11 Tips to Have an Inexpensive Wedding Day

Cheap, low cost, and budget wedding are the last words you want being used to describe the most important day of your life (and probably the most expensive too). That doesn’t mean, however, that you need a blank check to put on the best event ever. If you’re planning your wedding day and wondering how to have an inexpensive wedding, look no further than the 11 tips below. 

1. Put hydrangea in your wedding bouquets and center pieces. They are inexpensive, a great filler and can make everything look fuller without breaking the budget. Little known fact: They can also be spray painted any color so get ready to channel your inner graffiti artist.

there are many food trucks that are cute for your wedding

2. Use food trucks for your special day. A traditional caterer can cost anywhere from $50-$100 a person, while food truck wedding catering is often around $21-40 per guest. From entrees, to sweet treats, and even late night snacks, food trucks allow for a curated cuisine that is customized to your needs to create the perfect menu.

3. Have a small cake for your ceremonial cutting of the cake”, but have a sheet cake in the back to serve your guests. Most people are either too busy dancing to have cake or don’t end up eating the parts of the cake you spent so much money on (i.e. fondant, edible flowers, pearls, etc.).

4. Get married when it’s not Wedding Season”. Venue prices as well as other vendors will have lower prices during this time. Official” Wedding season is from May-October, but you can still have an amazing wedding any time of the year.


5. Rent a beautiful home on AirBnB with a lot of indoor and outdoor space. It will be cheaper than a venue and may even turn into your honeymoon suite for the night.

6. Limit your bar to beer and wine only. With so many options in the world of craft beers and delicious boutique wines, most people won’t even miss the liquor.  It will also keep the partying at a happy, fun level.

7. If you’re still wanting your special day to be during “wedding season”, your best bet is to choose a Friday or a Saturday. Venues are often trying to fill these dates up, so you may be able to score that location of your dreams for a more manageable price. Looking to have a food truck roll up and serve some late night snacks, or an entree that even your most die hard foodie guests will love? Check out this list of 19 food truck friendly wedding venues here.

8. Purchase a previously owned wedding dress. The average cost of a wedding dress is around $1,100, but you can save big if you know where to look. Great sites like this one, https://www.preownedweddingdresses.com/, are an example of the growing popularity of used wedding dresses. If you can get past the idea of “used” (the dress was worn for all of what, 5 hours?) then you’ll have more money to ball out on your honeymoon.


9. If you have your heart set on a specific type of flower but it is too expensive, you can always go with fake flowers. The fake flower industry has upped it’s game and you can barely tell they difference between real and fake. Trust us.

10. Channel your inner Youtube beauty blogger and do your own makeup. While this might not be the time to try that 23 step contouring video you have bookmarked, yourself, with the help of your bridesmaids, can do a pretty killer job without expensive professionals. 

11. Make your own decor. If you or someone you know is crafty, you can easily make some of those special touches while still on a budget. For the couple always on the move, a DIY travel theme can be creative and fun. Use Save The Dates and invites that look like postcards, table numbers on maps, and a vintage suitcase as the card box. Take it back a few decades with a Roaring 20’s theme, made easy by doing art deco on art deco. Put it on the invites, cake, table numbers, and place cards. Make mini skyscrapers out of boxes for centerpieces and switch out your veil for a flapper style headband and you’re set.

All of these tips can help you save money on your wedding day without making it look or feel like you cut corners. If you’re looking to set up a DIY rustic wedding, we’ve got a great article for you. Click here to check it out.