Top 8 Taco Trucks in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is known for having tons of delicious food choices. With hundreds of food truck catering options roaming the city streets, you can find whatever you’re craving around the next corner. That also means it might be hard to decide what you’re going to eat the next time your stomach starts growling!  

Whether you’re a meat-lover, vegetarian, or someone with special dietary needs, plenty of Philadelphia taco trucks deliver fresh, made-to-order menu options that suit your deepest dish desires. This list reviews the top 9 taco trucks in Philly so that you can find exactly what you’re hankering for on your next Taco Tuesday. 

1. The Walking Taco 

The Walking Taco in Philadelphia

If you don’t know what a Walking Taco is, you’re missing out on a life-changing experience for your taste buds. The Walking Taco Co. serves up tasty treats throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia, using Doritos and Frito Lay products as a base for a wide array of delicious toppings.  

The Original Walking Taco uses a bag of crushed Doritos loaded with seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce, and salsa. It was such a huge hit that the company expanded its offerings to bring you even more delicious versions. For example, the Buffalo Ranch Walking Taco uses Cool Ranch Doritos and tops them with Buffalo-style chicken, queso sauce, lettuce, verde salsa, and jalapeños.  

You can also order traditional soft tacos on flour or corn tortillas that are loaded with the protein of your choice along with onions, salsa, cilantro, queso fresco, and lime. If you have the opportunity, try one of The Walking Taco’s Frito Pies, served in a Fritos bag with beef chili, beans, queso, onions, and sour cream.  

If you’re planning a big party or event and want to serve something truly unique, The Walking Taco offers catering for private and corporate events.  

Best for: Unique Menu Items, Mobile Taco Cart, Catering 

2. El Guaco Loco 

El Guaco Loco in Philadelphia

If you’re ever wandering around the Temple University area, you need to track down El Guaco Loco. This is one of the students’ go-to taco trailers and it’s always roamin’ around during lunch and dinner hours. El Guaco Loco brings Tex-Mex flavors to all of its menu items, offering fresh tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas with your choice of fillings. 

Order items with authentic Latin-American roots like the  Pollo con Mole, made with chicken and a special-blend mole sauce of Mexican chiles, spices, and chocolate that tickles your tastebuds in all the right ways. Or go for the Puerco Con Salsa Verde, made of grilled pork butt and a tasty green salsa with a tomatillo base.

If you’re feeling adventurous, order the Carne Con Salsa Guajillo, which features marinated steak and a spicy red chili sauce. The best part is—you can order all of these amazing menu items as a taco, a burrito, or as nachos. 

El Guaco Loco offers delivery if you’re unable to track them down in North Central Philadelphia, and they are more than happy to cater for local events.  

Best for: Tex-Mex, Tacos, Burritos, Catering, Delivery 

3. Dos Hermanos Tacos 

Dos Hermanos Tacos in Philadelphia

Dos Hermanos started as a local taco tent founded by two brothers who wanted to bring authentic Mexican flavors to Philadelphia. You can find their taco trucks cruising regularly through Drexel University offering all of the delicious, traditional menu options you’d expect to see. 

Whether you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican street tacos with your choice of protein and toppings, a quesadilla oozing with melty cheese and meat, or a burrito so large you’ll be taking half of it home with you, Dos Hermanos won’t disappoint. They can also bring its award-winning flavor to your next party or event! 

You can order their catering services online and assure that your guests will be talking about their delightful food experience for weeks to come.  

Best for: Fresh Tacos, Authentic Cuisine, Tacos, Burritos, Catering 

4. Not Your Mama’s Tacos 

Not Your Mama's Tacos in Philadelphia

Not Your Mama’s Tacos is a Mexican-fusion experience that offers a delectable union of flavors that include many that are local to their Philadelphian roots. You can find their taco pop-up restaurant routinely in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. When you do, don’t miss your opportunity to order some tasty tacos.  

The Cuban starts with ham and mojo pork, then is topped with Swiss cheese, cabbage, pickles, and dijon cream. Exotic choices include The Goat with several marinade choices, the Coffee Braised Beef, and the Honey Acho Pork with crema, radishes, and pico de gallo. For a more tropical flavor profile, try the Spicy Caribbean Chicken with shredded cabbage, onions, and pineapple cream.  

Worried about preservatives and artificial flavors? Not Your Mama’s Tacos doesn’t use them and offers a complete menu of healthy food that’s made fresh-to-order. What’s even better is that they can cater your next large private event or family gathering, leaving your guests breathless with every bite.  

