27 Awesome Austin Food Trucks (in 2022)

Austin, Texas, is a melting pot of people and various cultures. Here, you can find live music almost every day of the week, hiking trails, a growing economy around small businesses, and food trucks around every corner. 

There are over 1,000 Austin food trucks and trailers (325 on our site), but we have gathered the top 27. Among this list, you will find your favorite comfort foods, such as tacos, burgers, and chicken wings, as well as fun food fusions and unique twists on fan favorites. 

Let’s take a look at the best that Austin has to offer.

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1. Rosarito

This colorful food truck of Rosarito offers blended spices in the street of Austin

Cuisine: Mexican, Seafood, Tacos

Look no further if you are having trouble picking between Mexican and Japanese. Rosarito owner Carlos wanted to bring Baja California to Austin by blending Mexican Pacific and Japanese spices. Carlos has blessed us with a Taco and a Ceviche truck. They are available for catering, or you can stop by to try their Ahi Tuna Tostada! 

Must-Try Menu Item: Ahi Tuna Tostada

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

2. Shishman Mediterranean Grill

This yellow food truck of Shishman Mediterranean Grill serves Mediterranean cuisine in Austin

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Mediterranean food is one of the healthiest diets since it is composed of fresh fruits, vegetables, and ethically sourced meats. Shishman Grill’s menu contains authentic halal and gluten-free options for those with special dietary restrictions. Book this Mediterranean Grill for your wedding, birthday, or graduation. Be sure to check out their delicious Chicken Fries when you visit!

Must-Try Menu Item: Chicken Fries

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

3. Food Works Catering

This Food Works Catering's yellow truck serves comfort food in Austin

Cuisine: Tacos, Burgers

Food Works is tried and true with over 20 years in the food industry, serving up a variety of comfort foods such as tacos and burgers. This Austin food truck is the best at blending American and Mexican foods to make new savory dishes, such as their Bacon Ranch Taco with slow-cooked pork topped with crispy bacon and a creamy ranch dressing. Don’t forget to book them for your next family get-together. 

Must-Try Menu Item: Bacon Ranch Taco

Vegetarian Friendly? No

4. Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy food truck offers delish foods around Austin

Cuisine: Korean BBQ, Tacos, Sliders, Bowls, Soups

This cowboy is bringing New York City to Texas with their specialty fusion of urban flavors with southern comfort foods. The menu is beyond what anyone could expect. Urban Cowboy is a great corporate catering option for weddings or huge events. Try their Porchetta tacos when you visit them; you won’t want to miss it. 

Must-Try Menu Item: Porchetta Tacos

Vegetarian Friendly? No

5. El Xolo Tacos

This blue food truck of El Xolo Tacos serves authentic Mexican food in Austin

Cuisine: Mexican, Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas

Take your taste buds on a trip south of the border to Mexico. At El Xolo Tacos, you will find authentic Mexican food that will knock you out of this world with tacos, burritos, and quesadillas galore. Serve your party guests with authentic tacos at your next Taco Tuesday business lunch or your child’s Quinceanera. If you find this truck on the street, try their Migas Egg and Cheese for a fulfilling breakfast. 

Must-Try Menu Item: Migas Egg and Cheese

Vegetarian Friendly? No 

6. Wholly Cow Burgers

This white truck of Wholly Cow Burgers serves the juiciest burgers in Austin

Cuisine: American, Burgers

Don’t settle for another fast-food burger; try the juiciest burgers in Austin at Wholly Cow Burgers. Their beef and produce are locally sourced, so not only will you be supporting a small business but local ranches as well. You’ll be shouting “holy cow” when you book Wholly Cow Burgers for your next event. 

Must-try Menu Item: Cheesesteak Batman Burger

Vegetarian Friendly? No

7. Mama Noy’s Food Truck

Mama Noy’s Food Truck white food truck roaming around Austin to offer vegan foods

Cuisine: Laotion, Tex-Mex

If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just love food full of flavor, then stop by Mama Noy’s Food Truck. Mama Noy’s is another testament to Austin’s appreciation for various cultures, such as this festive fusion of Laotion and Tex-Mex flavors. This Austin Food Truck is genuinely one of a kind. They offer catering for any event in your life like weddings, graduation, or corporate catering. 

