Roaming Hunger

National Marketing Tour


Motorola Mobility Employee Training Tour

When Motorola told us they wanted a fun way to train their sales staff across 3600 retail locations, RMNG said, “let’s get this show on the road!” We created custom promotional vehicles dubbed Motovans (and transformed each cargo space into an innovative conference room - featuring benches, a table, and a large flat-screen TV for presentations). Then we set out on an epic experiential marketing tour spanning five years(!) with stops throughout the entire United States & Canada too.

Each of the three Motovans came staffed with a professional tour manager and sales trainer tasked with visiting hundreds of authorized Motorola retailers - from Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, US Cellular, Best Buy, and Sprint, to train employees on the brand’s latest smartphone technology with the goal to increase sales to new and current customers. The custom promotional vehicles weren’t just for sales training either. We got even more mileage out of them with visits to trade shows to show off Motorola products first-hand.

Even though the experiential marketing tour spanned years, we kept a close eye on numbers to ensure we were making an impact. We tracked weekly KPIs; monitoring store sales records after training sessions wrapped.