Top 7 Taco Trucks in San Jose ( in 2022)

San Jose is no stranger to authentic Mexican cuisine, and it’s also a food truck catering mecca. If you’re looking for the best local taco trucks, you’ve come to the right place! 

From signature made-from-scratch dishes and delectable vegetarian options to online ordering and friendly catering, the following list is a close-up look at 7 of the best taco trucks San Jose has to offer. 

A “best for” section has been included in the end of each description to help you find the truck that ticks all your boxes!

1. 333 Truck

333 Taco Truck in San Jose

After over a decade in business, 333 Truck’s reputation goes well beyond its succulent tacos. True to its name, 333 Truck swears by the magic of its favorite number, as does its loyal customer base in San Jose.  

In 2011, 3 friends shared a common goal of bringing a unique culinary fusion of Mexican, Korean, and Indian cuisine to the Bay Area. Eleven years later, it has stuck to its original tried-and-true formula: 3 cuisines served in 3 different styles with the option of 3 protein choices to customize your dish just the way you like it. 

Firm in their belief that “convenient food doesn’t have to be unhealthy fast food,” 333 is devoted to making its authentic plates as healthy as they are delicious. Every dish on 333’s mouth-watering menu is made from scratch, including the kimchi, and each of the signature sauces are entirely vegetable-based. No mayo or trans fats around here!

The 333 formula is simple. Start by choosing your style, and then comes the fun part: picking your protein from your preferred cuisine. What’s your mood for today? Taco, burrito, or rice bowl? If it’s Taco Tuesday and your stomach is growling for some flavorful Mexican, order the spice-rubbed chipotle chicken or carne asada.

Feeling savory? Try 333’s bestseller spicy Korean BBQ pork tacos, marinated overnight and seared to perfection! 

Looking for something a little more saucy? Give the creamy Indian chicken tikka masala a shot! Vegetarian? 333’s got you covered with its Korean mushroom tofu or Indian paneer tikka masala.

333 serves hungry customers all throughout the East and South Bay. It also offers catering options for any kind of local event.

Best for: Catering, Customizable Dishes, Made From Scratch, Vegetarian Options

2. Tacos Los 3 Hermanos

Tacos Los 3 Hermanos in San Jose

With a 7-year reputation for authentic Mexican cuisine made with only the highest quality ingredients, Tacos Los 3 Hermanos has amassed a massive local following in recent years that swears that it doesn’t get any better than this!

Yet another 3-oriented truck in the area, Tacos Los 3 Hermanos began with the family recipes shared by three siblings (hence the family-oriented name). Its dedication to traditional preparation methods has set it apart since its inception. 

With a vast, colorful menu that includes breakfast dishes, Tacos Los 3 Hermanos has all the classic dishes with all the best meats. From tangy al pastor with just the right hint of smokiness and lamb served straight off the spit, to delectable cabeza beef and perfectly seasoned shrimp and fish, there are no wrong choices regardless.

In addition to its authentic tacos, the Super Nachos are another big hit, loaded with your choice of meat, refried beans, guacamole, jalapenos, pico de gallo, cheese, and a dollop of sour cream. To top it all off, signature sauces and salsa are to die for.

Celebrate Taco Tuesday with Tacos Los 3 Hermanos $1 al pastor tacos every Tuesday. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well, including veggie tacos, burritos, and burrito bowls.

Although based on 1st Street, you can find Tacos Los 3 Hermanos traversing all throughout San Jose, and it also offers catering. Tacos Los 3 Hermanos has its truck locations available online so you can stay updated about upcoming events and special deals!

Best for: Authentic Traditional Dishes, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, Catering

3. Antojitos Caitime

Antojitos Caitime in in San Jose

With its made-to-order dishes fresh off the grill, Antojitos Caitime brings that south-of-the-border flavor straight to you with its full-bodied menu that isn’t limited to just tacos and burritos. From the signature torta ahogada doused in red chili sauce to the tender shrimp ceviche, it’s dedicated to importing Mexican tradition to the streets of San Jose.

In addition to its tasty traditional Mexican dishes, Antojitos Caitime likes keeping its menu open with rotating street specialties like loaded fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, and egg rolls. Its menu also features a plethora of healthy vegetarian favorites.

