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Los Angeles practically invented the gourmet food truck scene, so it's no wonder that over 400 mobile food vendors, from food carts, food trucks, to food trailers, roam the expansive area known as Los Angeles. Because LA is so big, and the traffic is almost always a barrier, locals don't measure distance in miles, but in time. Don't worry though, because the sheer number of trucks in the city means there are almost certainly a few food trucks near you.

The Best Los Angeles Food Trucks

If you're trying to find the best LA food trucks, you can start with the original, the Kogi BBQ Truck. This food truck is most widely credited with reinstating the catering truck as a part of modern culture and has become a traveling landmark that serves Korean-Mexican fusion. After this, it all depends on what you're trying to find. LA has almost any type of food truck you can imagine serving delicious meals of all types and at nearly all times of the day, from breakfast to lunch and dinner and late into the night.

Los Angeles Taco Trucks

Los Angeles has some of the best Mexican food in the world, so the local taco trucks are held to high standards. Among the best are Mariscos Jalisco, whose shrimp tacos cannot be beat, Leo's Tacos if you're looking for traditional and authentic Mexican, and La Isla Bonita, which can usually be found in Venice.

Dessert Trucks

If you need to satisfy that sweet tooth head over to dessert trucks like Chunk-N-Chip or the awesome Waffles de Liege, which makes its dough fresh each morning, or grab an architecture inspired ice cream sandwich at Coolhaus.

Other Notably Great Food Trucks

While not everyone's favorite food truck is nearby all the time, some trucks, such as Baby's Badass Burgers, do have multiple trucks hitting the LA streets. Lastly, don't forget that many trucks do take on catering events, so if you're truly obsessed about your favorite food truck, you can probably book them for a birthday, corporate event at your work, or even a wedding. Click here to book a food truck.

Finding Food Trucks Near You

First, if you're not sure where to find all of your favorite street food check out the live food truck map above to find any street vendors that may be near you. Food carts and food trucks typically pull into parking lots with multiple food vendors or right up to the sidewalk where crowds of Angelenos pour out of their offices, studio lots and nightclubs to order a small feast.

Santa Monica always has a few trucks within a few blocks of the beach, but you'd be hard pressed to not find a good option somewhere within or near the Westside of LA. To the east, Pasadena is no exception, but trucks can often be out deep into the Inland Empire as far as Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario. If you're in the San Fernando Valley, trucks can often be found near Burbank and Woodland Hills. Other popular areas in LA for food trucks include Hollywood, Downtown, and all the way south to Long Beach.