100 Corporate Gift Ideas (The Gift Guide)

Looking for corporate gift ideas that will impress even the most hard to shop for clients? We have a list of 86 ideas, sorted by client type, and with wide range of prices that will fit any budget.

 Click the section below that best to applies to you and your client to see a list of carefully curated gifts.

For The Client Who Cares About The Environment

1. Customized S’well Bottles

S’well’s mission is to replace plastic bottles across the world with a sleek, sustainable alternative. Customize your bottles for corporate gifting by tailoring the finish to your client’s individual tastes, not to mention finishing it off with their company logo.

2. Automated Indoor Garden

Ranging in price from $69 (Houzz) to $320 (AeroGarden Elite), these tiny harvesters are a unique corporate gift that’ll give your client access to their favorite plants and herbs all year round, all from the comfort of their office’s break room.  It’s a fresh way to say thanks that’ll stay fresh all year round, rain or shine.

3. Electric Bike Wheel

Naturally, your client rides a bike to work as often as possible.  Make their commute a whole lot smoother by upgrading their transport.  An electric bike wheel enhances distance and speed, and’ll save them valuable time.  Time they can spend saving the planet.  So eventually, you both win.

4. Solar-Powered Phone Charger

A solar-powered phone charger’s the corporate gift that saves energy not just in general, but specifically for you.  They’re cheap, easy to find, and just like a regular charger, your client probably can’t have enough.

5. Camping Vacations

For corporate gifting that gets your client as far away from corporate as humanly possible, gift them a certificate for a private camping tour. Available through sites like Backroads and Trek America, camping excursions, both guided and solo, give them a chance to get back to nature. And back to their preferred state of sanity.

6. Sustainable Cooking Class

Available through organizations like the Sustainable Food Center in Austin and Haven’s Kitchen in NYC, there’s a new wave of cooking classes teaching you not only how to make dinner, but how to source it responsibly.  Gift it to your client and you’ll be feeding their mind as much as their stomach.  Not to mention doing your part to ensure it’s a gift your grandkids can also give.

Book a food truck to say thank you to one of your clients. Get started here.

For the client who never sleeps

7. Monthly Coffee Subscription

Services like Bean Box (giving you a tour of Seattle’s finest roasts) and Coffee Crate (giving you access to boutique NC blends) are a great corporate gift idea to perk up your workaholic client’s favorite perk.  And for those who wanna keep it even simpler, Mix Cups restricts their flavors of the month to rotating K-Cups.

8. Cold Brew Machine

Ranging in price from $16.99 (Primula Pace) to $1,555 (Javakeeper’s Nitro Dispenser), a cold-brew machine is a unique corporate gift idea that’ll take your client’s favorite beverage as seriously as they do.  With a third of the acid of regular, coffee, it’s a nice way to say you’re looking out for them, too. You know, aside from the double caffeine boost.

9. Candy

It might sound obvious, but never discount how far candy can go in lifting your clients’ spirits. Especially if they’ve already had more coffee than even they can take. Give them a sweet surge that’ll help them bust through one more 2 am budget proposal without keeping them up for the rest of the night.

10. Private Masseuse

Of course, sleepless nights can only go so long until they take their toll.  No matter how badass your can-do client comes off.  Iron out the knots by hooking them up with a private masseuse either through a local spa, or via gift cards for massage apps like Soothe or Zeel, which bring relief straight to their front door.

11. Stress Rollers

The only problem with booking them a private massage might be trusting them to actually schedule it.  The kind of client who forgoes sleep, after all, is likely the kind of client to forgo making appointments that would be good for their sleep.  A foam roller makes for a unique corporate gift that lets them multi-task soothe their muscles while they take a conference call with London.  Call it de-stressing while they stress.

12. Customized Bath Bombs

Keep the de-stressing going with bath bombs which can be loaded with your client’s favorite scents, and deployed to great use in their tub as they soak away their troubles.  It’s corporate gifting that’s still personal, and an invitation to relax they can still technically work through.  Despite your best efforts.

13. Sleep Mask

Finally, and mercifully, sleep for your client will inevitably come.  If they’re truly human.  It’ll probably just be in a plane, an uber or a desk.  Make it easier on them and gift a sleep mask even if they don’t wear it out of practice, they’ll at least wear it like a badge of honor.  After all, one of the few perks to being a workaholic is the humble pride in getting labelled a workaholic.

