Pop Up Marketing Tour (Sweet Spot)

Ahh, There’s The Sweet Spot: Pop Up Marketing Tour

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But when Roaming Hunger’s experiential marketing agency RMNG teamed up with NatureSweet Tomatoes, we proved that not only can you get a mid-day meal without spending a dime, you can find it in the unlikeliest of places.

We worked closely with NatureSweet’s Director of Marketing to conceptualize a marketing experience that would hit the company’s target market (mothers) right in the “sweet spot.” What we came up with was a fun and engaging bistro that would pop up at supermarkets across St. Louis county.

Production included sourcing and building a food truck wrapped with NatureSweet’s brand colors and logos, converting a shipping container into a trailer, and creating a space with indoor and outdoor seating that felt safe, bright, and anticipatory.

RH also researched locations across the U.S. to determine which area would be best for our pop up event. We landed on specific retail stops in St. Louis because of favorable local restrictions, city demographics, and time and season constraints.

We then surprised grocery store shoppers in St. Louis, Missouri with a branded food truck, pop up shipping container bistro, and alfresco cafe-style seating to showcase NatureSweet’s “Sweet for the Slicing” Jubilee varietal tomato, served up in handcrafted gourmet sandwiches and salads.

Residents of St. Louis were more than happy to put their grocery lists aside for a complimentary taste of ripe, bursting-with-flavor tomatoes offered atop fresh salad greens and tucked into savory sandwiches. Guests were encouraged to share their tasty experience using branded hashtag #thesweetspot, which garnered over 170,000 impressions during the 18-day activation.

We also served up over 4,400 sandwiches and salads, which, no matter which way you slice it, meant a whole lot of juicy brand exposure for NatureSweet. So much so that every grocery store sold out of NatureSweet tomatoes on the days we held our events.

This tour took place in St. Louis, Missouri.


Over 170,000 social impressions with branded hashtag #thesweetspot

Eye-catching branded food truck + shipping container trailer + alfresco cafe-style seating

Sales lift for Naturesweet Jubilees at every grocery store where a pop up event was held