disappoint in that respect. In addition to regular coffee, you can grab a spiced Greek coffee packed with a rich mix of sweet, aromatic spices that pair perfectly with that bitter flavor. In addition to regular coffee, Alexi also whips up frappes, hot cocoa, and a whole range of teas and juices sure to tantalize your taste buds. Getting thirsty? Then stop by Little Greek Coffee House and grab a drink. Even better? Book ‘em for your next event.


Iced Frappe — All that bittersweet coffee flavor served up in a cool, creamy frappe

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