The 7 Tastiest Taco Trucks in Denver

When people think of Denver, they don’t typically associate it with delicious cuisine, but the Mile High City is a sleeper hit for dishes with a Latin-inspired twist. Rustic Mexican fare is the mainstream here, and concoctions, such as egg and chorizo-stuffed burritos, are as ubiquitous as they are delicious. It’s no wonder that some are coining the phrase “Dex-Mex” to describe the city’s unique take on Mexican food.

As you might imagine, getting Mexican food from one of Denver’s many food trucks does not disappoint. From some of the best authentic Latin cuisine you’ll find to zesty fusion offerings and everything in between, there’s a lot to love about the taco truck scene in Denver—as long as you know where to look.

Whether you want to indulge in a late-night taco craving or you are catering for your next big event, these 7 Denver taco trucks will elevate your taste buds and squash your hunger.

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1. The Spicy Kitchen Mexican Grill

This black taco truck of The Spicy Kitchen Mexican Grill offers homemade Mexican food in Denver

The Spicy Kitchen Mexican Grill is a perfect example of rustic homemade Mexican food. With a variety of delicious Latin favorites made from family recipes passed down through generations, this is 1 food truck you’ll look for time and again. 

The Spicy Kitchen began as a passion project for owners Roxanne and Richard. With a Rolodex of heirloom recipes and a desire to share their heritage in the form of delicious food, they set out to amaze Denver. They use only fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and “authentic” does not even begin to describe the cuisine they create. Every taco is crafted with care, and you can taste the difference.

Classic street tacos are The Spicy Kitchen’s specialty, with carnitas, chicken, al pastor, and carne asada all on the menu. Stuffed in a couple of homemade fresh corn tortillas and topped with fresh cilantro and onions, there is nothing fancy about these tacos. But The Spicy Kitchen does not need fancy—it does authentic cuisine and exceptionally well. 

Burritos, tortas, nachos, and bowls round out the Mexican menu, along with all the usual fixings of pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and salsas. Of special note is its smothered chili salsa, which comes in a spicy and mild version. Denver is big on green chilis, and The Spicy Kitchen knows exactly what to do with them. Check out The Spicy Kitchen’s IG account to see photos of their food—just don’t do it hungry.

Best for: Large Events, Custom Menus, Authentic Mexican Food

2. Denver Taco Truck

This black Denver Taco Truck serves fusion-style tacos around Denver

For a unique take on Tacos, Denver Taco truck offers the adventurous eater some of the best fusion-style tacos in the greater Denver area. If it is not catering a party or a wedding, you can find it rolling around the city’s breweries.

Denver Taco Truck was founded by classically trained chef Joe Pavlushik. After opening Pavy’s Sandwich Truck in 2015 to much fanfare and success, Pavlushik expanded his unique flavor profiles to Mexican cuisine with Denver Taco Truck. He’s been taking the Denver taco truck scene by storm ever since.

Pavlushik is committed to excellent quality across the board, and it shows. Denver Taco Truck makes made-to-order tacos with only the freshest ingredients.

Options, such as the cheesesteak taco, which features slow-roasted beef barbacoa drowning in melted queso, are absolutely indulgent. Vegetarians will love the Hawaiian tacos with juicy chunks of grilled pineapple, and the shrimp tacos with house-made slaw are beyond mouth-watering. 

And that’s only a small sample of the eclectic taco tastes you can find at Denver Taco Truck. Rest assured, you’ll want to try them all. You can find out more at Denver Taco Truck’s official website.

Best for: Parties, Big Events, Menu Variety

3. True Love Tacos

This is the logo of True Love Tacos that offers delicious foods in Denver

Its mission of serving amazing tacos is what keeps True Love Tacos driving through the streets of the Mile High City. That and its food truck, of course. With rigorously selected ingredients, this taco truck never disappoints, and its artisan tacos always leave eaters smiling.

In business since 2020, True Love Tacos grew from its creator’s dream to unite people through their love for Mexican food. The food truck provides a menu filled with handcrafted burritos, quesadillas, bowls, chilaquiles, and yes—tacos. The blackened chicken, asada, carnitas, al pastor, lengua, and tripas are sure to make you hungry.

Its authentic taco selection, crammed with the freshest ingredients and wrapped in handmade tortillas, is certainly worthy of the name True Love Taco. It also offers a slew of vegetarian options for those who prefer their tacos meatless.

If you encounter a True Love Tacos truck in the early morning hours, give the breakfast menu a try. The chorizo burrito, filled with eggs, potatoes, beans, cheese, and salsa, definitely satisfies. Alternatively, you could opt for the bowl version and top it off with avocado and pico. The best part? You can order online from the True Love Tacos website and skip the line. 

Best for: Huge Events, Weddings, Breakfast Options

4. Dos Gringos

This artistic taco truck of Dos Gringos offers traditional Mexican food in Denver

Tacos make people happy. That is the philosophy of the two friends who created Dos Gringos, and it’s hard to argue with. What started as a taco cart in 2016 has grown into two taco trucks that roll around Denver to offer tacos and happiness. 

