15 of the Best Denver Food Trucks (Updated for 2020)

by contributor Ashley Walker

Photo by Owen CL on Unsplash

Denver has exploded on the food truck scene in recent years, with new spots to grab some tasty grub popping up, and long-time favorites still going strong. With all the options available, it can be daunting trying to decide where to go. Luckily for you, we did the hard work and picked out 15 of the best trucks the mile-high city has to offer. Now you only have one decision to make…where to go first!

Chibby Wibbitz Sliderz and Bitez


Chibby Wibbi…what now? Doesn’t matter, cause once you have an Ugly Pig slider in hand, everything else fades away. Its combo of BBQ pulled pork and tangy, creamy coleslaw will have you looking to see what else you can inhale. The City Wok (Mongolian Beef) and Tatanka (Buffalo Chicken) sliders are equally tempting, but make sure to check out the varieties of loaded tots and tacos. The Chibb Un Jong (Korean beef tots) are always a favorite, as hot and crispy tots are loaded with savory beef bulgogi, kimchi, gochukang aioli, scallions and sesame seeds, resulting in flavor that’s down-right explosive! The pork tacos are equally popular, filled with tender pork, pickled red onions, chipotle salsa, queso fresco and cilantro. Hungry yet? Don’t forget to leave room for dessert – the key lime pie is drive-from-anywhere-in-Colorado-just-to-get-a-slice worthy!

The Spicy Kitchen


You know that saying-if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen? Our friends at The Spicy Kitchen have taken that literally, with some BOMB results! Bowls, burritos, tacos, nachos, tortas and quesadillas are all loaded with flavor, passion and SPICE. Our favorite is the Al pastor nachos, loaded with Pico de Gallo, nacho cheese, avocados, beans and sour cream. Cool your palate down with some creamy flan or some crave-worthy fried ice cream. If the spice is still a bit much for you, they do have a mild salsa lying around…somewhere.

The Colorado Pig Rig


Once you try the pork at Colorado Pig Rig, you’ll be a customer for life. Here Miss Piggy’s more than just a loveable muppet-she’s also a sandwich the crowds go crazy for! Smokey, bacon-y BBQ pork with honeycrisp apple slaw all on a butter toasted brioche bun…perfection. Get a side of hot, crispy tots and your meal is complete. If you’re not feeling one of their many sandwiches, try some tacos instead- from Cuban Mojo to Korean Bulgogi to Shoyu Pork Belly, you’re sure to find a winner!

Mile High City Sliders


Sliders may have been around for a while, but have you ever tried a mile-high slider? Okay, they’re not technically a mile high, but the quality and taste sure is, which is only fitting in Denver! Try the Jalapeño Popper or Cajun BBQ for a bit of spice, keep it simple with the American Classic, or take yourself back with the Retro Slider. You really can’t go wrong; your taste buds will be happy no matter what you choose! If you’re feeling daring, go for the Drunken Meatball-chicken meatballs in a beautiful garlic cream sauce, topped with lemon garlic aoli! Finish off your meal with some Shoestring Potato Sticks and you’ll be sure to leave happy.

Roll it Up Sushi Truck


Sushi is NOT something you picture being served out of a food truck, but after visiting Roll it Up, that’s sure to change! From fantastic, friendly service to innovative rolls prepared right in front of you, to the many options you have to choose from (we’re talking rolls, poke, gyoza, etc) to the TASTE. If raw fish isn’t your thing, give the Coney Island Roll a try; countless customers loving it can’t be wrong! With shrimp, bacon and asparagus as the main components, it’s out of this world good. If raw fish IS your thing, try the ahi tuna poke bowl (the Pokémon) and watch as your taste buds beg for more!

Em’s Ice Cream


Whose got time to make homemade ice cream these days? Luckily for us, Em’s has it covered, and we don’t have to miss out on this amazing treat! This ice cream is guaranteed to be some of the best you’ve ever had, with unique flavors made organically and sourced from local growers. Burnt brown sugar and salted caramel have cult-like followings, but all of the ice cream is creamy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. If you’re having a hard time choosing, never fear-the wonderful employees running the truck will let you sample every single flavor! And trust us, you’ll want to!

Wheels on Fire Pizza


If you’ve had pizza from a wood-fired oven, you know it’s to die for. Wheels on fire has done us the service of having a custom-built wood-fired oven in their truck, producing some amazing pizza! The Bianca stands out with garlic oil, homemade ricotta, mozzarella, fresh rosemary and pecorino cheese all spread on the pie. Throw that in their oven and BOOM! You got yourself a real winner. Whether you want beloved classics or unique pies like the Big Bad Wolf (think amped up meat lovers) the Mile High Pie (sausage, red peppers, mushrooms, jalapeño) or even the Smoked Salmon (we know, fish on a pizza? but hey-Asians do it!) you will not leave hungry. In fact, you may never settle for regular pizza again!



