How Much Does Catering a Party Cost? (Updated for 2020)

Catering costs for a party can be as low as $10 per person or as high as $180. If you want to determine costs, consider factors like the type of event you’re having, what type of cuisine you want, and the number of guests.

How do you calculate catering cost? Here is how much catering a party costs when broken down by event type.

How much does catering a wedding cost?

Wedding catering will often cost more than other types of parties. The average costs are $70 per person for food and $85 per person for food and drinks, for sit down service. If your wedding is 100 guests, then it will cost you $7,000 in total, and $1,500 more with drinks. You can save up to $5,000 with different service styles.

It will cost $20-$35 per person if you have food trucks cater your wedding. If you have a cocktail style reception the average costs are $24-$60 per person. And buffet, stations, and family style will usually come out to $25-$65 per person.

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How much does catering a corporate party cost?

Just like wedding catering, corporate party catering costs will vary depending on what you’re looking for. Pricing will be similar to weddings if you’re trying to have a formal event. If you’re trying to keep the party light and fun, you’ll probably be able to be more flexible and save money with different types of catering. If your budget is between $25-$50 per person, you’ll be able to find a great caterer.

If you want to have a fresh food experience prepared by a chef onsite, pricing will vary based on your needs. Getting a food truck or a pop up to show up will cost between $20-$40 per person. If you have 50 employees or guests to feed, that will come out to $1,000-$2,000. If you have fewer than 50 eaters, minimums may have to be met. An average minimum is usually $1,000.

How much does catering a birthday party cost?

Private parties (like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc.) are usually the most price sensitive. Minimums of $1,000 can be an issue if you have less than 50 guests. If you have 50 guests or more, expect to pay between $20-$40 per person for regular catering. You can save on costs with food truck or pop up options, which will run between $10-$25 per person (depending on the type of food). Click here to get started with birthday party catering.

What type of food do you want for your party catering?

Traditional catering costs could vary greatly depending on what type of food you order. Pasta will be less expensive than lobster. The more specialized you get, the more expensive. For weddings catering can get up to $180 per person and beyond.

Food trucks and pop ups will also vary. A taco truck can range between $8-$20 per person, depending on the catering package you choose. Burgers and BBQ might start around $10-$12 per person. And lobster rolls will get you to $20 and above. Drinks will usually add $1-$3 dollars per person.

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