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Uber Express Pool

Branded Marketing Promotion (Uber Express Pool)

The most affordable shared ride on the market, Uber Express Pool, launched in Chicago this past May. In an effort to catapult the new rideshare option to the forefront of commuters’ minds, RMNG helped Uber create an unforgettable branded marketing promotion complete with breakfast treats and famous athlete appearances this fall.

The new in-app option, Uber Express Pool, which has debuted in a handful of big cities this year, allows riders to walk to meet drivers at convenient locations along their route. Trips end at an efficient drop off spot so all riders walk a short distance to their final destination.

To highlight this new Uber offering, we set up a fully branded food truck in the heart of Chicago on two very chilly mornings and served up warm coffee and fresh Dunkin’ donuts to commuters on their way to work. Over the course of two days, Uber and RMNG served over 570 coffees and Dunkin’ donuts to unsuspecting travelers and warmed up Chicagoan minds to the idea of Uber Express Pool in the area.

Each marketing activation was brought to life in the early mornings by an enthusiastic team of Brand Ambassadors. Equipped with Uber discount codes, our team engaged with passersby at the event site and interacted with commuters at nearby transit stops to bring them to the activation.

 On both event days, visitors were greeted by two Chicago Bears players eager to meet and greet unsuspecting fans with warm hugs, high fives and photo ops. While visitors waited in line for photos, our team of brand ambassadors handed out the Dunkin’ treats to make the time spent waiting an enjoyable experience.