Must-try Menu Item: Kick-Ass Chicken Fried Rice.

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

8. Ice Cream 2U

This colorful ice cream truck of Ice Cream 2U roaming around the streets of Austin

Cuisine: Ice cream, snow cones

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Not only is this nostalgic ice cream truck roaming the streets of Austin, but they’re also available for catering family events or fundraisers. Be the talk of the block party when you book this sweet treat. Ice Cream 2U can bring you your favorite childhood characters, Kona Ice, and 25 novelty brands to choose from – everything you could dream of on a hot Texas day! Book them today!

Must-Try Menu Item: Kone Ice

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

9. The Evil Weiner

This black food truck of The Evil Weiner roaming around Austin to serve delish hot dogs

Cuisine: Hot dogs

The only thing “evil” about this Austin food truck is how wickedly amazing their hot dogs taste. The Evil Weiner takes everything we love about hot dogs and adds their creative Texan flare like the Tex-Mex or the Cowgirl hotdogs. Try them out when you book them for your next event. They’re a mobile truck so be sure to check their Facebook page to see where they’re at. 

Must-try Menu Item: Cowgirl Hotdogs

Vegetarian Friendly? No

10. Munchiez

This Munchiez food truck in Austin is ready to satisfy your craving in burgers, tacos, and wraps

Cuisine: Burgers, Tacos, Wraps, Hotdogs

Are you craving a little bit of everything? Munchiez is the truck for you! Even better, they offer catering to bring the party to you with their catering services. Be sure to the Sriracha Burger – with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and spicy sriracha sauce – you won’t want to miss it. 

Must-try Menu Item: Sriracha Burger

Vegetarian Friendly? No

11. Crepe Crazy

This white truck of Crepe Crazy serves crepe and desserts around Austin

Cuisine: Crepe, Desserts

The name suits this unique Austin food truck; their crepes will drive you crazy and have you coming back for more. The menu has a little bit of everything, serving up anything between their ham and mozzarella crepe to their Nutella Royale. Everything you want and more. You can stop by their brick-and-mortar restaurant or book their food truck for your next event. Whatever the case, you’ll be scratching your head over which crepe you want first. 

Must-try Menu Item: Nutella Royale

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

12. Veracruz All Natural

This Veracruz All Natural food truck offers Mexican cuisine over Greater Austin area

Cuisine: Mexican, Tacos, Organic and Fresh

No reason you shouldn’t know about this food truck with 6 locations all over the Greater Austin area. There are locations in Terrytown, Roundrock, and Mueller, offering everyone to get a taste of their all-natural Mexican cuisine. This family-owned food truck is run by two sisters who value organic and fresh ingredients to add their unique flair to authentic Mexican food. They do offer catering as an event space at one location. 

Must-try Menu Items: Migas Problanas Taco

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

13. Churro Co.

This blue food truck of Churro Co. offers churros and Mexican desserts around Austin

Cuisine: Churros, Mexican Desserts

We’ve all had a chance to taste churro, but only a few have the opportunity to try one from the Churro Co. If you haven’t tried these guys, you are surely missing out on their sweet twist on these Mexican treats. They often top their churros with apple pie, ice cream, graham crackers, marshmallows, and more! You can order one of their menu items or make their own, and don’t forget to pair it with Mexican Hot Chocolate. 

Must-try Menu Items: Mexican Hot Chocolate

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

14. Lukes Inside Out

Lukes Inside Out truck offers comfort foods and sandwiches in the streets of Austin

Cuisine: Comfort food, sandwiches

Serving Austin with exotic french inspired sandwiches that you don’t want to miss out. You can find them next to Gibson Bar on South Lamar. You can find juicy sandwiches with Jerk Pork, Sirloin, Brisket, shrimp, and chicken topped with veggies and Chef Luke’s original Love Sauce. When renting the Gibson Bar event room, you can book Luke’s Inside Out Catering for your birthday party. Don’t forget to try out their brunch menu on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. when you taste their Cheese Migas with Tater Tot Hash. 

