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Decadence and Miami go hand in hand, providing the foundation needed for a culture of no-limit fortune and no-nonsense flavor, heated to perfection all year round. Nationwide, trends rarely get started here, but once they arrive, they tend to look a lot better than they do anywhere else. They tend to taste a lot better too. Funny how that works. Food trucks in Miami mirror the best of the city's diverse restaurant scene, melting concepts and cuisines together to deliver one-of-a-kind fused comforts, impeccably arranged and monstrously sized. Just like all the best things here are.

The Best Miami Food Trucks

Launched in 2011, The Purple People Eatery was one of the first food trucks in Miami, and since then, it's cruised along to become a local institution. Chief amongst its offerings is a hearty supply of grass-fed bison burgers, all dolled up in flavor combos ranging from truffle oil/goat cheese/quail egg, to feta/avocado sauce/pineapple-jalapeno salsa.

Home-cooked sides like jack cheese mac with broccoli support the main events, and qualify as meals in their own right. Altogether, The Purple People Eatery delivers comfort food that does a whole lot more than comfort. Thanks to the professional chefs running the show (one a Cordon Bleu grad, the other a veteran of some of LA & South Beach's hottest destinations), this is food that feeds your imagination as beautifully as it feeds your stomach.

Taco Truck Tropics

It risks the obvious to say Latin culture thrives in Miami, with Cuban rhythms leading the march in all areas - from music to art to dining in general. But when it specifically comes to food trucks, Cuban food is a strange rarity. In fact the most prominent of Cuban food trucks are all branched off from existing brick-and-mortar chains. In exchange, other parts of Latin America have moved in and marked new territory. The streets of Miami are occupied by some of the boldest, most vibrant taco trucks in the country, mashing up flavors and influences to create brand new tastes. In some cases, at least. In others, old-time tradition reigns supreme. Either way, Miami taco trucks can drive your tastebuds a whole lot further than you might think - to places both far away, and places that just got dreamed up.

Based out of Hollywood, Poblano's Mexican Fusion dominates the South Florida taco truck scene with a menu of hearty, flavorful eats. As the name suggests, this is Mexican food with an irreverent streak. Not to mention a whole lotta size. Sloppy Juans & chipotle chicken caesar wraps square off against simply ginormous burritos and quesadillas to smack down any sized craving you can muster. Similarly, BC Tacos has become a cult favorite wherever it rolls, from Ft. Lauderdale to South Beach. Tacos are stuffed with the likes of burger meat, buffalo mahi and bbq pulled pork, confusing your brain as they comfort your mouth, and hitting you on all sides with dizzy deliciousness.

For a more dramatic fusion, Box of Chacos mashes up Mexican and Chinese cuisines to create one-of-a-kind tacos without peer. Louisiana native Chef David Peck puts his Nobu-honed skills to use; elevating what could just be a fun gimmick into an edible Art Basel exhibit. Seared Ahi and five-spice pork are just a few of the vibrant tacos offered, and are buoyed by twists like pork belly buns with tomato jam & gorgonzola, kimchee burgers and lump crab/turkey bacon egg rolls with queso. It's a menu of impeccably-curated messy comfort, bridging worlds right on your tongue, and letting you taste every link.

Melted Vice - Miami's Grilled Cheese Trucks

In case you haven't noticed, people look GOOD here. Like ridiculously, stupidly attractive. Just, you know, on average. So you'd be mistaken for thinking you're in a city of virtuous eating. Much like it is everywhere else here, virtue's largely a foreigner to the Miami food truck scene. When it comes to eats, the bigger the better and the messier the merrier. And it doesn't get much bigger or messier than Miami grilled cheese trucks, who largely have a hammerlock on the late-night crowds here.

The OG grilled cheese truck in Miami is Ms. Cheezious, and it's an elder that demands respect. While it's recently expanded into two different MiMo brick-and-mortars, the food truck remains one of the top draws in town. Traditional grilled cheese obviously lays the baseline for the menu's charm, but frito pie and chicken and waffle melts add a healthy(?) dose of heft and whimsy to the options onboard. Meanwhile, Killer Melts has made an even more recent transition to brick-and-mortar status, but like Ms. Cheezious, the food truck remains their bread and butter(and cheese. Obviously. Lots and lots of cheese.) In addition to a lineup of classic melts, it offers up an extra tier of burger melts(just in case the other tier steers too close to virtue for you).

Finally, Palate Party only offers up one shortrib grilled cheese, but it's a doozy of a sandwich, and has quickly become the stuff of Miami food truck legend. The rest of the menu supports it with a rotating roster of juicy, savory eats like a soft shell crab sandwich, a killer philly, and a breakfast burger topped with a sunny side egg and hash browns. Run by a Hell's Kitchen finalist who makes sure every dish is camera-worthy, it's a truck with big ambitions to demolish big cravings.

Other Notable Miami Food Trucks

Miami's awash with louder-than-life personalities, and with Ipek's Wykked Kitchen, it's finally got a food truck to match. Mediterranean fusion gets delivered with heavy metal attitude and scorching hot seasoning, from Turkish-style lamb gyro to a beef and cheeseburger wrap(with riff after riff in-between). To cool your tongue off afterward, hit up HipPOPs, which does Miami ice cream trucks one better. Small-batched gelato, sorbet and froyo all gets hand-crafted into popsicles, and finished with your choice of three Belgian chocolate dips, and a deep list of toppings to crumble across your creation. Oh...and also, there's frozen bananas.

For a far odder assortment of treats, Yoko Matcha delivers green tea-tinged flavor with everything it offers, including frappes, waffles, chia pudding and pastelitos. Named for one of their owners' grandmother, a master Sensai of the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, the truck celebrates the grand history of matcha while pointing towards its bright green future.

Where To Find Miami Food Trucks Near Me

As always, check out the live Miami food truck map above or on the Roaming Hunger app to find the most accurate, up-to-the-minute location info for all trucks listed, alongside countless more options.

On weekends, both the Wynwood Yard and Tropical Park host hordes of food trucks, drawing in a wide diversity of cuisines to suit any and all tastes. If you happen to be in Hollywood, the Arts Park draws in dozens of trucks every Monday night, while the Shops at Sunset Place attract South Miami's best collection every third Thursday. Of course, every night trucks are driving through town til the wee hours of the morning, with South Beach and downtown Miami providing especially fertile havens for every truck listed above.

Speaking of the trucks listed above, you can grab any of them for your next party directly through Roaming Hunger. Get started right HERE, and soon you'll be hooked up with all the goods and none of the hassle. Despite what you might think, decadence doesn't have to require sacrifice. In fact, with these trucks, decadence & accessibility walk hand in hand - and together they taste spectacular.