Top Taco Trucks in Atlanta

Atlanta is well-known for its rich and diverse food scene, and it’s a great place to be if you’re craving some zesty Mexican delicacies. If you’re looking for high-quality catering for your next event, plenty of Atlanta food trucks are ready and waiting to deliver dishes packed with flavor. 

You’ll find plenty of incredible Atlanta taco trucks serving succulent grilled meats, colorful veggie options, and tasty sides with a traditional Southern twist. The hard part is figuring out which local taco spot to try out first. Below, you can find out everything you need to know about the top 6 must-try taco trucks in Atlanta.

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1. The Loaded Taco

This colorful taco truck of The Loaded Taco offers delicious street foods in Atlanta

If you think you know what to expect from an Atlanta taco truck, think again. The Loaded Taco takes this ever-popular street food and adds a touch of fusion flair to create mouthwatering dishes that are truly unique. The team prides itself on catering to vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions, so everyone can get a piece of the taco action. 

Meat eaters will also find plenty to enjoy on The Loaded Taco’s creative menu, including the must-try Maui Taco. This Hawaiian fusion feast is bursting with savory and spicy pulled pork, juicy pineapple, and Mexican-style kimchi smothered in the chef’s signature aioli sauce. Meanwhile, the popular Cheeseburger Taco satisfies 2 cravings in 1 pack of succulent ground beef, creamy cheddar, and crisp lettuce.

Feeling extra hungry? Add some indulgent sides to your meal. The Loaded Taco offers a range of traditional Mexican and American sides, including Chips, Homemade Pico de Gallo, and Beer Battered Onion Rings

The Loaded Taco operates from the Brookwood neighborhood, but you’ll find the team serving up spicy favorites at various events across Atlanta. Check out The Loaded Taco’s Facebook page to track down the taco truck at an event near you. Alternatively, you can book the truck for your next get-together for an unforgettable fusion experience. 

Best for: Dietary Restrictions, Family Events, Fundraisers, Vegetarian Tacos, Weddings

2. The Rollin’ Taco

This red truck of The Rollin' Taco rolling around the streets of Atlanta serving tasty food to the locals

Who said you have to choose between Southern comfort food and spicy Mexican cuisine? The Rollin’ Taco truck combines the very best of these rich food traditions with mouthwatering results, and even vegans can find a fusion feast to enjoy from the menu. True to its name, The Rollin’ Taco trailer rolls around the streets of Atlanta, serving its range of delectable tacos and burritos to the locals. 

Not sure which taco to go for? The Shrimp Taco is not to be missed, crammed with tender grilled shrimp, zesty mango-cabbage slaw, and creamy avocado. If you’re not in the mood for seafood, there’s also spicy carne picada steak, grilled chicken, and seasoned veggies to choose from. 

If you aren’t hungry for tacos but have a hankering for some Mexican flavor, The Rollin’ Taco has you covered. Customers can create a healthy, zesty salad by adding their choice of taco meat to a bed of colorful salad veggies and then topping it all off with fresh salsa or sour cream. Alternatively, ask for your favorite taco filling rolled up in a burrito. 

You can hire The Rollin’ Taco cart for your next get-together or find it on a street near you. Keep an eye on The Rollin’ Taco’s Facebook page to track its whereabouts and keep up-to-date with scheduled events and new menu items. 

Best for: Catering, Healthy Options, Vegan Food

3. Tex’s Tacos

Culinary creativity is the name of the game at Tex’s Tacos, and the team even coined its own term to describe its unique approach to Mexican fusion. This popular taco pop-up’s ‘Nueva Texicana’ concept combines traditional Tex Mex dishes with comforting Southern flavors for an unforgettable eating experience. 

The Tex’s Tacos menu is all about the tacos, and hungry diners can’t go wrong with its trademark Carne Asada Taco. This traditional meaty feast includes succulent, citrus-spiked skirt steak piled high with homemade salsa, creamy guacamole, and zesty cilantro. If chicken is more your thing, the flavorful Chicken Fresca Taco won’t disappoint, crammed with honey-lime chicken, herby pico de Gallo, and savory cheese. 

Consider sampling 1 of Tax Taco’s delicious sides to turn your Nueva Texicana meal into a true feast. You’ll find all the usual favorites on the menu, including crunchy, salty chips, served with fresh guac or silky queso dip. However, Tex’s Tacos is most famous for its moreish Lime Fries covered in sharp, zesty lime salt. 

