How to Bring Food Trucks to Your School Campus (College or University)

Want to bring a delicious local food truck to your school or university campus? It’s super easy!

Click below on the type of service you need and we’ll describe how Roaming Hunger works and how to get the process started:

No matter what type of service you need, Roaming Hunger has worked with hundreds of schools and universities all over the country. With 12 years of experience bringing food vendors to events, we’re your one stop shop for all things food trucks.

Need food trucks for a school event?

If you’re setting up a school event, whether it’s a college or university, high school, or middle and elementary school, Roaming Hunger can help you source a food truck (usually for free).

The first question is do you want a food truck to come sell food at the event or are you looking for catering (pre-paid)?

If you’re looking for a food truck to come sell to your event, simply click the link below to get started. Fill out your event information and make sure to select “Attendees” pay when prompted.

Get Food Trucks for School Events

bring food trucks to campus and have food trucks sell food to event attendees

From there, interested food trucks will apply to your event. You’ll be able to connect with the ones you think are best and solidify all the details you need directly with them. This service is usually free to use, unless you want Roaming Hunger to manage the entire process for you.

If you’re looking for catering, continue below…

Need catering to feed staff or students?

If you’re looking for catering, the process is super easy. Simply go to our Campus Food Truck page and fill out your event information.

Get Food Truck Catering

You’ll be able to get a free proposal with catering bids from interested food trucks in your area. Pick the best option that fits your needs and cuisine preferences, and if you have any questions we’re happy to help.

Want to set up an entire food service program with local food vendors?

If you need to feed students, school faculty and staff daily or weekly, a flexible food truck program is the way to go. Unlike other on-campus dining options, food trucks can be as flexible as you need.

Roaming Hunger has worked with hundreds of colleges and universities over the last 12 years and can manage the entire program from start to finish.

To learn more about how we can help, simply go to our Campus Food Truck page and fill out the Get Started form. Make sure you select the “Recurring” service option when prompted.

Start a School Food Truck Program

We hope your school event goes great and that you find the food options you’re looking for.