Check Out Los Angeles’ Healthiest Food Trucks (and Skip The Post Lunch Nap)

Tired of deeming your coworkers completely useless during that anti-power-hour where empty tupperware containers and a weird microwave aromas reign supreme? Sounds like it’s time to trade in living dead employees for efficient contributors.  You can disguise it as a notion that you just really appreciate your employees; two birds, one stone. The crowd goes wild for corporate catering.

If you’ve considered every other option to get your employees into high gear, catering in energy-boosting Los Angeles food trucks to fuel the afternoon’s productivity is one that won’t collect dust (like the Employee of the Month plaque that Jared always gets).  We’re about to give you eight food trucks that’ll wake your office up and blast it past that 3 pm slump.

Fiesta Bowl from Heritage LA Food Truck

Heritage is one of the tastiest organic food trucks LA has to offer. Their slogan “Begins in the earth” doesn’t even begin to cover the sensation of treating your body like the goddess (or god) that it is. Something about the way the seasonal farmers market veggies pair so harmoniously with the simultaneously crispy, yet juicy chicken leaves your taste buds, and your brain singing a tune only you know the words to. I don’t have to pay more for guac? Get me on that email list immediately.

corporate catering los angeles plant food for people

Jackfruit Tacos by Plant Food for People

It’s no surprise PFFP was named one of the best healthy trucks in the La La Land of Tacos, but we were dumbfounded when they told us the tacos were vegan. The jackfruit is marinated precisely similar to carne asada, packed with protein in the form of slow cooked Pinto beans, and topped with the freshest pico on this side of Pico Blvd. This dish loves our workday almost as much as we love them. (But potentially more).

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Spicy Poke Bowl from Poke 2 Go

You do you, and keep your options open with this menu that is as special as a snowflake as you are. This bowl is particularly eye opening when the capsaicin hits the sweet spot on the tongue, which boosts metabolism and increases blood flow to and from the brain. If you can get this Los Angeles poke truck to come to your office, you’ll never experience a Monday the same way.

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Sunset Salad from Boulevard Salad

Whether you’re near Wilshire, Santa Monica, Sunset, Hollywood, Venice, Manhattan Beach, or even down to the LBC, Boulevard Salad is chopping up all the options to cater to your tastebuds. This particular salad food truck hits all the highest notes, never misses a beat, embodies the red carpet, yet encompasses all the colors of our cinematic sunsets. It must be a thriller because it has us sitting on the edge of our seats – before and after lunch.

Grandma’s Pork from Pico House

Sign us up to be grandchildren because this bowl has our ancestors jealous. The satisfaction received from this nutrient-rich, whole-grain based bowl is not only very Los Angeles, but also enduring. Chrysanthemum, pickled daikon, and garlic confit? Excuse me while I clean the drool out of my keyboard.

Acai bowl from one of the healthiest food trucks in Los Angeles.

Protein Bowl from Acai Dream Bowl

Since it’s basically summer year round and the furthest thing from appetizing is a greasy ⅓ lb burger, this power-packed breakfast food truck exists to please the mind, body, and soul. Their Protein Bowl is rich with antioxidants which help fight the office cold, plentiful with electrolytes to keep your brain moving, and the bee pollen on top carries nearly all vitamins to sustain human life. Even that guy that is strictly carnivorous will be sustained for a little while.

Mi Oh My Salad from WholeSam

If WholeSam was spoken any higher of at our office, we might have to get a room… Where in which, we would politely request seconds of their nutritious eats!  By providing a nutritious selection of delectable corporate catering bites that you don’t have to spend hours on Sunday prepping, this food truck is doing a WholeSam service to offices and foodies alike. This “salad” blows all other cruciferous rabbit food out of the water and into next week. Although next week, we’re probably gonna want poke. We are in Los Angeles, after all.

office food truck

Chicken Salad from Farmers Belly

Last but especially not least, here is a shout out to Farmers Belly for only the freshest, farm to the streets cuisine. Their ingredients are not only organic but locally sourced, providing an entirely necessary staple menu to each community they roam. Their chicken salad alters its ingredients to reflect the season, so we’ll be riding the wave of change and challenge you to follow your tastebuds. Get this truck for your corporate catering and no one will be disappointed.