13 Authentic Taco Trucks in Orange County

Are you craving tacos that will guarantee a profound gastronomic experience?

There are two main reasons Orange County taco trucks are some of the best in the country. 

The first is the rich Hispanic cultural heritage of California. The second is the proximity to the coast.  

You can find a huge selection of fresh seafood taco fillings and fish taco recipes listed on the side of taco trailers in this area. But taco trucks in Orange County don’t fall short with classic meats, either. 

A huge variety of tacos and Mexican cuisine, including both passed down recipes and new concoctions, can be found in food trucks driving around Orange County, CA. Below is the must-try list right here.

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1. Mexitup Truck

A rustic gray and blue taco truck with a large painted sign, MEXItUp.

Mexitup Truck is mixing it up in Orange County. Health conscious and vegan options set it apart from other taco trucks. Meatless burritos and potato tacos let vegan or vegetarian customers enjoy the taco truck experience. 

You can also skip out on the extra calories and carbs by opting for a spinach wrap instead of a tortilla. 

If you’re partial to a big helping of meat, cheese, and bread, Mexitup Truck can do that too—and do it well with high quality ingredients. They add a Southern-cooking twist to Mexican cuisine with Boogss barbeque. Try out the Boogss Epic Pulled Pork Burrito to experience the epitome of truck food.

For updates on Mexitup Truck’s deals and promotions, check out their Facebook page.

Best for: Large events and small events

2. Tres Compas Mexican Grill

A vibrant taco truck in cherry wood planks design parked against a row of window balconies.

Get tacos with surf or turf at Tres Compas Mexican Grill. Along with traditional carnitas and al pastor, customers can choose from salmon, Alaskan pollock, and mahi-mahi. 

Customers rave about the flavor and quality of both the sea- and land-dwelling meats. You can also choose from an assortment of proteins with the mulita plate, Tres Compas’s signature quesadilla reimagined.

You can’t have too much of a good thing, so Tres Compas’s entrees are piled high with so much food, your need for Mexican can’t help but be satisfied. The best place to find this taco craving cure is roaming around Santa Ana. It serves a large area around the city all the way down to San Clemente and up the coast. 

Follow Tres Compas @trescompasfoodtruck for schedule updates and taco-related content.

Best for: Corporate catering

3. El Governador

An industrial black taco truck with white swirls and painted sign that says El Governador on its pull-up windows.

Sometimes, you just want a great taco—no gimmicks or new recipes, just classic taco perfection. 

Those are the times when you go to El Govenador. Their menu is simple: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and loaded Cheeto fries. But each one of those dishes is perfected and made with the highest quality ingredients. 

El Governador can usually be found at local food festivals and events. The truck also roams Santa Ana and the surrounding area and offers pop-up catering with its full menu.

For a look into the food truck lifestyle and behind-the-scenes workings of Orange County events, follow @el_governador on Twitter.

Best for: Traditional Mexican cuisine

4. El Más Chingon Food Truck

A mustard yellow taco truck with a design portraying the images of legendary "chingon".

Quality, large-scale catering is what El Más Chingon does best. Whether it’s a large event or corporate catering, they serve original, delicious Mexican dishes to appease both appetites and taste buds. They also offer drop off and full service catering.

Carlos Leyva, El Más Chingon’s main chef, is trained in fine dining and brings that expertise to the food truck experience. For customers, this means you’ll see the difference in the beautiful presentation, and taste the difference in the high-quality recipes.

Follow El Más Chingon Food Truck on IG to get updates on their location and to get a sneak peek at some of their aesthetic entree displays.

Best for: Large events, conventions, and corporate events

5. Borracho Tacos

The chef prepares tacos on the grill outdoors.

Borracho Tacos is working on building a taco stand empire. They specialize in on-set taco tent catering. Most of their specials can handle anywhere between 30 to 200 people, but they can serve over 1,000 if necessary. 

Each customer is provided with the standard taco ground work: tortillas, rice, beans, salsa, onions, cilantro, and limes. Then, they pick from an assortment of meats or vegetarian options. 

The meatless tacos options include chile poblano and potato, portobello mushrooms with zucchini, mushroom fajitas with bell peppers and onions, squash, and corn.

See them in action by visiting their Instagram.

Best for: Backyard events and private parties

6. The Classic Taco 

Parked amidst the bushes is a taco truck in solid black and yellow with a service table.

Do you want a great taco or do you want a great taco? Because there’s only one item on The Classic Taco’s menu: great tacos. Their goal is to serve the best, most authentic tacos. They use family recipes to create a huge catalog of salsa options and make their tortillas by hand.

The Classic Taco also does pop-up catering. They also travel throughout SoCal, and you can book their services all the way to Moreno valley, San Bernardino and Palm Springs.

To keep up with The Classic Taco, follow @classictacos on Twitter, where they post consistent updates of their location and operating hours.

Best for: Wedding catering and corporate events

7. Tacos Manuel

Parked Tacos Manuel in dark green color with a serving table, on a city street.

Tacos Manuel is a taco trailer that operates in the Santa Ana area. Renowned for its traditional Mexican fare, it has everything from carne asada tacos and burritos to huaraches and quesadillas.