For the client who brings their dog to work

14. Pet Collars

For this client, a dog is more than an office perk it’s a coworker.  All in one muse, stress relief and moral support, it’s there to make things easier for them, and therefor a whole lot easier for you.  Reward the both of them with a customized dog collar.  You’ll be the on your client’s mind every time they take their best friend out for a walk.  Which, as associations go, is pretty tough to beat.

15. BarkBox

To go the extra mile, consider a subscription to BarkBox, which compiles a handy, practical collection of treats and toys for your pet month by a month.  It’s a unique corporate gift with heart, that’ll remind your client every 30 days that you’re pretty awesome.  Somehow your client’s dog will probably get the message too.

16. Puppy Gram

Launching in Boston but soon to expand, From Puppies With Love can provide dogs to the dogless temporarily, of course.  But it’s a short window of time that goes a long way for productivity.  And morale.  Corporate gifting doesn’t get much warmer or fuzzier than this.

17. Arcade Game Rentals / VR Experience

One of the most popular trends to sprout up nationwide has been arcade game rental services, providing the machines of your choice, delivered straight to your office for the day. Or the week. Or however long it takes for Jim in accounting and Sarah in HR to finally beat Time Crisis 5 and get back to work. The Oculus Rift is a more intense corporate gift idea, in all the best ways.  Easily stored on the desk in the back, it opens up worlds of travel for anyone in the office, helping your client and their coworkers escape the 9-5, even as they work from 9-5.

18. Mini Basketball Hoop

For a permanent game fixture you won’t have to plug in, a mini basketball hoop goes a long way towards making your client’s office a more fun, more communal place to work. And obviously play.

19. Air Hockey Table

Or if you prefer, snag an air hockey table for the client who’s got room to spare. And aggression to get it. It’s as loud a corporate gift idea as they come, and not just metaphorically. But for the right client, that means it’s just loud enough.

20. Smart Notebook

Made to be filled out and easily transferred from page to your smart phone, a smart notebook is the kind of thing ideally made for the client that lives half their life digitally.  What’s more, to erase the entire notebook, simply microwave it.  On average, you can clear it this way five different times.

21. Calendar

Might sound overly simple, but for this kind of an office, keeping a giant wall calendar is a way to bring things back to basics namely, making sure your client doesn’t miss their next call with you due to a very important VR session.  And while you’re at it, pencil in National Eat At A Food Truck Day chances are this is the kind of workplace that’ll appreciate that.

22. Keyboard Waffle Iron

For the client that values whimsy as much as practicality, the Keyboard Waffle Iron is a corporate gift idea that lets them eat their own corporation. Or at least feel like it. In a way, you’re providing them with free therapy, really. Not to mention really great waffles.

23. Wall Succulents

Every office deserves fresh succulents, but in an office flooded with dogs, maybe taking them off the floor is the smart move.  Wall succulents are unique corporate gift ideas as practical as they are fun to look at, and come in varieties ranging from simple arrangements to eye-boggling art.

24. Singing Gram 

Maybe not as heartwarming as a puppy gram, but just as effective at gathering your entire client’s office in an instant, a singing gram is for the off-kilter client who’s at their best when they’re environment’s as odd as them. And their pets.

25. Branded Sriracha Bottles

Chances are Sriracha’s a kitchen staple for this kind of client. We can’t say why exactly, but were we to try and correlate offices with dogs, offices with video games, and offices with Sriracha in their kitchen, chances are we’d be successful. Brand your client’s bottles with their corporate logo, and you’ll be adding a personal touch to an omnipresent gift.

For the client who’s like family

26. Personalized Cologne/Perfume

Online brands like Le Labo and and UNIQUE let you build a scent for scratch a collection of all your client’s favorite elements, and label it just for them.  Or simply build a scent profile that represents the core of their business.

27. DNA Test Kit

Kits like 23 And Me have become massively popular inspiring strange fun that quickly turns to something more profound.  But while it might be awkward to give to, say the new energy drink rep you’ve known for two months, it would be embraced by Michael, the finance advisor who was at your wedding.  And maybe even enjoyed himself a lot there.  Call this one a gift from family to family.

28. Etched Growler

Speaking of Michael, who again really, TRULY enjoyed his time at your wedding, grab a custom growler that’ll allow him to spread the same joy to the rest of the world.  Responsibly, of course.  And inscribed, of course.

