12 Breakfast Catering Ideas That Can Save Your Office Morning

Maybe you’ve heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Chances are, along with 31 million other Americans, it’s also the one you skip as you rush to work early.  So you can leave early (so you can go to bed early & do it all over again.  Along with the rest of your office).

Break the vicious breakfast cycle, right at the start, and get a lot more out of your day.  Not just for you, but for everyone you work with.

While most offices have comprehensive catered lunch options, they neglect an easy way to brighten everyone’s day and get them on the same page, all before the day’s begun – breakfast catering.  More than a way to entice your employees into showing up early, breakfast catering’s an opportunity to shake up expectations and get them fueled for work in truly creative fashion.  Below are 12 breakfast catering options that don’t just satisfy appetites, but will inspire infectious good cheer.

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1. Breakfast Food Trucks

Ordering a food truck for breakfast is one way to get everyone out of the cubicles and lined up in the street, before work’s even started – enjoying fresh air and communicating beyond mumbled “heys”/sideways glances on the way to the restroom.

Whether it’s French toast, chicken & waffles or freshly-made donuts, there’s a food truck for almost every breakfast mood out there.  And they all come with fresh sides of actual sunrise (instead of 8 AM fluorescents).

2. Artisan Coffee-Making

Skip the grocery store grounds and bring in the energy experts.  An artisan coffee cart is the best way to make sure everyone’s got that specific boost they want, as it hits all the right notes.

From espresso to cold brew to endless latte specialties, there are plenty of ways to get perked up in distinct, delicious fashion – giving everyone in the office ownership of their wake-up call (and that makes for a way better mood once they’re actually awake)

3. Private Omelette Chef

When it comes to omelettes, not all eggs are scrambled equally.  Hiring a private omelette chef puts control into your hands (or at least full supervision of someone else’s) and leaves nothing to chance – toss in mushrooms at the last second, or watch the bacon and avocado you hand-picked get folded into the scramble of your dreams.  It’s nice to start your day with a little bit of control.  Especially if the rest of your day’s spent in the mailroom.

4. Rolled-to-Order Breakfast Burritos

The only way to ensure your breakfast burrito really is the best on the block is to make it yourself – or at least, hire someone to make it right in front of you as you dictate every delicious step.

Bring in a professional roller to get a world of morning bliss – personalized for every set of tastebuds.  Then pair it with a wide and weird round-up of salsas to give everyone in the office their choice of wake-up call – from warm and inviting to five-alarm.  As the manager in charge of the thermostat can attest – everyone functions best at different temps.

5. Custom Cinnamon Rolls

For an even sweeter way to roll up your office’s morning, freshly-baked cinnamon rolls are a great way to start the day with a little bit of sin, and whole lot of smile.  Ditch the Pillsbury, and bring in a local baker to ensure every department’s bite is as pillowy-warm as the last.

Customize each roll with frosting options ranging from Orange Marmalade to Pumpkin Spice, along with toppings like pecans, raisins, or well, anything else you can dream up.  Make up the rules to your own roll, then roll your way on to a much sweeter day.

6. Build Your Own Waffle

Likewise, a build-your-own waffle set-up gives everyone the same grasp on getting full, while letting them go even crazier customizing.  Bring in a live waffle-maker and turn the boardroom into the brunch room.

Employees can choose their favorite batter (from buttermilk for the traditionalists to whole-wheat for the virtuous), and top it off with anything they choose.  Whipped cream, blueberries, chocolate chips, the works.  Let em load it up, and enjoy the kind of power trip that works out well for everyone.

7. Flipped-to-Order Flapjacks

When you wanna do the exact same thing as the waffles – only flatter.

8. Customized Acai Bowls & Fruit Smoothies

For the office on a health kick, bring in some much needed assistance in keeping everyone to their resolutions.  Fresh acai bowl-making, along with made-to-order fruit smoothies, are a great way to kick off the calendar year by showing you care.  Not just about your employees’ well-being, but about their tastebuds.

And attention spans – bringing in the acai experts keeps breakfast virtuous, entertaining, and totally customizable.  The recipe not just for a healthy meal, but an altogether healthy day.

9. Breakfast Pizza Making

Or for something completely different, toss aside all expectations of what breakfast should be and grab made-to-order breakfast pizza.  It’s the kind of literal out-of-the-box option that’ll start your team’s day off in a creative direction.  With hopefully the rest of the workday to follow.  Watch good ideas come from left field for the rest of the day.  As far left field as, well, you get it.

10. Cereal Bar

If you want to spice up the 10 AM conference call, bring out everyone’s inner ten year old first with a spread of morning favorites conjuring up PJs & cartoons (even in an office full of suits and ties).  It’s also by far one of the most economic options – costing next to nothing, and immediately paying dividends.

When the office lounge starts resembling your childhood living room, fresh & youthful ideas tend to emerge.  And even if they don’t – the brainstorming session will taste great nonetheless.

11. Crepes Made On Site

Setting up a made-to-order crepe station is one way to give employees the best of both worlds – a savory AND a sweet start to the day, cooked fresh right in front of them.  For the office that runs on strong opinions as much as anything else – go with custom crepes that can please as many palates as possible.  Whether their choice is Nutella and strawberries or spinach & mushroom, everyone will have something to chew on.

12. Custom Breakfast Sandwiches

Finally, if you want to do something nice for the office, but can’t risk slowing it down for a second, bring in a breakfast sandwiches expert to grill up fast satisfaction.  Think of it like curated worlds of taste that also happen to be totally mobile.  Your coworkers will get exactly what they want, and can fit it all in one hand – allowing them to knock out hunger, AND those 12 Slack notifications, all at the same time.

No matter which way you go, you’ll be opting for a better breakfast for yourself – and a more productive day for your entire office.  It’s a collective start that’ll make everyone’s day brighter, happier, and a lot more meaningful.

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