Roaming Hunger

The 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee

We guarantee every catering, every time. Because food just tastes better when you have peace of mind.

Get yourself a huge helping of peace of mind.

With all the planning you have to do, catering should be checked off the list as soon as you talk to us. While it’s rare for a caterer to not be able to service an event, after almost a decade of experience we understand it can happen. The 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee will reimburse you beyond just getting your money back. You’ll get 100% of what you paid for the catering.

Every Catering. Every time.

Your event is extremely important. Our job is to make sure the experience is awesome, no matter how many guests you’re expecting. Every catering is backed by our 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee at no additional cost to you, so you can enjoy your meal.

Unrivaled Protection

Our work is done only when you feel full. That’s why we’re giving you an unprecedented level of protection. Unexpected surprises shouldn’t be your problem, they’re ours.

How You’re Protected

The Roaming Hunger Guarantee provides protection in case of incidents of non-service by one of our catering partners. Refunds and reimbursements are subject to certain conditions and limitations. For full details, please read the 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee FAQ page.

The 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee: If on the day of your catering the scheduled caterer fails to appear at your event without 24 hours’ prior notice to you or your Roaming Hunger Agent, and we cannot find a suitable replacement, you will be entitled to a full refund.

What’s Not Protected

The Roaming Hunger Guarantee does not apply in certain cases, such as:

- The host (you) fails to secure proper permissions or permits for the food truck to operate at the catering location.

- The event is cancelled or delayed due to unforeseen reasons such as weather or other incidents outside of the caterer’s control.

- You fail to provide a proper space for the food truck to operate safely and securely.

Other incidents that occur during your event, such as failure by your caterer to provide an item that was paid for, are outside the limits of the 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee but covered under the Catering Services Agreement.

Need Even More Peace of Mind?

Roaming Hunger makes sure that you are always protected against property damage, to the tune of $1,000,000. If the catering service you booked through Roaming Hunger ever results in damage to the building or property where the catering took place, contact us immediately. For more information on how you are protected, please read our terms and conditions.

If you ever have any issues or questions, before, during, or after your event, please contact your Account Manager directly or call us at 1-800-568-9370.