54 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Will Love

One of the perks Roaming Hunger gets is seeing how other companies operate and how they take care of their employees. In fact, about 53% of our corporate clients use us to book a food truck for an employee appreciation event. So this got us thinking… what are the best ways for a company to show their employees that they care? Naturally, this led us to the ultimate answer: the annual corporate holiday party. 

We set out to research holiday party ideas from all over the country, and came up with what we think is a pretty darn good list. From venues, to games, to little things that can improve your corporate holiday party, we’ve compiled a list of 54 ideas that are sure to get your company in the celebrating spirit.

1. Have your party on a Friday

No one wants to go into work the day after a night of over indulging with colleagues. Have your corporate holiday party on a Friday or Saturday and save everyone the struggle of trying to make it in on time.

2. Raffles

“At my previous company’s holiday party, as everyone entered they received a raffle ticket. Then a few times during the evening, they announced the winners of items such as gift cards, Apple TVs, and tickets to sporting events.” – Maggie

3. Book a gourmet food truck

Booking a food truck is the easiest way to ensure that all your employees are well fed as the party rages on. Lobster rolls, sushi burritos, and empanadas are just a few of the endless gourmet food truck options. Did someone say late night snack? 

4. Hire a bartender

Drinking isn’t mandatory for your corporate holiday party to be a success, but those looking to imbibe will greatly appreciate a bartender or open bar service. 

5. Provide a ride service for employees

If your festivities really take it up a notch, some of your guests may need a ride home. Save your employees the burden of figuring it out and provide a free ride service. 

6. Slow Motion Video Booth

Similar to a photo booth but harder for drunk people to figure out, a slow-mo video booth, like the one The Little Giant used at their annual “partay”, can provide a pretty cool highlight reel of last night’s soiree.

7. Leave the kids at home

Any parent knows that a night out is a rare event, and a company holiday party is the perfect excuse. If your company has a lot of working parents, consider offering a babysitter stipend to show that you understand how special the night is. 

8. Make it a themed party

Whatever your feelings are regarding themed parties, put them aside for the night and break out that ugly sweater. Other theme ideas include a black tie affair, a luau, or to take an idea from our own CEO, Ross Resnick, “everyone dresses like Santa and you have a model come dressed as an office worker for everyone to take pictures with”.

9. Puppy party

Forgot the booze, music, and GIF booths because your function won’t need any of that if you have adorable, adoptable puppies. That’s right, puppy parties are a real thing and your company needs to use PuppyParty.com plan one now.

10. Karaoke

Turn your corporate holiday party into an episode of The Voice with a karaoke-centric night of overdone ballads and maybe even a rousing rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, if you’re lucky.

11. Secret Santa/White Elephant gift exchange 

A Secret Santa or White Elephant can make even the most unbearable parties a little better because… gifts. “You could even create an ugly sweater Secret Santa where you have to wear what you get” – Ross

12. Photo Booth/Photographer

Having a photo booth (bonus points if it’s branded like these done by Gold Frame Media) is essential to remembering what happened at your corporate holiday party. For those who maintained a professional demeanor, a photo booth or professional photographer means having a nice memory of a good time.

13. Take a cooking class

Forget the Secret Santa, find out if there’s a secret Emeril Lagasse in your midst and take a company-wide cooking class in lieu of a traditional holiday party. This is a great idea if your office is looking for a way to celebrate during the day, rather than a Friday night party.

14. Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Slots, poker tables, and roulette make for a fun night of gambling with coworkers. A casino night holiday party is perfect for a company that likes to unwind in a big way.
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15. Cool decor

Your holiday party may not have a giant ball pit like SpaceX’s did, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for sad, cardboard snowflakes. Cool decor is vital to good holiday party vibes so don’t skimp on this part.

16. Caroling

If your company is over the traditional “rent out a restaurant and drink into oblivion” style party then take an alternative route and go caroling. Nothing says team bonding and celebrating the holidays more than knocking on a stranger’s door and bursting into song with your coworkers.

17. Day-after movie watching party

Keep the good times rolling with an in-office movie day following the night of your holiday party. If Elf isn’t being played then something is seriously amiss.

18. Virtual reality station

If you’re a tech-loving company then a virtual reality station is the perfect party accompaniment, giving everyone the chance to escape the debauchery for a few blissful moments.

