The Best Taco Trucks in Las Vegas

From classic Tex-Mex to Asian fusion tacos, Las Vegas taco trucks have it all. Below, we’ve assembled a list of the 10 best taco trucks Las Vegas has to offer.

A “best for” section is included at the end of each description to help you find the perfect taco truck for you! 

1. Señor Blues

Señor Blues in Las Vegas

For over 9 years, Señor Blues has impressed Las Vegas residents with its array of homemade, gourmet Tex-Mex dishes. From loaded nachos topped with fresh guacamole to stuffed tacos slathered in a signature red enchilada sauce, there’s no shortage of flavor here.

The idea for the truck comes from chef and owner JoAnn Nabhan Bronson, who received her training in El Paso, Texas. She decided to bring her passion for Tex-Mex to Las Vegas, where Señor Blues has come to stand out thanks to its authenticity. 

Señor Blues is popular among locals due to its delicious food and focus on fresh ingredients. Every dish is made from scratch daily, and there are no artificial ingredients—whether you’re ordering crispy chimichangas or tacos topped with seasoned sour cream, you can rest assured it’s organic. 

Along with standard tacos and burritos, Señor Blues offers specialty dishes. One of its top sellers is the Drunken Vaquero, which features marinated, slow-cooked beef topped with sour cream, cheese, pinto beans, and organic Spanish rice. If you’re in the Vegas area, be sure to check them out!

Best for: Authentic Tex-Mex, Organic Food, Made From Scratch, Catering 

2. Tacofest

Tacofest in Las Vegas

With a name like Tacofest, it’s no surprise that this food truck is known for serving mouth-watering tacos in the Las Vegas region. It differentiates itself from other taco carts by relying on international flavors—in addition to classic Mexican spices, you’ll find Portuguese and Texan influences. 

Their menu features a combination of traditional dishes and fusion cuisine. Customers will encounter everything from classic carne asada with pico de gallo to grilled and marinated Periperi chicken. The truck also offers vegetarian items, including a veggie taco with grilled mushrooms, crispy kale, and avocado cream. 

Another menu highlight is the strong customization options. All the delicious meats, vegetables, sauces, and spices can be transformed into soft-shell tacos, crispy nachos, or stuffed burritos. 

To ensure residents across Las Vegas can enjoy its unique flavors, Tacofest is constantly on the move. Stay up to date on its locations by following the truck on social media.

Best for: Portuguese Flavors, Vegetarian Food, Customization 

3. Raging Tacos

Raging Tacos in Las Vegas

Raging Tacos was created by two friends who decided to turn their love of Mexican cuisine into a business. Their traditional menu offerings, coupled with their homemade preparation and generous portion sizes, have won the hearts of taco enthusiasts across Las Vegas. 

This taco trailer has just four meat options: carne asada, grilled chicken, lengua (beef tongue), and a vegan-friendly “soyrizo” mixture. Once you’ve picked a filling, pair it with beans, pico de gallo, avocado, and/or cheese. The tacos shine due to their simplicity—because there aren’t many ingredients to rely on, every element is packed with spices and flavor. 

In addition to tacos, the menu features quesadillas and burritos. An absolute must-try is the lengua quesadilla, which consists of soft beef tongue, melted cheese, and fresh guacamole sandwiched in a crispy tortilla. 

Raging Tacos can usually be found near Fremont Street Experience, an entertainment district spanning five blocks in downtown Las Vegas.

Best for: Vegan Options, Made From Scratch, Beef Tongue 

4. Chapi’s Tacos 

Chapi's Tacos in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for an authentic Las Vegas taco truck that prioritizes quality over quantity, Chapi’s Tacos fits the bill. With just a handful of menu items, the truck relies on its quality ingredients, mouthwatering spices, and fun flavor combinations to impress locals. 

On the menu, you’ll find both classic Mexican dishes and unique fusion cuisine. Traditionalists may prefer the asada tacos, which come with carne asada, cilantro, onion, and limes. Meanwhile, adventurous eaters might want to try the ramen birria, which consists of tacos served with a birria ramen soup. 

Anyone interested in a quick bite can visit Chapi’s Tacos in the North Rancho Drive neighborhood—the truck is hard to miss thanks to its colorful exterior. Chapi’s Tacos also offers catering for all kinds of events, whether they’re big or small. 

Interested in learning more about Chapi’s Tacos’ small but powerful menu? View pictures and stay up-to-date on the truck’s ventures by following its Instagram account. 

Best for: Fusion Meals, Catering

5. Somethin’ To Taco ‘Bout 

Somethin' To Taco 'Bout in Las Vegas

Living up to its name, Somethin’ To Taco ‘Bout (located in the Las Vegas valley) is always the talk of the town. Their creative Mexican fusion dishes include flavors from all over the world, including Mexico, the United States, and Asia. With innovative menu offerings, bold flavors, and fresh ingredients, it’s no wonder Somethin’ To Taco ‘Bout is a hit among locals. 

The taco tent is owned by a husband and wife duo committed to producing fresh, homemade meals that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, you won’t find the Asian-infused chicken teriyaki taco or the Hawaiian-inspired pork taco at your typical taco stand.  

While the truck is known for its one-of-a-kind taco fillings, it also offers refreshing drinks, loaded nachos, and delectable desserts. And you can’t forget about its elote cups, a delicious concoction featuring corn, lime, cotija cheese, and Mexican spices. 