What sets Tacos Manuel apart from other taco trucks is its prices. Tacos start at just $1, and you can find full quesadillas stuffed with your choice of meat and cheese for only $5. It’s the perfect choice for authentic, flavorful tacos on a budget

Tacos Manuel also started as a catering business before the owner opened his own truck, and you can still book it for all of your special events. 

If you’re ready to make Tacos Manuel your next food truck stop in Orange County, keep an eye on its website for locations and other updates.

Best for: Authentic Mexican, Budget-Friendly

8. SOHO Taco

If you think you’ve already hit all the taco trucks in Orange County, make your next stop a taco cart. SOHO Taco is a taco catering cart that specializes in gourmet Mexican food in an authentic street cart environment. 

Bite into flavorful burritos or get your Mexican fix with one of SOHO Taco’s signature dishes like the spicy potato taco—bonus: it’s vegan-friendly! Before you take that first bite, make sure to snap a pic because you won’t find another taco caterer that takes as much pride in their presentation as this one. Expect beautiful color combinations and upscale platings along with the delicious food. Check it out for yourself @sohotaco.

SOHO Taco is booking catering events all around the Santa Ana and Orange County area, but spots fill up fast. Reserve your dates early to bring the SOHO taco experience to your next birthday party or corporate event.

Best for: Special Events, Corporate Catering, Gourmet Tacos, Vegan Options

9. Cochinita Taco Truck

Black Taco truck with a cute pig logo on the front of it.

The Cochinita food truck is easy to spot; just look for the big pink pig logo. As you probably guessed from the logo, Cochinita’s specialty is tacos al pastor. 

Their al pastor tacos are made with spit-grilled pork, which is influenced by the Lebanese dish lamb shawarma brought to Mexico by immigrants. Cochinita also has a pollo al pastor option which is chicken cooked with the same method.

Cochinita is family-owned, and its owners are from the Yucatan and bring that cultural heritage to their food. They use traditional recipes passed down through generations in their family. They also mix it up a little and add new twists to old recipes and let California influence seep in. 

Best for: El Pastor lovers, and special events

10. Taqueria de Anda

With simple, trademark Mexican cuisine, Taqueria de Anda is the model taco truck. Taqueria de Anda started in Mexico as a small food cart operated by the founder, Don Rafa de Anda, until he came to the United States for work. When the rest of his family immigrated, he decided to return to his food business—but on a much larger scale. Now, the company has more than 12 dine-in locations.

The secret to their success is in the simplicity. Onion, cilantro, and salsa is the entire concept, according to Jaime de Anda, an owner. Taqueria de Anda is so popular it even got an article in the Los Angeles Times chronicling the history of the family and business. 

Check out Taqueria de Anda’s website to learn more about its history and locate its truck.

Best for: Authentic Mexican cuisine, lunch

11. Luna’s Catering and Food Truck

A black taco truck with a comprehensive menu painted on its body parked on a ground, open to serve customers.

Luna’s serves Mexican cuisine made from scratch, and you can order a midday meal directly from their truck or hire them to cater your next special event. Located in the Santa Ana area, this taco truck has a variety of flavors to tame your cravings. 

Whether it’s their huge quesadillas, asada fries, tortas, or dirty burritos, there’s something for everyone. If you’re hitting up the food truck circuit with a friend who isn’t in the mood for tacos (the horror!), you’ll also find mainstays like burgers on their menu.

Check out Luna’s Catering and Food Truck’s Facebook page for location updates and event information.

Best for: Catering and wide menu

12. Garcia Shack

A taco truck with wood plank design with an image of a bearded chef holding a plateful of taco and a spatula.

Garcia Shack is a food truck and catering service in Orange County, and its goal is to provide authentic food and a family atmosphere. 

This food truck serves tacos, burritos, nachos, and other classic taco truck foods, and the catering service offers a variety of dishes depending on the venue. Its menu is full of colorful quesadillas, beautiful burritos, and tacos you can only dream about. 

Learn more about Garcia Shack and where you can get your taste at their website

Best for: Catering both corporate and private events

13. Street Foods Co.

Parked by the river Street Foods Co. with green roof and red bottom and 5 side windows.

Street Foods Co. has been on the taco popup scene since before taco trucks were cool. It got its start in 2007 at the Temecula Farmers Market, and it’s been nothing but up since then. 

This taco truck specialized in fish tacos, with menu offerings ranging from the delectable lobster and Red Rock shrimp brioche bun to the tasty tempura fish tacos. Street Foods Co. prides itself on using the freshest ingredients, so its menu varies around what’s seasonally available. 

If you’re ordering for a group or catering a special event where everyone isn’t fish-friendly, don’t worry! It also has plenty for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. Try the Korean BBQ Pork Taco or dig into rice and beans and a mixed green salad.

Street Foods Co. also travels outside the OC, and you can often find it around Riverside. It’s also a great statement to bring to any event because it’s an authentic street trolley that’s been refurbished into a taco truck. Book through Roaming Hunger for one-of-a-kind Southern California catering experience.

Best for: Catering, Fish Tacos, Seasonal Menu

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