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The Fluff Ice Truck

Popup Catering, Food Truck
Los Angeles, CA
12+ Years in business

When they taste our food, they’re gonna expect something different. You can expect to enjoy a nice frozen dessert.

Nick of The Fluff Ice Truck



Halo Halo

Taro fluff with egg pudding and red bean

Mango Madness

Mango fluff with mango and mango jelly

Thai Sunset

Thai tea fluff with egg pudding and lychee jelly

Pretty in Pink

Strawberry fluff with strawberry and mochi

Chocolate Crunch

Chocolate fluff with Oreo cookie chunks

The Classic

Original fluff with mango and strawberry

Green Tea Fusion

Green tea fluff with red bean and mochi

Peach Me

Peach fluff with egg pudding and lychee jelly

Coconut Crave

Coconut fluff with strawberry and lychee jelly

Candy Factory

Strawberry fluff with sprinkles and gummy bears


Mango Fluff with Tajin and Chamoy topped with Mango fruit and Mango Jelly

Tropical Delight

Pineapple fluff with strawberry and lychee jelly

Build Your Own Fluff

Choose one of these classic fluffs and decorate it as you like it


Frosted Milk

Ice and milk blended together mixed with our house syrup, very popular milky drink that comes with egg pudding

Meet Nick
What is the story behind your business' name?

We wanted to think of the best way to describe our product. We thought “fluff ice” described the product perfectly because it’s very airy and fluffy.

About The Fluff Ice Truck

Once voted Zagat's LA Food Truck of the Week, this adorable truck roams across LA peddling their unique twist on shaved ice. What's the secret? They infuse their blocks of ice with flavor prior to shaving them, resulting in unmatched sweet taste. Anybody looking for a unique way to satisfy their sweet tooth needs to hit up The Fluff Ice Truck ASAP. As the name would suggest, fluff ice is fluffy. The phrase "melt in your mouth" is on-point when describing these saccharine masterpieces. These light treats do just that, similar to cotton candy in texture. In terms of taste, there's something for everyone here. Fluff comes in various fruit flavors like strawberry and pineapple. From there, you can pack on the toppings, ranging from mochi to lychee jelly to graham crackers. You can even sprinkle on some Chamoy for some savory with your sweet. Sound delicious? Keep your eyes peeled for The Fluff Truck at events and farmer's markets across Los Angeles, CA. Even better? Bring all that goodness to you by booking 'em for your next event. To learn about the creation of the truck, why it's always good to have friends in the food truck community, and what Fluff Ice means when they say "edible plastic," read Roaming Hunger's blog here.

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