Its success is no doubt due in part to the creativity and sophistication of its dishes, which take traditional Mexican food and elevate it to gourmet levels. The carnitas taco features chili braised pork shoulder, jack cheese, pico, crema, and cilantro. And with achiote grilled pork and guajillo-chipotle salsa, its al pastor taco is simply indescribable. 

Other popular options are bowls filled with fresh and delicious ingredients. Try the classic gringo bowl, which features a protein of your choice on rice, green chile queso, lettuce, tortilla strips, black beans, crema, pico, and pickled jalapenos. The same sort of meticulous ingredient selection and preparation also makes its way into the burritos, quesadillas, and other flavorful options.

The passion for innovation means new ingredients are added to the already established recipes every week, so keep an eye on its official website to see what Dos Gringos is cooking up.

Best for: Big Events, Corporate Gatherings, Gourmet Mexican Food

5. Tacos With Altitude

This black Tacos with Altitude truck serves delicious menu in Denver

If you are looking for the perfect taco to sink your teeth into on Tuesday, Tacos With Altitude is a serious contender. You can find it on West Colfax, not far from the Highlands Ranch area, but be hasty about it—this taco truck is only open to the public on Tuesday evenings. 

Tacos With Altitude takes a slightly different approach to its culinary creations. Its recipes are imported from Oaxaca, the owner’s hometown, and feature a few taco variants you might not have tried. The steak, chorizo, and al pastor variants are what you would expect—and delicious to boot. The alambre tacos, on the other hand, put all 3 of those on a single taco. 

The tinga taco is a take on a classic chicken taco, topped with real Mexican sour cream and cotija cheeses. There are also shrimp and fish options for the pescatarians, and vegetarians can enjoy a delicious veggie taco, topped with zucchini, tomato, onion, and corn. It’s worth sinking your teeth into, even if you’re a meat-eater.

Best for: Private Events, Big Gatherings, Vegetarian Options

6. Tacostao

This orange Tacostao truck serves tasty Mexican cuisine around Denver

Tacostao is all about delivering the best bang for your buck, and this roaming orange taco truck does it by keeping things moving. You can find it all over the greater Denver area, serving up delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine made with the freshest ingredients. 

Founded by a single mom who needed to provide for her family, Tacostao is 1 of the few family-owned and operated food trucks in Denver. That commitment to traditional values makes its way into the food that Tacostao serves. There’s nothing eclectic or off-beat about these tacos—just high-quality, traditional Mexican food served in heaping portions.

Tacostao’s tacos feature the usual favorites, including chicken, carne asada, barbacoa, and chorizo. Tasty vegetable options are also available for vegans and vegetarians, and they’re every bit as good as their meaty counterparts. Tacos are piled high with your choice of filling, each helping spiced and marinated to perfection and topped with onion and cilantro. 

If you fancy yourself a salsa aficionado, Tacostao is the truck to visit. With an assortment of homemade salsas— including red, green, and orange—at every spice level, you’ll most certainly find the perfect saucy solution. And if you get tired of tacos, Tacostao also has quesadillas, burritos, and bowls to satisfy your hunger. 

You can follow them on Facebook to see what Tacostao is all about.

Best for: Big Events, Parties, Graduations, Vegetarians

7. Captain Tacos and Sushi

The Captain Tacos and Sushi getting filmed by a news crew.

Have you ever wondered what Mexican and Japanese flavors fused would taste? No need to wonder any longer—Captain Tacos and Sushi have blended these flavors to create the most unique taco experience in Denver.

The sushi sparrow is a roll made with shrimp and cream cheese and topped with Mexican-style beef and chicken. Its scrumptious standout menu item is known as the Teriyaki—a scrumptious bowl of sushi rice topped with the meat of your choice and drizzled with a tangy-sweet glaze. Avocado and cream cheese round out the dish. 

If you prefer tacos, the captain doesn’t disappoint. The taco perrones is a street taco stuffed with beef, cheese, beans, and avocado, while the taco captain provides a fish, shrimp, or vegetarian option topped with cabbage and pico. For those who prefer traditional Mexican food, standard quesadillas, nachos, and tortas are also on the menu. Just don’t forget to grab some wasabi and soy sauce. 

Best for: On-Set Catering, Corporate Catering, Unique Menu Options

Serve Your Favorite Mexican Food at Your Next Event

Know what makes any event, get-together, or gathering better? Tacos. The answer is always tacos. Sure, you can have great Mexican food delivered to your next wedding, fiesta, or corporate event, but nobody likes cold, stale tacos. With our Denver taco truck partners, you can serve hot, fresh Mexican cuisine that’s made to order at your next social event. Head over to our Denver food truck catering page to see what’s on the menu. Your guests will thank you.