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Yardley Vergara and Vianca Vega of Swrlies Froyo

Swrlies Froyo Menu

Fruit Infusions










Dragon Fruit



Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sea Salt Caramel


Pulparindo Chamoy


Fruity Pebbles

Trix Cereal

Froot Loops

Rice Krispies

Cap'n Crunch Berries

Pop Rocks

Cap'n Crunch


Oreo Powder

Sour Gummies

Cookie Crisp

Chocolate Cereal

Granola and Almond Honey Mix


Nerds Candy

Lucky Charms Marshmallows

Teddy Grahams (Honey & Chocolate Mix)

Sour Patch Candy

Past Catering Events

4 event organizers have booked Swrlies Froyo using Roaming Hunger

On-Set Catering

June 2022 * Los Angeles, CA

21+ attendees

Other Catering

June 2022 * Pasadena, CA

150+ attendees

Birthday Catering

July 2022 * Los Angeles, CA

20+ attendees

Meet Yardley Vergara and Vianca Vega
What is the story behind your business' name?

Surrounded by artificial ice cream and frozen yogurt in Los Angeles we’ve noticed that more and more people were leaning to a healthier option but with very little options, we knew that our product will be a hit. Our business originated from Jalisco, Mexico, were Vianca (founder) and her family had this same concept (minus ice cream) business for many years. Once I visited her town in 2018, I fell in love with the full process and with her idea and my vision our passion grew and so did our business. What started off as a weekend street vendor hobby has now turned into a year round catering business with over 100 catering events in less than two summers. From small bbq gatherings to weddings, from schools to corporate events and from amazing guest to celebrity guest, our catering services are opened to all. Being rated five stars on all rating platforms has not been easy to maintain with bigger catering businesses out there. However, we offer more than a product, we offer an experience that no other business will, a package full of fun, unique, made to order service with a staff that is committed to making each event smooth for the host and exciting to the guest. We are in the satisfaction business, we provide 5 stars service backed by our 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

About Swrlies Froyo

  • Women Owned
  • Latin Owned
  • Family Business
You'd be hard-pressed to find more LA frozen yogurt than at Swrlies Froyo. Straight out of Highland Park, this frozen treat cart specializes in Mexican infused frozen yogurt that will blow your mind (and tastebuds). Start with a lactose-free base like vanilla or Nesquik chocolate, pump it full of blended fruit like peach or mango, then top it and drizzle it in their signature spicy “Pulpa-moy” sauce, made from Pulparindo candy melted with chamoy. There are creamy, fruity, and wholly unique flavor combinations that are sure to delight you, so treat yourself and your guests to a unique twist on fro-yo. Book Swrlies Froyo for your next event today.

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