29. A Book

Yeah, no really.  Just a book.  A simple book as a unique corporate gift idea.  It’s funny how often we kinda skirt past it, but if there’s a client you’ve gotten to know really well, give them the kind of gift that says I know you well enough to assume you’ll actually read this”.  Now whether that book’s The Alchemist or Jurassic Park, it’s not for us to judge.  It’s you that makes it special.

30. Minor League Game

Whatever your client’s favorite sport, snag tickets for the minor league version and go with the whole office. Because here’s the secret: that’s where you can still have fun as a group. No insane parking wars, no cattle-herding walking” in. Not to mention you’ll save a bunch of money on tickets (and spend it on scoring your client the first pitch instead, you know, if they’re really family).

31. Message From A Celebrity

While you’re hooking up your closest clients with cool stuff, double check your business relationships.  If you’ve got a client who never misses an episode of their favorite sitcom, find out how many degrees you’re removed from the star’s reps, and get a personalized message.  Or maybe just get it from the sitcom’s dog (subtitled, naturally).  In fact, maybe that’s a better idea to begin with.

32. Custom Bobble Head

Specifically of your client’s boss, the one who really doesn’t like bobble heads.  To be clear, this is a corporate gift for the rest of the office, really. Because they’ll be the ones demanding it’s the first thing in sight when their boss walks into the office every day.

33. Custom Dye Cast Cars

Chances are, if your client’s boss is the type to lovingly tolerate a bobble-head of themselves in the waiting area, they’re the type to lovingly just…well, love customized dye-cast cars and trucks in the waiting area.  Splash the company logo along the side of miniature cars and trucks (painted in company colors, we assume, if you went through the trouble of putting the logo on there).  Commanding a fleet of trucks will do wonders for the company’s morale.  Even if they’re just 5 inches high.

34. Customized Monopoly

For the client who’s not just family, but whose office feels like yours, customize your own Monopoly board with distinct landmarks they’ll be able to recognize entirely too well.  Just like you, apparently.

35. Customized Holiday Ornaments

Obviously this one is a short lived corporate gift idea, but for the better part of a month, fashion your client’s logo in big glittery fashion, ready to be hung high. And associated with you every time it’s seen, naturally. Not to discount the holiday spirit, all by itself.

36. DigiWrap Custom Wrapping Paper

No matter what you buy for your client, it’s the finishing touches that’ll put it over the top. DigiWrap’s customized wrapping paper is a unique corporate gift made to encase whatever other gifts you’ve thought of. Giftception, if you well. Or maybe just really cool wrapping paper. Either way putting their logo on the paper itself is a touch that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Just like Michael’s great time at your wedding. 

For the client who is always on-top of the latest trends

37. Wooden Headphones

When it comes to headphones, the market is constantly evolving, offering up the snazzier version of what just came out every month.  Sidestep the trends and grab headphones with a more distinct touch.  From Jamboo to Thinksound to LSTN, headphones made from reclaimed wood aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re also timeless in a way next season’s Beats can’t lay claim to.

38. Himalayan Salt Lamp 

In case you haven’t heard, a Himalayan salt lamp is a corporate gift that boosts serotonin, calms nerves and boosts blood flow, through a natural release of negative salt ions.  And considering how cheap they are, it’s one trend that’s taken off like wildfire.  But considering the low risk/high reward of its alleged benefits, it’s one gift that’ll be appreciated regardless.

39. Customized PopSockets

Take your client’s phone out of their hands and onto a collapsable grip, which you can even customize to their liking either a company logo, or simply something you know they like.  They’ll think of you every time they use their phone.  Which, chances are, is far too often.

40. Diffuser

An affordable idea that spreads scent therapy wherever it’s needed, a diffuser is a corporate gift that keeps on giving, and helps your client keep on breathing.  Especially on days when their closest desk neighbor brings in tuna salad.

41. A food truck

Forget traditional catering; order a food truck for your client’s entire office to make lunch special. Contact Roaming Hunger HERE and you’ll be set up with a food truck in your area that serves the cuisine of your choice.  You can either do all the work for your client, or you can give them the option to tailor it all themselves.  Whatever you choose, it’s a unique corporate gift idea that’ll make lunch unique too.  Not to mention delicious.

Looking to make the most of an employee or client meeting? Food trucks are also a great solution for business lunch catering.