At Antojitos Caitime, you can expect handcrafted meals with the finest, freshest quality ingredients in every bite. Homemade salsas and guacamole are made on the daily and go perfectly with the authentic fried-to-perfection taquitos.

The staff of Antojitos Caitime are no strangers to on-set catering and are happy to deliver their appetizing snacks and savory meals to any event. From birthday parties and office luncheons to corporate meetings and weddings, they’ve got you covered.

Follow the Antojitos Caitime Facebook to stay updated on upcoming specials and events, and keep your eyes peeled for them on the streets of Sunnydale and beyond.

Best for: Authentic Traditional Dishes, Rotating Specialties, Vegetarian Options, Catering

4. Los Jarochos Grill

Los Jarochos Grill in San Jose

True to its name, Los Jarochos Grill brings the signature flavor and vibrant spirit of Veracruz, Mexico to the Bay Area. From classics like tacos, quesadillas, and its one-of-a-kind Jarocho burritos to specialty dishes like ricos sopes, adobo, and even mini burgers, nobody does it quite like Los Jarochos does!

Its entrees aren’t the only thing that sets it apart; the vast selection of refreshing drinks is unique to the Los Jarochos menu. Vintage Mexican soda made with cane sugar served in glass bottles, traditional horchata, and coconut juice are all sweet, cooling options perfect for a hot summer day under the California sun!

Based on East Gish Road in San Jose, Los Jarochos is always cooking up new specialty creations like their Nashville hot chicken torta! Check out the Los Jarochos Grill website for updates on new deals and dishes!

Best for: Rotating Specialty Dishes, Refreshments

5. Chula Puebla

Chula Puebla Taco Truck, in San Jose

After almost 15 years in business, you could definitely say Chula Puebla has made a bit of a name for themselves throughout San Jose and surrounding areas! Its mastery of satisfying, authentic Mexican dishes has made it one of the most beloved sources of Mexican cuisine amongst locals for over a decade.

Its menu features all the classic entrees—tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, nachos, quesadillas, and tortas—bursting with your choice of seasoned meat seared to perfection on the grill and topped with the freshest pico de gallo. From its flavorful asada to pineapple-y pastor, each option simultaneously satisfies your hunger and keeps you coming back for more.

A seasoned catering veteran, Chula Puebla can deliver and serve its scrumptious recipes to any event—indoor or outdoor, family or business, big or small. You’re also likely to find them at Levi’s Stadium or the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

Best for: Authentic Traditional Dishes, Catering

6. La Burrita

 La Burrita Taco Truck, San Jose

La Burrita calls itself the undeniably best taco truck in all of the San Jose area, bringing its street style to traditional dishes and making them all the more flavorful for it! The chefs dare you to expand your taste palate and tantalize your taste buds with their signature alambre plate topped with bacon, fresh peppers and onions, cheese, and homemade salsa.

La Burrita serves up tacos all day long with your choice of meat, diced onions and cilantro! Need something a little more filling? Satisfy your cravings with a thick burrito or some cheesy enchiladas smothered in green or red sauce! 

Whether it’s cooking up some delicious dishes at its home base on South Bascom Avenue, serving throughout the Bay Area, or catering events big and small, La Burrita isn’t afraid to bring the heat. It’s not bringing tradition to the streets—it’s bringing the streets to the tradition.

Check out La Burrita’s Facebook for special deals and current locations.

Best for: Classic Street Food, Catering

7. Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile

Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile in San Jose

With a menu as flavorful and authentic as it is colorful and diverse, Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile is on its own wave entirely! It brings the culinary culture of the streets of Oaxaca to the people of San Jose while simultaneously supporting local seafood, sustainable meat, and organic produce.

Perhaps no other local taco truck has a menu with so much variety. Albondigas, savory stuffed dates, mini molette, empanada de amarillo, barbacoa de res, camarones con chipotle, traditional tlayuda, and roast butternut squash tamale are just a few examples of the cuisine Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile has introduced to the Bay Area.

Oaxaca Kitchen Mobile is known for its impeccable customer service and excellent catering services, and you can find out where it will be next on its website.

Best for: Authentic Traditional Dishes, Menu Variety, Great Customer Service, Catering

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