Must Try Menu Item: Cheese Migas and Tater Tot Hash

Vegetarian Friendly? No

15. Arlo’s

This black truck of Arlo's serves organic and vegan foods around Austin

Cuisine: Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Herbivores and Omnivores alike will love their visit to Arlo’s, where they can find America’s comfort food served up with local, organic, and non-GMO products. You will find Hamburgers, tacos, mac & cheese, and more at Arlos’s two locations at Cheer Up Charlies and Spider House, one of many Austin Food Truck Parks. Try their Frito Pie Burger served with a soy and gluten-free patty, cheese, Frito’s, pico de gallo, and chipotle sauce!

Must Try Menu Item: Frito Pie Burger

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

16. The Mighty Cone

This white truck of The Mighty Cone offers carnival food in Austin

Cuisine: Carnival Food

Permanently located outside The Picnic on Barton Springs Road so you can track down the best meal you’ll ever have from a drink cone. The original concept came from Hudson on Bend’s sous chef Courtney Swenson who made a breading for trout. Later, after experimenting with the Hot & Crunchy breading on various foods, Jeff Blank – Owner of the Mighty Cone – found that Chicken made a good trout alternative, and the Mighty Cone was born. Come try their original Hot & Crunchy Chicken Cone topped with sweet mango jalapeno slaw and drizzled in ancho sauce. 

Must-try Menu Item: Hot & Crunchy Chicken Cone

Vegetarian Friendly? No

17. Tommy Want Wingy

This Tommy Want Wingy food truck serves delicious chicken wings around Austin

Cuisine: Chicken Wings

This Austin Food Truck takes chicken wings to a new level. I bet you didn’t think that “chicken lollipops” were a thing until now. These two brothers, Niel and Shawn O’Quinn made their unique creations for close family and friends until they decided to take them to the streets of Austin. Tommy Want Wingy offers wings and tenders in 10 delicious flavors with various spice levels like “naked” or their hottest, “holy schnikes.” Be sure to visit them at one of their three locations, Barton Springs, Rainey Street, or Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden. 

Must-try Menu Items: “Holy Schnikes” Hot Chicken Wings

Vegetarian Friendly? No

18. Burro Cheese Kitchen

This yellow truck of Burro Cheese Kitchen serves grilled cheese sandwiches in the streets of Austin

Cuisine: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Owner Justin Burrow, a few years in Seattle where he would visit Beecher’s, buy their Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, then come home and mix them with various sauces found at his local market. This is how Justin Burrow knew it was time to make his truck and serve up the great mixes he had found. Burro Cheese Kitchen serves Artisan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches such as their MUST TRY, Via 206 – a sweet and savory sandwich with gouda and provolone cheese and a balsamic apricot fig sauce. They are available for catering with one of their two mobile trucks. 

Must-try Menu Items: Via 206

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

19. Patrizi’s

This white truck of Patrizi's offers authentic Italian food in Austin

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Pasta

Patrizi’s started as a family brick-and-mortar business. They used cousins, uncles, and aunts to serve up their unique family home-cooked meals. They sadly shut down the company, but the grandsons of the original owner, Matt, and Nick, have reopened as a food truck in Austin, Texas. They are serving the same Authentic Italian food they did 70 years ago. Patrizi’s hasn’t lost their touch; they still use handmade pasta and sauces made from scratch, going the extra mile to ensure you get the best experience. You can find their trucks at the Vortex on Manor Rd. or Cuernavaca Dr. in Austin, Texas. 

Must-try Menu Items: Cacio de Pepe

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

20. Bananarchy

This white truck of Bananarchy offers chocolate dipped banana around Austin

Cuisine: Chocolate Dipped Banana

Bananarchy is genuinely one of a kind as the only Austin food truck that serves frozen bananas. Aside from being unique, they also use ethically sourced bananas and fair trade chocolate. Book them for your wedding or birthday party and try one of their creative menu items like their Afternoon Delight, dipped in chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter, then topped with nuts and Graham crackers. You can find them on 1st Street or Guadalupe Street behind Urban Outfitters. 