(Wanna see how much a food truck might cost you?  Check out our helpful guide right HERE)

42. 3D Printer

3D printers aren’t just the wave of the future, they’re the wave of right now.  Generally ranging in price from $250 to $1500, they ca condense a whole lot of work, save a whole lot of time, and look really frickin’ awesome while they’re doing it.  It’s a corporate gift that’ll help everything in your client’s corporation running smoothly.  Including their relationship with you.

43. 3D Pens

3D pens are the natural extension of 3D printers, so if your client’s already got the latter (or you simply don’t feel like spending a boatload of cash), it’s an accessory that’ll go a long way towards their productivity.  And also, again, it just looks really frickin’ awesome.

44. Drone

Another less office-based but equally omnipresent force lately is drones, which might not be able to print a miniature model of your client’s new car, but can definitely get a killer vid of their office retreat.  Along with whatever else your client wants to use it for. Help make them feel like a kid with a snazzy new toy, practicality be damned. Practical’s an outdated trend with this crowd anyway.

45. Robot

Eschewing practicality all together, an office robot is a unique corporate gift that’ll steal attention from the next set of deadlines, but can also bring joy to the workplace and inspire ideas they never would have thought of. So in a way, maybe an office robot’s the most practical corporate gift you can buy your client. Eventually. Once they’re done just being distracted.

46. Gourmet Dinner

For the client that’s not only a trend-seeker but an open-minded trend-seeker (not to mention one that lives in the right state), gourmet cannabis dinners have been sweeping the national spotlight, and adding a brand new layer to coursed dinner escapes.  Heck, join your client and the two of you can bond in a whole new way.  Just make sure you’re in a good place, emotionally and all.

For the client that wears a suit and tie

47. Omaha Steaks

Bring the next big business dinner home by delivering Omaha Steaks straight to your client’s front door.  Or the front door of their office, whatever feels more like home to them.  Omaha Steaks’ legendary reputation for top-quality chops, wine and seafood is unparalleled online.  As far as corporate gifting goes, they’re as professional as it gets.  Just like you know who.

48. Driving Experience at Porsche

For therapy that’s a little more high-octane, and somehow even fancier, hook them up with a pass to the Porsche Experience.  With locations in Atlanta, LA, Birmingham and roaming, there’s a course and a car with their name on it.  It’s the kind of corporate gift that’ll get even the most corporate client out of the office and actually loving it, for once.

49. Manicure & Pedicure

The final touch to any slick ensemble is a set of clean nails.  Whether you can see them or not.  It’s the feeling that inspires confidence.  Help your client’s feelings out (so their feelings can help their confidence out) with a card for the mani/pedi of their dreams.  It’s a unique corporate gift idea that won’t just force them to be their best selves, but”ll force them to sit down and enjoy it too.

50. Custom Shoes

The final touch to any slick ensemble is a set of clean nails.  Whether you can see them or not.  It’s the feeling that inspires confidence.  Help your client’s feelings out (so their feelings can help their confidence out) with a card for the mani/pedi of their dreams.  It’s a unique corporate gift idea that won’t just force them to be their best selves, but”ll force them to sit down and enjoy it too.

51. Customized Cheese

Do we even need to state the benefits of sending the finest cheese plate you can find, with your client’s company logo chiseled on top, along with everything else?  It’s the kind of OCD attention to detail they’ll more than appreciate they’ll take it to heart.  Alongside their stomach.

52. Coasters

Finally, customized, logo-adorned coasters will ensure your client’s office stays sparkling and stain free.  No matter how many waters their assistant offers guests.  Which is a lot, in case you forgot (they’re very professional, don’t know if we mentioned that yet).

53. Custom Cutlery

 What better way for your client to dine on their dry-aged ribeye than with cutlery, customized with their company logo on it.  Just to keep everything on brand here.

54. Premium Mousepads

The amount of people in business (including the uber-professional) who settle for whatever mousepad they were given on day one is kind of startling.  Kick your client’s up a notch by giving one as a corporate gift.  It’s the kind of thing that’ll give them pause after all, they’ve definitely got a mousepad but it’s the little things that’ll quickly add up.  Whether it’s monogrammed, made of leather, or attached to a gel-based, anti-carpal tunnel pad, they’ll quickly feel how much easier the right details can make their work life. Which in their case is the same as their life, period.

