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Manini Kine Grindz

Popup Catering
Los Angeles, CA
4+ Years on Roaming Hunger

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Spam Fries

Julienned spam breaded in panko bread crumbs, deep fried, drizzled with teriyaki sauce & spicy mayo and finished with furikake seasoning (seaweed, sesame seeds)


Meat Jun

Thin slices of beef rib marinated in a special soy sauce with flavors of green pepper and jalapeno, then floured and dipped in egg batter and deep fried, served on a bed of white rice and drenched in meat jun sauce

Longanisa Loco Moco

A juicy and flavorful filipino longanisa sweet sausage patty grilled to perfection laying on top a bed of white rice with an over easy egg on top and smothered with brown gravy and garnished with green onion


Unicorn Drops

Strawberry and ube flavored mochi created separately and twisted together and formed into a mochi ball, battered in a waffle batter and deep fried. drizzled with unicorn colored condensed milk served on a bed of fruity pebbles and topped with unicorn sprinkles. also comes in an oreo crumble/chocolate drizzle version

About Manini Kine Grindz

Manini Kine Grindz marries the flavors of Asian and Hawaiian culture and presents a portrait of fusion set to re-construct LA's food truck scene, turn by turn and stop by delicious stop. A wide, rotating menu pairs tastes to create something new after something new, giving you a tour of tastes that'll keep your mouth on vacation without ever leaving your feet. But more than taking you to the best of places you've been before, or places that generally exist in the geographic landscape, Manini Kine Grindz is a food truck interested in taking you to another dimension altogether. Creations plucked from the mouth of insanity come flying out the window in both sweet and savory forms, ready to push your boundaries and enhance your tastebuds with each bite. Check out Manini Kine Grindz for yourself, and witness another dimension of taste that you won't just wanna visit, you'll wanna live in. MUST TRY
  • Unicorn Drops - battered & deep fried strawberry/ube flavored mochi, finished off with unicorn condensed milk, fruity pebbles, and more color than the human eye should technically be able to receive.
  • Meat Jun - A staple of Korean subculture in Hawaii, it's an offering of thinly-sliced beef, lightly battered and fried, seeped in seasoning and juicy bliss.
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