19. Technology-free party

A technology-free celebration means leaving your phones at the door for a night of good, clean, holiday party fun with little to no evidence of what went down. Everyone can disconnect and start actually getting to know each other.

20. Live music

Whether it’s a DJ, cheesy cover band, or even someone playing Spotify, music is the most essential thing to have at your corporate holiday party (besides a food truck, of course). Keep the hits playing and the rest is smooth sailing.

21. Catered breakfast

Breakfast burritos (or some Yeastie Boys bagels) are a requirement if your party falls on a weeknight. Pass the Cholula, please.

22. Ornament decorating party

“One of my all time favorites was an ornament (Target has good ones) decorating party. We usually had the ornaments be winter themed as to not exclude anyone, and everyone always enjoyed it.” – Danielle

23. Allow plus ones

Besides the pure entertainment factor of seeing what guests show up, allowing employees to bring a plus one to your corporate holiday party is a nice gesture to include everyone. Also, people are more inclined to attend if they can bring their spouse or significant other along.

24. Do charity together as a company

Get into the holiday spirit and do an office wide-charity event. From volunteering at a local soup kitchen to having everyone donate to a charity of their choice in lieu of gifts, this idea truly embraces the concept of giving back. If you need a suggestion, Givewell.org is a great tool that ranks charities in order of their effectiveness and clearly shows where your money is going and the impact it will have.

25. Impress your employees

However your company chooses to do this is up to you, but having a holiday party that stays with people for years to come is always a sure sign of success. Rachael recalls “The PIMCO holiday parties were always amazing. Free Uber to and from, three foot seafood towers, all guests shake hands with Bill Gross (CEO) or company celebrities that you never otherwise meet. I remember the seafood towers being a highlight for most”.

26. Customized treats

What’s better than an endless amount of tasty sweet treats ready to be eaten? Customizable sweet treats, naturally. Maggie recalls “the company had hired a mini donut catering service that makes fresh hot mini donuts and then offered custom toppings for everyone to choose from”. Yeah, we’ll take about 50 of those.

27. Don’t forget remote workers

Just because your company is spread out in different locations doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the holiday cheer. Offer remote workers a gift certificate for a nice dinner out, movie passes, or sporting tickets to make everyone feel included in the fun.

28. Make it a potluck

Having everyone in the office bring in their specialty dish is a delicious and easy way to have a corporate holiday party for at a low-cost. Create a sign-up sheet to ensure no one brings the same thing and see who the best chef in the office is.

29. Scavenger hunt

A city-wide scavenger hunt will be well received by a company looking for something off the beaten path that gets people up and moving. Offer gift cards to the winning team to really get an office rivalry going.

30. Sporting event outing

Hockey, basketball, and football are all in full swing during the months of November and December, so round up the troops and turn your corporate holiday party into a sports-fueled soiree. A fun perk idea? Provide everyone with a hat or shirt to cheer on your team.

31. Magician/fortune teller

Entertain your inner child with a fun magic show, or find out what profits will look like with a fortune teller. For some it may sound cheesy, but a good entertainer always seems to be a hit once the drinks start flowing.

32. Go Kart racing

Skip the usual drinking and dinner affair for an exhilarating corporate holiday party at the race track. Go Kart racing is a fun and exciting team building activity that is sure to get everyone in on a little competitive spirit.


33. Restaurant rent-out

Renting out an entire restaurant is the most straightforward solution for your company’s shindig location. Be sure to check out The Infatuation’s list of holiday party hotspots if you’re an LA based company.

34. Dinner cruise

Set sail for a night with your coworkers and dine under the stars with a dinner cruise as your corporate holiday party. Just make sure no one falls overboard.

35. Ice Skating

Bundle up, watch out for that toe pick, and show off your best figure 8 with an ice skating soiree. Have everyone get (spiked) eggnog afterwards for a toasty end to your winter themed holiday celebration.

36. Winery

Bond with your coworkers with ease as you ride the buzz of wine tastings, luxurious gift shops, and artisanal menus. Share happy, hazy memories of swilling Pinot Noir and questioning whether anyone’s palette is truly detecting all those supposed complex flavors. 

37. Brewery

Come see what dreams are made of! And by “dreams”, we mean beer. However, it will feel like a dream come true as you and your coworkers tour through the giant oak barrels and informative placards on the history of yeast, to eventually be served flights of crisp, refreshing brews. 