55. Custom Office Supplies

Of course, when it comes to customization, why stop at what they wear?  Help your client’s personality (at least as much of it as you’re currently acquainted with) extend to everything they touch by gifting them office supplies, customized however you think is best. Just keep it classy.

56. Enamel Pin Sets

Create a unique enamel pin for a unique corporate gift idea, whether it be your client’s company, initials or favorite animal(if you’ve ever gotten that far in conversation).  You’ll be giving them an accent to their ensemble that’s personal but still quite slick.  Assuming you’ve got great design skills, at least.

For the client who works alone

57. Giftcard to Task Rabbit

Hook your overbooked client up with a gift card that’ll ease the load.  Task Rabbit’s there to run chores, fix equipment, or simply grab groceries for them, and it’s a corporate gift idea that’ll have them feeling like a full blown corporation.

58. Lyft Credits

For times when your client has to take errands into their own hands, but can’t be weighed down by parking, hook them up with Lyft credits.  It’s the kind of corporate gift that’s more practical than flashy, but when you work alone, practicality beats flashy any day.

59. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Hook your client up with an Amazon Fire TV Stick to bring a world of entertainment (and functionality) to their TV, streamlining everything.  It’ll help them combine business and pleasure in a whole new way, and save them a whole lot of time in the process.

60. Blow Dry Bar

Finally, when all the planets align and your client finds the free time to….you know, actually leave their home office, give them a corporate gift that ditches the corporate” altogether.  A pass to a blow dry bar will get them perfectly styled for a night on the town, looking their best so they can take advantage of their well-won freedom.  There’s no telling when they’ll be so lucky again.

61. Home Draft System

From kegerators to conversion kits to drip trays, hook your beer-loving client up with a way to get their favorite drafts on demand, without ever leaving the home office.  It’s a unique corporate gift that’ll kick up any meetings they’ve got scheduled til they resemble private happy hours.  And if you’re smart, you’ll make sure you’re invited to one.

62. Alexa

For an electronic upgrade that does a whole lot more, give your client Alexa for a corporate gift.  They’ll be gaining a virtual assistant who can speed up most any task.  And also play really great music.

63. Anti-Gravity iPhone Case

An anti-gravity smart phone case will help your client stay on top of their business in any setting. Brands like Mega and GOATcase make nano-suction-equipped phone cases that stick to vertical surfaces, giving you ideal ways to multitask, or simply just nail that perfect FaceTime angle.

64. Massage Seat Cover

To give your client the benefits of self-care without taking them away from work, give them a massage seat cover that’ll bring tension relief straight home to them.  From heating to chilling to rolling, there’s a feature to fix just about any ailment, all while they knock out their mornings emails.

65. Customized Slide-On Sandals

Just because your client works from home in comfort doesn’t mean they shouldn’t work from home in style.  Customize a pair of premium slip-on sandals that’ll help them move around their place smoothly, while looking relatively smooth in the process.  Even if their audience is themselves.

66. Personal Chef

To provide food with those drinks, send a personal chef over to your client.  Or for a less extravagant way to deliver the exact same thrills, hook them up with drop-off catering from Roaming Hunger, feeding any brainstorm session they’re hosting like it’s a five star banquet.  Click HERE to get started.

For the client who’s always traveling

67. ShirtTrekker

Magnetuck’s Shirtrekker keeps your spare shirt in fit, wrinkle-free shape wherever you tuck it, whether that be your office drawer or the suitcase you really should have retired two years ago.  It’s a corporate gift idea that’ll keep your client looking corporate-fresh, despite their best packing efforts.

68. Solgaard Lifepack Anti-Theft Backpack

Solgaard’s Lifepack isn’t just another backpack.  With a retractable lock, water resistance, and pockets inside of pockets behind pockets, it’s equipped to handle just about any adventure you can.  What’s more, its patented Solarbank charges your phone as you go, with nothing but the power of the sun.  It’s a unique corporate gift idea disguised as a standard one, and it’ll be the new standard for whoever you gift it to.

69. Portable Charger

Of course, if you just want a corporate gift that sticks to the important things, grab a portable charger.  From cases to add-ons, there are countless ways for your client to stay charged on the go, and having more is always better than having less.

70. Membership to Airline Lounge

If you’re clients racking up weekly airport hours, give them an oasis to run to and buy them a year membership to the airline lounge of their choice. It’s a corporate gift idea that’ll have them thinking of you as they lounge for hours during their layover, instead of sitting against a wall hugging the only free outlet.

