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Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel

Made with delicious caramel blended with Mediterranean Sea Salt from Sicily, this flavor is similar to toffee candies from England that are made with milk and sea water for a sweet and salty combination.

Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato

Intense flavor of fragrant mint mixed with crunchy pieces of dark chocolate.

French Macarons

Delightfully decedent French macarons. Pretty and delicious

Roasted Banana Cashew Heath Crunch

Here our Roasted Banana Gelato is mixed with a generous amount of cashews and Heath Bar pieces.

Rocky Road

An American favorite consisting of rich chocolate gelato with marshmallows, chopped nuts, and our own marshmallow sauce.

Amarena Black Cherry Swirl

Milk-based gelato with candied Amarena black cherries. We import our cherries from Italy, where the fresh Amarena cherries are slowly cooked for 6 days with water and sugar. Every day a little more sugar is added to the recipe to maintain the cherries crunchy texture, while remaining juicy and flavorful.

Amaretto Chocolate Chip

Gelato based on the recipe for Amaretto cookies (made with bitter almonds) with crunchy pieces of dark chocolate throughout.


Our homemade biscotti cookies, broken and blended with whole milk, create the perfect gelato compliment for a cup of coffee. Topped with crunchy biscotti pieces.

Chocolate Chip (Stracciatella)

Delicate milk-based gelato with crunchy pieces of dark chocolate throughout. One of the most popular flavors in Italy.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Our richest, darkest chocolate with crunchy pieces of chocolate throughout.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Created in Piedmont, a region in Northern Italy famous for hazelnuts, our Gianduja Gelato is chocolate with finely ground Italian hazelnuts.

Chocolate Turtle

Milk chocolate gelato, layered with pecans and caramel swirl, topped with chocolate drizzled on top. Based off the famous "turtle" candies.


Intense cinnamon gelato, made with Mexican cinnamon. The Italian name for this flavor is "cannella."


Milk-based coconut gelato. The combination of the rich mouth-feel of coconut is perfectly heightened by the addition of whole milk.

Dulce de Leche

An intense caramel flavored gelato, with more of our dulce de leche caramel swirl throughout.


Chocolate based gelato with additional extra brute dark chocolate. Every chocolate lovers dream, this flavor is made with even more Belgian chocolate than our other dark chocolate offerings.

Italian Trifle

The Italian version of a traditional English dessert made with layers of custard, ladyfingers, and liqueur. With a taste similar to eggnog, the custard or zabaglione, contains a small amount of wine, and is cooked down to reduce the alcohol content.

Pannacotta (Wedding Cake)

Based on a traditional desert from Northern Italy, pannacotta (which translates as cooked cream) is a sweet milk gelato with a taste Americans find comparable to wedding cake.

Peanut Butter Raspberry Swirl

Peanut butter gelato mix with our raspberry swirl. Our version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, perfect in a waffle cone.

Pecan Praline

Pecan praline gelato mixed with our candied pecans throughout.

Pistachio Almond

A combination of pistachio and almond, this pairing results in a slightly sweeter tasting pistachio gelato.

Rose Chocolate Chip

Our unique rose gelato completed with crunchy chocolate pieces throughout.

Strawberry Milk

Milk-based gelato made with real strawberries.


Based on the Italian dessert composed of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and Marsala wine, layered with mascarpone and topped with powdered chocolate. Tiramisu translates as "pick me up" in Italian.

Tre Vaniglie

A blend of Tahitian, Mexican and Madagascar vanillas in a milk base

Vanilla Lavender

A delicate combination of Mexican vanilla and pure extract from lavender flowers.

Banana Sorbet

Real, ripe bananas are combined with water and sugar to create this creamy sorbet.

Chocolate Sorbet

An incredible water-based chocolate that finally unites low calories with extra rich flavor.

Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet

Fresh whole raspberries are blended with pomegranate juice, a source rich in polyphenol antioxidants, vitamins B and C.

Wild Berries Sorbet

Water-based flavor made with raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry.

Limoncello Soy

Soy based, dairy-free gelato based on our Limoncello gelato. This time, we've omitted the dairy.

Cookies 'n Milk

The Paciugo version of an American favorite. In our version, we forego the cream, and instead use whole milk with Oreo cookies pieces.

Taro Root

Chocolate chip Cookie dough

Cookies 'n Milk

The Paciugo version of an American favorite. In our version, we forego the cream, and instead use whole milk with Oreo cookies pieces.

Lemon Sorbet

Our Lemon Sorbet tastes just like a freshly squeezed lemon; it's very tart and refreshing, enhanced by fresh lemon pulp.

About Paciugo Gelato

Paciugo Gelato serves up hand made Italian gelato and sorbets on the streets of San Antonio, Texas! Don't miss their delicious gourmet frozen treats the next time you're parched and craving something sweet!

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