7 Catered Lunches Perfect For Any Los Angeles Office

Maybe it’s your job to order food for the office and you’re really over the standard 1:30pm complaints of lunch was so bad today”. Maybe it’s not your job to order food, but you’re kind of friends with the person who does, and because you’re someone who cares about the well being of others, you’re going to share this article with them. It’s also possible your company doesn’t even have a corporate catering program and the previous sentences just reminded you how hard your office is lacking in the free lunch department. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to tell you that we found a couple of lunches your coworkers will actually like. Except that one guy who leaves his tupperware in the sink and microwaves salmon. He probably won’t like it.

Chimichurri Quesadillas from Cheddr Wheel

Four different people have approached you this week saying When are we having something good for lunch?” and you’re one Google Cal invite away from telling everyone that lunch is cancelled (nothing change) this week. Before you go full Office Space and smash the printer, consider ordering these perfectly grilled steak, spinach, and mushroom stuffed dillas from the Cheddr Wheel truck. Topped with their house-made chimi sauce, these quesadillas are guaranteed to produce at least one good job” from your boss who never smiles. Cheddr Wheel also offers meat-free options for all the new vegetarians who just watched Okja last night and have vowed to never eat another animal again.

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Bison Burgers from Bison Burger

The best way to keep coworkers from complaining about the lack of lunch variety? Order bison/exotic game burgers. Also offering elk, venison, boar, and yes, a classic Kobe beef burger, the Bison Burger truck comes complete with a friendly staff and quick serving time. Their namesake burger is the move here though, with extremely high quality, tasty meat and a homemade herb aioli that will result in everyone thanking you on Slack.

Carnitas Bowl from Border Grill

Everyone loves tacos, just not the hour nap required after eating from the nearest taco cart. Border Grill is a gourmet Mexican food powerhouse, starting with just one truck and then expanding to restaurants in Vegas and throughout LA. Their carnitas bowl highlights everything they do well in one forkful crisp, fresh veggies, perfectly seasoned pork, red rice and black beans, and a light smattering of Mexican cheeses. Border Grill. When everyone wants tacos but still wants to be able to work past 1 pm.

Fish and Chips from Batterfish

But if you’re looking for the I’m too full to work” excuse there’s Batterfish. Behind Batterfish is Jason Killalee, the man responsible for making the best fish and chips in LA, according to Eater LA. With the closure of his brick and mortar spot comes the launch of his food truck, meaning that your office of food critics (is no one happy with a sandwich platter anymore?) can have the pleasure of the trying this heavenly combination of flaky fish and crunchy, salty, wheat-y beer batter without having to make the hellish trek to Encino.

Bring a food truck to your office. Get started here.

The Game Over from Yeastie Boys Bagels

If we could walk into work every day and have a Game Over bagel from Yeastie Boys waiting for us we would highly consider a 7 day work week. That’s a little extreme, but so are the guys who started the Yeastie Boys truck back in 2014 and boast a slogan of bagels, lox, schmear, other sh**”. These NYC inspired bagels are so amazing that no, they aren’t technically a lunch, but yes, your coworkers will like them, thus earning themselves a spot on the list. Soft scrambled egg, peppered bacon, beer cheese, and jalapeno spread on a New York style bagel? Yes please.

The Blondie from Zema Truck

Sandwiches are boring. Arepas are kinda, sorta like a sandwich but will absolutely blow your coworkers minds because chances are they’ve never had one before, or at least not as good as the ones coming off the Zema Truck. Go with The Blondie, grated yellow cheese, shredded, savory chicken sautéed with Caribbean fresh veggies, and avocado all served between a crispy gluten- free (score!) corn pocket. Book the Zema Truck on a day when no one seems to have time for lunch and we guarantee that even Guy Who Is Always Hogging Conference Room 1 swings by for a Blondie.