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Hazelnut, chocolate and caramel sauces blended perfectly to taste just like a America's favorite candy bar... in a drink!

Funky Monkey

One of our best sellers. Much like the relationship of chocolate and caramel, Creme de Banana and Chocolate accompany eachother surprisingly well in this drink. Creme de banana delivering a pleasently sweet and distinct fruity aroma and aftertaste in addition to the classic pleasantry of chocolate. In a word, wonderful!


If you love chocolate.... and who doesn't!? Dark chocolate and white chocolate battle it out while riding dragons and unicorns for the throne of the kingdom of your palette. Who will be victorious?!

White Russian

NO THERE'S NO ALCOHOL IN THIS, unless you add your own, but even though there isn't, you have to admit that the worst tasting part of a White Russian... is the alcohol. We must say, whoever first made it sure knew what they were doing though! White Chocolate and Irish Cream combine to mimic the classic alcoholic beverage and replace the alcohol with something you can have a work (without getting fired), CAFFIENE!


A classic Italian espresso drink, prepared with a double shot of our espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. Similar to the latte, with a thicker layer of micro foam. Traditionally there isn't usually a flavor added, but we won't tell anyone.

Espresso Shooter

Espresso is Italian for "to express" or, to force out. Meaning we force out all the good stuff from the beans under high pressure and high temperatures. The result is a higher consistancy of suspended and dissolved particles giving a much thicker drink than standard coffee, with much, much more concentated flavors and punch, topped with a beautiful smooth crema.


All of our teas are made with a wonderful array of ingredients in a loose-leaf fashion. They all exhibit visually identifiable natural ingredients with a fresh aroma and flavor. Only bitter if you want it to be.

Italian Soda

Despite the name, they actually originated in San Francisco. The syrups however, were a creation of the Torani family in 1925 (The More You Know). A delightful and light refreshment for any occasion.


Pic your favorite flavor(s) or perhaps try something new? All drinks are also available with a milk or almond milk (milked from real live almonds!) base. A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. The term as used in English is a shortened form of the Italian caffè latte, which means "milk coffee". Choose from our large list of flavors



The itallian version of coffee, with the option to make it as strong as you could possibly want. Our espresso beans are a bold and rich, yet not bitter or sour, tri-blend of Central/South American and African beans, with a chocolate and berry undertone and a savory and enticing aroma giving a new level to your "American coffee".

Caramel Turtle

Chocolate and caramel in just the right balance that perfectly complement eachother, making a simple yet delicious chocolate flavored drink enhanced with the distinct syrupy aftertaste of caramel. You can't go wrong here.

About The Espresso Express

One day, after long years of hard work and lots of dreaming, a faded 1973 VW Bus was converted into a mobile coffee experience. The Espresso Express draws crowds everywhere it rolls with its groovy vibes and delicious caffeine fix. Their selection of beverages includes cappuccino, mocha, espresso, tea, and many other buzzworthy drinks. The service is attentive, short and sweet. So off you go, ready to tackle your day with one positive experience already under your belt. The Espresso Express is an excellent choice to cater any party or event. Weddings, corporate gatherings, anniversaries...every occasion calls for delicious premium sips. Just invite the coolest bus in town and they'll take the best care of your guests.

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