Best for: Healthy Food Choices, Exotic Menu Items, Catering Service 

5. Revolution Taco 

Revolution Taco in Philadelphia. jpeg

Carolyn Nguyen was inspired by her classical chef training when founding Revolution Taco. She now offers Philadelphia patrons a gourmet take on traditional Mexican cuisine with something for everyone—whether you’re craving exotic meat, vegan eats, or gluten-free options. Nguyen handmakes everything at Revolution Taco, down to the fresh tortilla chips you’ll be dying to dip into their spicy salsa.  

Vegans can delight in the BBQ Cauliflower Tacos, which feature a Korean-inspired barbecue sauce, grilled cauliflower, and a huge choice of toppings. Meat-lovers can opt for the Korean Beef Tacos, which feature fresh, Grade A beef wrapped in a freshly made tortilla shell. Revolution Taco even serves a Roast Duck Taco on a scallion pancake!

Looking for something more filling than a taco? Revolution Taco also serves burritos, empanadas, and burrito bowls. With so many options for people with different dietary needs, Revolution Taco is a great choice if you’re looking to cater an event to give your guests an option they’ll enjoy.  

Best for: Asian-Mexican Fusion, Vegan Tacos, Vegetarian Choices, Catering, Gourmet Tacos 

6. Ma & Pa’s Tex-Mex BBQ 

Ma & Pa's Tex-Mex BBQ in Philadelphia

Ma & Pa’s Tex-Mex BBQ taco stand blends Texas barbecue with Southwestern and Mexican flavors to offer a uniquely luxurious ride for your tastebuds. With a storefront located in Mount Laurel, NJ, you can also find its taco carts cruising throughout the greater Philadelphia area.  

Ma & Pa’s is most renowned for their smoked brisket—served in tacos, burritos, or topped in a generous helping on the Brisket Tex-Mex Nachos with homemade tortilla chips, nacho cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, and sour cream. You can also order the Tex-Mex Nachos with chicken or veggies!

The Triple Decker Quesadilla offers smoked brisket, white cheddar, yellow cheddar, chicken, and brisket, all layered and grilled between flour tortillas for a taste sensation you’ve never experienced. If you’re in the mood for tacos, you can order them with shrimp, fish, chicken, brisket, or fresh vegetables.  

Ma & Pa’s makes all its side items and toppings fresh daily. The guacamole is a tasty treat whether you add it to your entree or order it on the side with some warm tortilla chips.  

If you’re unable to find their taco cart rolling through Philadelphia, you can place an order online or have Ma & Pa’s Tex-Mex BBQ cater your next private or corporate event.  

Best for: Smoked Brisket Nachos, Tacos, Custom Menu Choices, Catering, Delivery 

7. TUCKEDito Taquitos

TUCKEDito Taquitos in Philadelphia

TUCKEDito Taquitos is a taco pop-up experience that aims to please everyone. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegan, they’ve always got at least one vegetarian or vegan menu option each day. Look for this local taco tent at sports events, carnivals, and summer concerts. It’s new to the area but has already made a huge name for itself with innovative and fresh takes on West Coast classics.  

The TUCKEDito Original is a carnitas-filled taquito tossed with chipotle barbecue sauce, onions, and Mexican cheeses wrapped in a corn shell. Locals rave over the Pineapple Carnitas with pork, pineapple, and some classic Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  

TUCKEDito Taquitos gives a portion of its proceeds to Wheels Toward Hope, a nonprofit organization aiding those with recent catastrophic injuries or medical diagnoses. While TUCKEDito is hard to find outside of public events, you can call it up to cater for your own private party anytime! 

Best for: Unique Menu, Events, Taquitos, Catering, Pop-Up

8. Tacos Don Memo 

Tacos Don Memo in Philadelphia

Tacos Don Memo is a staple food truck for University of Pennsylvania students, and you can usually find them on campus or nearby. While they offer a simple menu of traditional Mexican favorites, everything served bursts with flavor! With $2 tacos and $3 tostadas, it’s also a great option when you’re craving a taco on a budget.  

Taco fillings include spicy or regular pork, chicken, and steak. If you’re feeling hungrier than usual, order a burrito for $6 and walk away stuffed and satisfied.  

Tacos Don Memo has been on the PA taco scene for more than 8 years. Its success is due to their fresh, high-quality ingredients, quick and dependable service, and tasty, authentic food.  

Best for: Affordable Menu Options, Authentic Mexican Food 

Bring Your Favorite Food Truck to Your Next Event 

While hunting down local Philadelphia taco trucks can be a thrilling experience, it’s even better when you can invite them to serve your next party, wedding, or corporate event. Offering delicious food to your guests is one of the best ways you can make your event original and memorable while sharing your favorite dishes with others.  

Our Philadelphia taco truck partners can bring fresh and tasty food to your doorstep next time you’re planning an event. To learn more, visit our Philadelphia food truck catering page for cost and availability.