Two words: Reggae Fries. Sinfully good blend of parmesan, garlic and cajun seasoning explode in your mouth to put you in a flavor coma. Seriously. And don’t even get us started on the burgers-once you try one, you’ll be ruined for life. Juicy, messy burgers like the gunslinger (bacon, sautéed onions, jalapeño, cheese and BBQ sauce), or common ones like the ever-popular bacon cheeseburger, will have you singing Burgerchiefs praises. You’ll find yourself driving all over Denver, following Burgerchief wherever they go just to get your fix!

Gyros King


If you’re a fan of Greek and Cypriot food, then Gyros King is a must. Their gyros are fresh and flavorful, with the Americano being the most popular. Juicy lamb and beef in a pita, topped with tzatziki, tomatoes, onions and fries make for one fabulous meal. Other tasty options include crispy falafel, traditional spanakopita, souvlaki and baklava topped with chocolate sauce. There’s a fully loaded vegetarian platter for our friends who don’t eat meat, and homemade hummus to snack on if you’re not looking for a meal. After trying the food, you’ll agree that Gyros are King.

Dos Gringos


Can two gringos really produce tacos that stand out, while there are countless trucks with native Mexicans serving similar food? Anyone who has tried the Green Chili Pork and Carne Asada tacos will give you a resounding YES. Their tacos come full of toppings and full of flavor, which results in you leaving full of contentment! Using fresh ingredients for the Mexican-American style food, executive chef Aaron Gregg has carefully crafted a bundle of items to choose from. From tacos to burritos to bowls, you’re sure to find something to tempt you. Their website claims, “tacos make everyone happy.” Let’s change it to “Dos Gringos make everyone happy!”

Dough Boy Pizza


This truck made the list for their white spinach pizza ALONE. Gooey, cheesy ‘za with a garlic base, topped with spinach, tomato and ricotta cheese?! We won’t be offended if you stop reading right now to go get yourself some! Dough Boy has a brick oven in their truck, perfect for cranking out a variety of America’s favorite food. There are pizzas such as the “Colorado,” a green chili base topped with smoked pork, bacon, caramelized onions and BBQ sauce to tempt you! Not feeling pizza? No problem, they also serve calzones, strombolis, salads and appetizers such as wings and marinated mozzarella balls. Also, the garlic knots…can’t forget the garlic knots. Once you try those little knots of buttery, garlicky perfection you’ll be back for more-guaranteed.

G Wagon


Round up all your g’s and head over to the G Wagon…too cheesy? New on the Denver food truck scene, chef Jordan Alley is killin’ it with his gourmet sandwiches and salads. The Denver Cheesesteak has a beautiful twist on the classic with their signature G sauce and green chilis thrown in there. One bite and you’ll be hooked! Get your g’s some G fries (okay, okay we’ll stop) with G sauce, cheese, and truck-made green chili on top…mmm. With a truck this full of flavor and variety, they’re sure to be around Denver for a long time-lucky us!

Happy Cones CO


New Zealand style ice cream? I mean, anything from New Zealand is cool but…what is that? If you’ve been to Happy Cones you know that it’s heaven in a cone! The owner Hap comes from the land of the long white cloud himself, and luckily for us, married a Denver native. His truck is the happiest place in Denver, with phenomenal friendly service from Hap, to INCREDIBLE real fruit ice cream. Homemade sweet cream ice cream and fruit are thrown into a ‘sweet as’ machine (see what we did there?) strait from New Zealand. The two are blended together to produce a light, creamy, DELICIOUS cone with chunks of fruit as a result. Try the mixed berry, Hap himself will vouch for it’s amazing-ness. All in all, a trip to this truck will leave you feeling happy and itching to travel south!

Waffle Cakes


If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a hankering for trying new places, get yourself over to Waffle Cakes. Their imported pearl sugar from Belgium ensures a crunchy, crispy waffle cake inside and out! For some savory to your sweet get the Bacon Goat Cheese and Honey Cake-and watch as all the cash in your wallet disappears. Cause you know one just isn’t going to cut it! Want chocolate? You’ve got multiple options. More of a fruit-with-your-waffles kind of person? Same deal! Even snacking on a plain waffle cake will only set you back about $3, and leave you basking in the sensation that only Waffle Cakes can deliver!

Brads Pit BBQ


No, you won’t find Brad Pitt there, but what you will find is some dang good BBQ. No need to go to Texas, Brads will give you a taste of Texas-style BBQ every bit as good as the Lone Star States. The standard offerings of brisket, pulled pork and grilled chicken are all there, but the flavor? It’s anything but standard! Grab a turkey leg or pork wings for something different, but make sure to leave room for the sides. Baked beans aren’t usually the star of BBQ places but WOW. Brad has some serious skills when it comes to beans, and the potato salad is just as essential. Not to mention Brad’s a nice guy who gives great service-some people just have all the luck. Try this BBQ and you’ll be singing Brad’s praises-and stopping by every chance you get!