Must-try Menu Items: Afternoon Delight

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

21. Dee Dee

This black Dee Dee food truck serves Thai and vegetarian foods in the streets of Austin

Cuisine: Thai, Vegetarian

Dee Dee means “good good,” so you can expect anything less than goodness, am I right? Chef and Owner, Lakana is from Thailand, in a small countryside town called Isaan, where she learned to cook using fresh produce. She brings street food straight from Thailand to Austin’s backyard. You can find Dee Dee at Radio Coffee & Beer but be sure to order online first! 

Must-try Menu Item: Kuay Teow Gai

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

22. Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ

This Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ's truck serves delish Tex-Mex and BBQ in Menchaca Rd

Cuisine: Tex-mex, BBQ

Texas is known for two types of food, in particular, Tex Mex and BBQ, but have you ever tried them together in one dish? This family-owned truck prides itself on serving food made from scratch and hand-rolled tortillas. Give them a call and invite them to your next event. While they can’t bring the truck, they can still get the BBQ to you. Otherwise, visit them on Menchaca Rd to try their fun Tex-Mex fusion. 

Must-try Menu Item: Smoked Carnitas Tacos

Vegetarian Friendly? No

23. Pepe’s Tacos

Pepe's Tacos serves the juiciest taco in Austin

Cuisine: Birria, Tacos, Quesadillas

Pepe’s Tacos is the home of the juiciest tacos in Austin. You can find everything Birria like tacos, tortas, and quesadillas. Book these guys for your wedding or any big event that you have coming up in your life. Otherwise, you can pay them a visit on Taco Tuesday (and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, because every day is a good day for tacos!); you will find them on North Lamar Blvd. 

Must-try Menu Item: Taco Combo

Vegetarian Friendly? No

24. El Primo

This colorful food truck of El Primo brings authentic Mexican cuisine in the streets of Austin

Cuisine: Authentic Mexican

Austinites love their tacos, so it’s no surprise that El Primo found their way onto this list as a staple for authentic Mexican food. Jose Luis Perez started in Michoacán, Mexico, bringing a little piece of Mexico with him to Austin, Texas. You can find just about every dish you can think of here. Still, you must try their Super Torta, filled with Asada, al pastor, ham, cilantro, onion, avocado, and more! They are also available for catering, so give them a call today! 

Must-try Menu Item: Super Torta

Vegetarian Friendly? No

25. T-Loc Sonora

T-Loc Sonora truck roaming in the streets of Austin to offer Mexican and vegan foods

Cuisine: Hotdogs, Mexican, Vegetarian

Okay, so we love Hot Dogs. Who doesn’t with food trucks like T-Loc Sonora roaming the streets? Somehow they managed to be better than any regular hot dog stand because they also serve a variety of other Texas favorites such as tacos, carne asada plates, tortas, burritos, and more! You can pay them a visit at 5000 Burnet Road, and they’re also available for catering for any size party! 

Must-try Menu Items: Sonoran “con tado” hotdog and Plato de Carne Asada

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

26. Garbo’s Lobster

This white truck of Garbo's Lobster serves seafood around Austin

Cuisine: Seafood, Soup, Lobster Rolls

We told you, you can find any food from just about anywhere from an Austin food truck, including Garbos, who serves New England Cuisine with that Austin twist. You can find crab cake, clam chowder, lobster rolls, and more at Garbos Lobster. While there is a Brick-and-mortar location, you can still book a food truck to cater your next event! 

Must-try Menu Item: Lobster Roll

Vegetarian Friendly? No

27. East Side King

This artistic food truck of East Side King serves Asian Fusion and vegan foods around Austin

Cuisine: Asian Fusion, BBQ, Vegetarian

If anything is Austin in a nutshell, it’s this Austin food truck, East Side King. This truck serves Japanese street food inspired by rock bands and Austin’s positive vibe. To top it all off, they also ethically source their Pork that is 100% grass-fed and raised without antibiotics, hormones, or crates. They can also adjust plates to make them vegan friendly, and most of their dishes are gluten-free. You can book them for catering any event, and they have various catering options. Give them a call today!

Must-try Menu Item: Classic Bento

Vegetarian Friendly? Yes

No matter your next event, these guys are available and the best in the city! Book an Austin Food Truck today. If one of these trucks doesn’t have you sold, you can also check out our catalog of trucks available for catering to find the perfect truck for your needs.