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Ice Cream: It’s What’s for Coffee

This limited flavor wasn't around for long, so RMNG knew that they had to generate as much buzz as possible, as quickly as they could. The teams activated guerilla-style outside of Starbucks locations to show people that the whipped cream RMNG made from Halo Top pumpkin pie ice cream could be used to make pumpkin spice coffee that far surpasses what the coffee giant sells. The teams also set up outside of a local university bar in each market during the evening shifts, getting Halo Top ice cream and pumpkin pie-flavored whip cream into as many bellies as they could. The mobile tour lasted for just over a month and delivered 6,300 pumpkin spice lattes and 12,100 ice creams to generate buzz, excitement, and education about the delicious Halo Top ice cream that has all of the flavor but only ⅓ of the calories. Campaign Length: +1 month Number of Attendees: 12,101 Mobile Activations: 49