Tex’s Tacos is the perfect choice for unforgettable wedding catering. You can also find the mobile taco stand on a curbside near you by checking out the Tex’s Tacos Facebook page.

Best for: Side Dishes, Tex Mex Cuisine, Weddings

4. Let’s Taco Bout It

Let's Taco bout It black truck serves Korean BBQ Taco in Atlanta

Its name may raise a giggle, but the team at Let’s Taco Bout It is deadly serious about creating incredible Mexican fusion delights. It’s the perfect Atlanta taco truck for those with adventurous taste buds, offering a rotating menu of traditional favorites and more unusual options with a global twist. The dedicated taco team behind Lets Taco Bout It crafts each menu item in detail, right down to the delicious homemade tacos that provide the perfect background for punchy flavors. 

You’ll find plenty of familiar and flavorful Mexican ingredients here, such as smooth, creamy queso dressing and vibrant chimichurri. However, the global fusion dishes truly set Let’s Taco Bout It apart, including the must-try Korean BBQ Taco. This mouthwatering feast includes tender grilled flank steak crammed inside a homemade taco, alongside tangy Korean BBQ sauce, slaw, and green onions, with a dash of fiery sriracha.

The Lets Taco Bout It team regularly creates new and exciting tacos, so you won’t want to miss out on its innovations. The Lets Taco Bout It Facebook page provides updates on new dishes alongside the taco truck’s schedule.

Best for: Global Fusion, Rotating Menu

5. Rreal Tacos

Rreal Tacos offers authentic Mexican street food in Atlanta

Rreal Tacos is a popular Mexican hangout in Midtown Atlanta, serving an incredible range of tacos and vibrant cocktails to hungry locals. The good news is that you can get a slice of the taco action delivered straight to your next event or get-together, courtesy of the Rreal Tacos truck. The menu focuses on local, organic ingredients, so you can be sure that your meal is as sustainable as it is delicious. 

One of Rreal Tacos’ stand-out dishes is its Asada Taco, starring melt-in-the-mouth chunks of tender, grass-fed beef steak, and punchy cilantro. If you’re not in the mood for steak, the menu also features fresh salmon, shrimp, and grilled chicken options to excite your taste buds.

Don’t fancy tacos? There are plenty of equally delicious non-taco dishes to enjoy, including hearty burritos crammed with spicy rice and beans and vibrant salad options. 

Vegetarians and vegans will find plenty to enjoy on the Rreal Tacos menu. The Veggie Taco is an indulgent feast showcasing a crispy fried avocado with a delectably creamy center, savory refried beans, and a super-fresh onion and cilantro topping. 

You can check out the Rreal Tacos menu and book the taco cart for your next event on the company’s website. If you prefer your tacos delivered straight to your door, the restaurant also offers takeout deliveries to local addresses. 

Best for: Organic Food, Vegetarian Options, Varied Menu

6.  Taco Truck L 1,000,000

This silver Taco Truck L 1, 000, 000 serves tasty Mexican foods in the street of Atlanta

The team behind Taco Truck L 1,000,000 knows that Mexican food tastes even better when it’s good for the planet. This popular taco stand operates from the Fair Oaks neighborhood in Marietta and prioritizes sustainable practices combined with fresh flavors. It uses only the highest quality local ingredients and has connections with community partners, ensuring that every bite benefits the local area. 

If you prefer traditional taco recipes, this taco truck is 1 of the best places to grab an authentic Mexican bite. The menu concept is straightforward—simply choose your favorite meat option and decide whether to enjoy it as a taco, burrito, or quesadilla. Options include tender, succulent Carne Asada steak, spicy Pastor Pork, and juicy grilled chicken. 

You can visit the Taco Truck L 1,000,000 stand in its regular spot at 2084 Favor Street to sample its authentic, sustainable menu. Don’t forget to check out its Facebook page for updates and plenty of delicious taco photos. 

Best for: Classic Street Food, Sustainable Ingredients, Regular Location

Need Tacos to Feed a Crowd? Hire a Top Atlanta Taco Truck

Grabbing a taco from 1 of Atlanta’s best taco carts is a great way to stave off hunger on the go. However, you can also create your own Mexican fiesta at your next party or event by hiring a taco pop-up. Many of the trucks on this list offer a range of vegetarian, vegan, and non-taco options, so all your guests can enjoy an authentic meal. 

Finding an awesome Atlanta taco truck to feed a crowd is quick and straightforward. Simply head to our Atlanta catering page to find out how to hire the best taco trailers near you.