71. Trtl Travel Pillow

If you want to just nail the essentials, choose the Trtl neck pillow for your corporate gift.  It’s a twist on the traditional travel pillow that’s literally quite twisted, lending your neck perfect ergonomic support in any environment.  Appearance-wise it resembles a small blanket more than a pillow, and can be folded up neatly and stored flat.

72. Tech Gloves

Just because travel takes your client to very cold places doesn’t mean their texts should suffer.  Tech gloves are a unique corporate gift idea that’ll keep their touchscreen as warm as their fingers, with technology that eliminates the need for bare hands.  This comes in handy while trying to order an Uber in Minnesota.  In February.

73. Earphone Beanies

Similarly, earphone beanies are a great corporate gift that’ll keep the music flowing without an inch of ear showing.  Paired with tech gloves, and your client’s practically invincible.

74. Baubax Travel Jacket

The BauBax travel jacket has pockets for just about anything you need to snag on the go from drinks to tablets, and helps insulate you in colder temps.  Slide-down gloves protect your hands from the elements, while an inflatable neck pillow gives you full comfort anywhere you need it whether that be on a plane, or simply in a slow-moving uber.

75. AirTame

AirTame helps your client put the world of their smart phone (or laptop) on any TV they visit.  No messy cords to untangle, no rear access panels to uncover.  It’s a way of unifying every presentation they attend, and it’s small enough to fit in a pocket.

For the health conscious client

76. BetterBack Posture Improver

Featured on Shark Tank, BetterBack is a next-level back brace that improves your posture after just 15 minutes a day.  It’s a unique corporate gift that’ll have your client feeling a whole lot more corporate in meetings; projecting confidence that seemingly came from the ether (but specifically came from you).

77. FitBit

For a gift your health-obsessed client has definitely heard of, but might not own, grab a FitBit.  It’ll turn walking into a daily game.  And given the way this client rolls, it’s a game they’re likely to win.

78. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

To accompany the snacks, why not fix your client’s entire water supply while you’re at it.  With a simple filter, either for the office, or just attached to a modified water bottle, you can kick up the hydration, oxidation, and overall cleansing power of the water your client drinks daily.  It’s one corporate gift the whole company will be happy to absorb.  

79. Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair is a more direct way to work on your posture along with your entire core.  Get your client into shape while they get their work into shape.  It’s the rare multitasking that’s actually good for you.  Which makes it the perfect corporate gift for your health guru in training.

80. Cryotherapy

To work out muscle tension, along with stoking improved energy and concentration, book your client a trip to cryotherapy.  It’ll take a fraction of the time as a float tank, and your client will be thankful for every saved second.  Mostly because every second they spend in there will be painfully ice cold.  But for the client who values health first, pain is just a necessary sensation.

81. Personalized Yoga Mat

Of course, chances are your client’s gonna go to yoga anyway.  Just because it’s easier for them than not going to yoga.  Make their next class a whole lot classier with a yoga mat they’re gonna wanna clutch onto with every finger pad.  Customize the material, the design and even the length until it’s perfect for them.  And perfect for whatever moves they’re looking to bust out.

82. Vitamin Shops

To grab your client the same energy (with only a small fraction of the pain), hook them up with a B-12 or B-complex shot that’ll keep them humming for at least a solid week.  Time it up for a week when you guys are working together, and you’ll be helping your own productivity too.  It’s the gift that gives back.

83. Air Ionizer

Balance the air out, along with the water by gifting your client an air ionizer.  Its negative ions will clean out the space they breathe, and keep harmful pollutants out of their lungs when they inhale. While, naturally, keeping you in mind when they exhale.

84. PhoneSoap

If you want go more low-key, start by cleaning off the one thing your client probably touches more than anything else.  PhoneSoap is a device that sanitizes your phone as you charge it, using UV light to clean off whatever your client’s fingers tracked onto it.  It’s just the kind of corporate gift idea they never knew they needed, which in the health world, is something akin to gifting them a unicorn.  

85. Graze Subscription

Stock your client’s office up with endless healthy snacks, perfectly portioned and able to satisfy mid-afternoon cravings without packing on pounds from Graze.  It’s a corporate gift that’ll help the whole corporation run smoother.  And significantly leaner.  

