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Zaluvida: Climate Smart Beef Mootral Pop Up Marketing Tour 2017

RMNG stepped in to execute the Zaluvida Climate Smart Beef Mootral marketing tour near three tech campuses in Los Angeles: Facebook, Luna Cycles, and HBO/Hulu.

We needed a way to memorably highlight the product, benefits, and its effect on the planet, so we did what we do best – food marketing! We hired celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio, the first American ambassador for the Zaluvida brand, who then created the first-of-its-kind Mootral taco.

To help “corral” people over to taste the tacos, RMNG facilitated the creation of a custom wrap on an experiential marketing trailer, including an eye-catching 3-D cow head that extended off the side of the truck.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to herd as much foot traffic as possible to the pop up event, so we created an extended footprint space around the truck that mimicked the feel of a rural countryside with AstroTurf, farm-style benches, and hay bales to emphasize the farm-to-table story of the Mootral beef.

The can’t-miss-’em elements worked. Our trained culinary team did such a great job delivering on chef Voltaggio’s taco vision that we sold out at each event.

To ensure every stop ran smoothly, RMNG hired, trained and oversaw four brand ambassadors and an event manager. Because of Zaluvida’s complex business model and the intricacies of Mootral, it was important for all the staff to know and share the workings of the company’s feed supplement for cows, what it contains, and how it helps the planet.