When it’s not serving customers on the street, Somethin’ To Taco ‘Bout is probably parked at an event. Its strong catering services are available for all occasions, from large fundraisers to small family events. Keep track of the truck’s travels by following its Facebook page.

Best for: Mexican Fusion, Versatile Menu, Asian-Inspired Meals 

6. Tio Chuy’s Tacos 

Tio Chuy's Tacos in Las Vegas

When it comes to authenticity, it’s hard to beat Tio Chuy’s Tacos. All menu items (which include tacos, burritos, and quesadillas) are prepared on-site using original recipes and high-quality ingredients. Combine this with the convenient location in east Las Vegas, and you’ve got a taco truck that’s a hit among locals and tourists alike. 

Because all of Tio Chuy’s Tacos truck’s recipes are homemade, you won’t find these delicious creations elsewhere—each menu offering has its own twists that make it special. Not to mention, every ingredient is cooked to perfection. For example, the carne asada tacos (which come with cilantro, onion, salsa, and guacamole) are charbroiled over an open grill until they’re crispy and well-cooked. 

Not a fan of red meat? Tio Chuy’s Tacos truck also offers a taco de pollo, which features perfectly seasoned chunks of fresh chicken. To help prevent fillings from falling out and to provide an extra chew to every bite, tacos are wrapped with double corn tortillas. 

If you’re craving a homemade taco but don’t like the prospect of waiting in lines, just visit the Tio Chuy’s Tacos website and schedule an order for pick-up. You can also hire the truck to cater your next big event. 

Best for: Homemade Recipes, Fresh Ingredients, Catering 

7. El Queso Guero

El Queso Guero in Las Vegas

Relatively new to the Las Vegas taco truck scene, El Queso Guero opened in 2019. Despite their short lifespan, the truck has already amassed a large following across both Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

Advertised as a truck that serves “Mexican food with the twist of a cheesy white guy,” El Queso Guero offers the perfect blend of American and Mexican cuisines. For example, its nachos (aptly named “Gringo Nachos”) pair classic Mexican flavors (like fresh pico and cilantro) with American delicacies (like tater tots). 

The unique flavor combinations aren’t the only thing that make El Queso Guero stand out; the truck also offers the ability to customize tacos to your liking. Customers can choose between three proteins: carne asada, smoked pork, and chicken tinga. Complete your meal with a refreshing beverage, such as lemonade or iced tea. 

In addition to serving customers on the street, El Queso Guero can provide its customizable, creative tacos at big events.

Best For: Fusion Tacos, Customizable Meals, Catering 

8. Shawn’s Puffy Tacos

Shawn's Puffy Tacos in Las Vegas

Are you tired of traditional tacos? Shake things up with a trip to Shawn’s Puffy Tacos. This Las Vegas eatery offers a twist on typical Mexican fare with its deep-fried tortillas. The result is a delectable shell that’s “light, fluffy, and puffy.” 

On the menu, you’ll find Tex-Mex classics with West Coast influences. Top sellers include the steak and chicken tacos, which feature a flash-fried, 6″ flour tortilla stuffed with protein, guacamole, pico, crema, and cheese. For children, Shawn’s Puffy Tacos offers a “kid’s taco” that’s filled with simpler ingredients (like chicken, cheese, and crema).

Not a meat-eater? Shawn’s Puffy Tacos also caters to the vegan crowd with “the Goon,” a plant-based taco with vegan meat, a special spice blend, fresh guacamole, and pico. 

The owners of Shawn’s Puffy Tacos—Shawn Collins and Alicia Syverson—are always taking their unique taco recipes across Las Vegas. Keep up with the taco pop-up’s journey by following their Instagram account. 

Best for: Tex-Mex, West Coast Tacos, Vegan-Friendly Options 

9. Taqueria Vences

Taqueria Vences in Las Vegas

Taqueria Vences brings a taste of Mexico to Las Vegas with their homemade recipes, fresh ingredients, and bold flavors. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican street food, this taco cart won’t disappoint. 

Rather than provide a limited number of premade tacos to choose from, Taqueria Vences hands the choice over to you. Start by selecting your protein (which includes asada, al pastor, chicken, or a combination of meets). Then, top your taco off with fresh vegetables like onions, cilantro, and corn. 

Still hungry? The Taqueria Vences taco stand pairs their big menu with delicious sides. Enjoy homemade rice, beans, and a green tomatillo or spicy red salsa. Alternatively, load all these ingredients into one large, filling burrito.

If you want authentic Mexican food at your next event, Taqueria Vences is available for catering. Follow them on Instagram to learn more.

Best for: Authentic Mexican Food, Customization, Catering 

10. La Cocina Catering

La Cocina Catering in Las Vegas

While there are many taco trucks in Las Vegas, you’ll have trouble finding anything as authentic as La Cocina Catering. With their authentic ingredients, original preparation methods, and homemade recipes, it’s safe to say that this taco cart is one-of-a-kind. 

The secret behind La Cocina Catering’s mouthwatering dishes is their quality ingredients and innovative cooking methods. Not only does the taco trailer get its spices and ingredients from Michoacán, Mexico, but they also harvest their own corn and chili peppers. Then, the ingredients are manually ground with a stone and mortar to create fresh tortillas. 

When you taste the food, you’ll appreciate the authenticity of the spices and flavors. The menu, which consists of traditional Mexican fare, pays homage to the owners’ Mexican heritage. You can usually find the truck in the downtown south area of Las Vegas—catering is also available. 

Best for: Authentic Mexican Cuisine, Fresh Tortillas

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