38. Movie night

Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Elf… the holidays make it so easy to curate the perfect movie marathon. Dim the lights, pass the popcorn, and get everyone comfy for the cherished tradition of watching classic movies and collectively quoting all the best lines. And hey, if there’s booze around, why not go ahead and make a whole new drinking game?

39. Arcade 

There’s no place like an arcade to release your inner kid and foster your competitive nature. Run free into the flashing lights and connect with your colleagues as you challenge each other to air hockey and PAC-MAN, or share futile attempts to claim that plush Batman with that impossible claw! Race jet skis, get your groove on to Dance Dance Revolution, play a mean pinball, all while creating new memories of classic fun. 

40. Bowling alley 

Bowling is not only an engaging retro sport, but also a modern nightlife staple. The animated scoreboard, the competition, the cocktails, the dance beats, and the glow in the dark decor, all make for corporate party paradise…and no one has to worry about which shoes to wear.

41. Escape room

“Recently, our entire company went to an Escape Room. It was a great way to encourage teamwork and resulted in a lot of laughter and some friendly competition to see who could break out of the room first.” – Ross Resnick (via HuffPost)

42. Spa retreat

Treat your team to a luxurious spa experience that includes massages, hot tubs and saunas, and you will forever be remembered as the most beloved company party planner…of all time. 

43. Visit a theme park

Roller coasters, ferris wheels, face painting, oh my! Everyone feels the tingling anticipation for major fun when en route to a theme park. Being with all your office buddies? Even better.  

44. Party bus

Why celebrate in one place? Climb aboard a big ole’ bus and treat your employees to a night on the town, literally. Take the tunes and good times to multiple locations to keep the holiday party fun rollin’

45. Rooftop bar

If it’s becoming more clear that there is no way a room with a ceiling can contain all the spectacular fun you are planning, take it all up to the roof! A beautiful view of the skyline always pairs well with cocktails and crooning holiday melodies, anyway.  

46. CEO’s house

It’s quite a meaningful gesture when the CEO invites their entire team to his/her home. Everything that’s involved in hosting a party, from decorating the house, to keeping everyone engaged in all the exciting activities, etc… shows that you’ve made a personal investment into the happiness of your employees. 

47. Rent a house or use Air BnB

You don’t have to worry about cramming your entire office (and plus ones) into your pad, that’s what AirBnB is for. Host your epic party in someone else’s house, while still giving everyone that homey holiday feel.



48. Gingerbread house contest

Spend quality time with your coworkers, sharing supplies to craft your beautiful gingerbread houses with candy cane door arches, gumdrop ornaments, and peppermint landscaping…and then determine which house has the best curb appeal. 

49. Cookie baking showdown 

Elevate the stakes at your party by transforming it into a sweet, sweet round of Holiday Cookie Wars. Prime your sprinkles, whisks, and frosting spatulas, and let the baking begin! Everyone on the team will feel like a true winner as they all munch on warm fresh-baked cookies. 

50. Pin the nose on the snowman

Uh oh, Frosty the Snowman simply isn’t complete without his carrot nose. Put on the blindfold, get spun around a bunch, and listen to the laughter as everyone witnesses you stumble your way to Frosty, to try to save the day.

51. Unwrapping game

There are a few variations on this classic holiday game; one way to play is to wrap a gift in countless layers of wrapping paper and pass it around the circle to be unwrapped one layer at a time and whoever tears off the last bit, wins the gift! Another way is to take turns attempting to open the gift with bulky oven mitts. No matter your methods, enjoyable times are guaranteed when presents are involved. 

52. Musical chairs

Okay, it may be a little corny, but musical chairs was a classic and still is. So gather up the chairs and get ready for a blast from your elementary school past.

53. Holiday bell toss

Put a holiday twist on the classic drinking game beer pong by using jingle bells in place of ping pong balls. This is best enjoyed while channeling your inner college self.

54. Dreidel 

Every culture can appreciate the joys of candy and gambling, and this is why a fun game of Dreidel is the ultimate holiday unifier! Spin that top, place your bets, and have a blast. 
From start-ups to big companies, every type of corporate culture can agree on the importance of a holiday celebration as a way to de-stress, unwind, and spend time with coworkers outside of the office. Your corporate holiday party only comes once a year and with these 54 ideas to choose from, there’s no excuse for this year’s affair to be a lump of coal. And if we missed a way to spread the holiday cheer, let us know in the comments.
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Happy Holidays from Roaming Hunger!

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