Roaming Hunger

Hyperlocal Micro-Activation

Franklin Templeton Investments

Reach For Better

For its “Reach for Better” initiative, the type of investment Franklin Templeton wanted to make wasn’t based on mutual funds. The global investment leader teamed up with RMNG to create a branded food truck experience at three of their main offices – two in California, and one in Florida – to encourage their employees to strive to be their best selves both personally and professionally.

RMNG created custom promotional vehicles wrapped in supportive and inspirational messages like “Step Up Step Forward,” “Courage is Contagious. Spread Some.” and “Feed your Ambition.” The trucks served custom menus: the California vehicle whipping up Mexican-American fusion, and the Florida truck dishing up food with a Cuban flair. We also created a gourmet lemonade station serving up Meyer Lemon and Passionfruit Guava refreshments.

But the pop up event wasn’t just about chowing down. We created a footprint that included a “Goals Board,” a photo booth, and a wellness area with a massage station because to Reach for Better, you should always start with a relaxed foundation.