For the client who likes to have a good time

86. Winestyr

Winestyr is a service that blasts out rare and small batch wines out as monthly packages, ensuring your client’s next dinner will be accompanied with stuff that can’t be found at Trader Joe’s.  Even better, Winestyr has a dedicated corporate gift team ready to walk you through the whole process, and get specific.

87. Bounce House

For a lower-impact corporate gift idea that’ll have broader applications, but just as much glee, book a bounce house for your client.  For as much time as they want, their whole office will turn back into preschoolers.  In the fun way, for once.

88. Silent Disco

For a corporate gift that brings the festival itself into the office (or, more than likely, somewhere adjacent), throw your client’s company a silent disco, either as a bizarrely giddy lunch time escape, or a Happy Hour for the ages (that’ll probably last a lot longer than an hour).  Online services like Silent Events supply the office with wifi headphones and in some cases, a DJ, letting everyone get as loud as they want without disturbing the marketing firm below.

89. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Get a decidedly different perspective on the great outdoors by hooking your client up with a sunrise hot air balloon ride.  It’s a unique corporate gift idea that’ll start their day on a high that’s literally can’t be topped.

90. Escape Room

For a corporate gift that emphasizes bonding over backstabbing, sign your client’s office up for an escape room.  It’ll force the whole team to work together and solve something fun for once, which should hopefully speed things up come Monday morning, when the solving’s a whole lot less fun.

91. Go Kart Racing

Another high-octane thrill that’s just as cathartic, but a whole lot less scary is Go Karts, which not only helps your client work out their aggression, but lets them work it out on their coworkers.  It’s one thing to hit the throttle and get over the week’s stress, but it’s a whole nother thing to beat the boss that caused it all to the finish line.

92. Photo Booth  

Of course, on the flip side of helping your client lose themselves in the music, simply memorializing their good time goes a long way towards helping them find themselves.  Bring a photo booth into their office for the next big party, taking whatever theme they’ve got planned to the next level.  Mobile photo booth services have popped up all around the country, allowing you to book a unique backdrop and set-up that won’t just capture moments, but might just inspire a few of its own.

93. Shooting Range

If your fun-loving client is a little more on the rustic end of the outdoorsy spectrum (or at least likes playing it for a day) hook them up with an hour on a shooting range.  For the right company, it’s a little bit of therapy that goes a whole lot further than facials and pedicures.

94. Glamping Weekend

For a more immersive corporate gift idea, hook your fun-loving client up with a glamping weekend that gives them the best of all worlds getting out into nature by day, and getting hooked up with luxury by night.  Whether that means sleeping on tempurpedics inside climate-controlled pods, or just sleeping next to a giant bucket of Veuve Clicquot is up to you.

95. Wine Paint Night

Or for a corporate gift idea that’s perfectly in-between, wine and paint nights are a great way to get the whole team not just drinking together, but talking to each other with a constant ice breaker in front of all of you.  No more awkward office party vibes.  Well, I guess we can’t guarantee that, but you’re gonna have to try a whole lot harder to make it awkward, all right?

96. Wine Tour

Of course, if you want to be a bit more direct with your offering, schedule a local wine tour.  Or when in SoCal, visit Malibu Wine Safaris, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  

97. Snack Nation Subscription

SnackNation delivers delicious, healthy snacks to offices all around the country, and makes a perfect corporate gift for anyone looking to fuel your client up the right way Monday through Friday.  So they can do….well, whatever Saturday and Sunday.

98. Skydiving 

For the most ardent adrenaline junkie you know, gifting a skydive coupon is the kind of move that won’t just earn you love, but’ll earn you respect, too.  You know, as long as you tag along.

99. VIP Musical Festival Tickets

One of those Sat/Sun whatever”s you can help arrange is one your client will either go suitably nuts for, or anyone special enough in their life to pass them onto go suitably nuts.  It’s a corporate gift idea that translates into a whole lot of joy for someone, is what we’re saying.  And if you’re the source, then all the better.

100. Season Pass to an Outdoor Movie Series

From cemeteries to rooftops, outdoor movie screenings are some of the biggest summer draws in cities across the country.  Give your client a constant Saturday night out by hooking them up with passes all summer long to the screening series of their choice.  There’s even VIP options that’ll provide reserved seats, blankets, and naturally, a whole lotta wine, to ensure this is a night out they’ll just keep saying yes to.  With you to thank, naturally.