Roaming Hunger

The 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee

We guarantee every catering, every time. Because food just tastes better when you have peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About the 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee.

How does the 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee process work?  If the caterer you booked through Roaming Hunger fails to appear at your event and does not give you or your Roaming Hunger Agent 24 hours' notice, and we cannot find you a suitable replacement, we will give you 100% of your money back.
In the event that the caterer does not appear during the scheduled time, please contact your Roaming Hunger Agent by email and phone. We will respond back as soon as we get your message. A request for the 100% refund must be made within five business days and will generally be issued within 30 days.

How do I submit a Roaming Hunger Guarantee payment request?  Contact your Roaming Hunger Agent who will get the process started and tell you when you can expect the refund. If you have other questions or concerns that you feel your Roaming Hunger Agent cannot answer, please call 1-800-568-9370 or write to us at [email protected].

How long will it take for my payment request to be processed?  You should receive your refund within 30 days of the request. The payment is generally submitted through our accounting department to a third party (bank), who then issues the refund.

I’ve never done food truck catering before, what could possibly go wrong?  While instances of non-service are rare, mobile caterers can experience issues with traffic, engine problems, kitchen issues, and other unforeseen technical issues. If any such day-of issues occur, we expect our catering partners to communicate quickly and effectively about the issue.

Can I refuse a replacement and get the guarantee?  If we find a suitable replacement that costs within 20% of your original caterer, AND you do not approve the replacement, we will refund only the amount of your payment. You would not be eligible for the 100% Roaming Hunger Guarantee.